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Expand the capabilities of the HP Touchpad by giving it the power to run Android Apps in webOS.
750 backers pledged $45,533 to help bring this project to life.
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      thg on

      The pre-release is available and several people are testing now and everybody can talk about it, without NDA. See:

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      Bill Ligakis on

      Come on guys, an update is all were asking for.

    3. Steven Lum Yuen on

      Hello, any updates on the release date?

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      Davi on

      Ok... I left you guys alone to get it done without distraction, but where is it now!?
      The lack of communication on this issue is appalling.
      Just release it, otherwise risk losing crediability (if you haven't already).

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      G.C. van Hazendonk

      Seems like somebody at Phoenix was sleeping and left this out in the open by accident :)… Seems like the pre-release will be out soon!

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      Simon Sax on

      I am sad... Very very very sad... No communication... I am sad...

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      hans buehler on

      I guess them left themselves an "out" by saying "may be..."

      Those that have preordered the software through the kickstarter campaign may be eligible to receive this version if Phoenix feels the quality of the product is there

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      hans buehler on

      Monday... tick tick

    9. George Boudouris on

      I have only to show you a phrase from their original statement when asking to fund the project:

      "We already have a proof of concept alpha version working on actual Touchpads"

      Did you see any version on your touchpad?

      And although your approach is correct, this approach doesn't fit this project:

    10. Missing avatar

      thg on

      > but since someone asks money to achieve something he also has some responsibilities.
      yes, that is absolutely correct.

      But: There is always a risk, that a project fails, because of wrong planing, lack off knowledge or incompetence and that a project needs (much) longer than it was planned before, even if there are competent people working hard to get it finished.

      This is what I think, what happens with ACL, I do not hope that they found a real "show stopper" that makes it impossible to finalize that project and would explain the delays too.

      But this is the risk with every KS- or other crowd-funding project.

      Anyway, I expect more informations about the status and current plans ...

      > I remind you that they could achieve this nice idea as a
      > freeware project at their free time.
      My personal thought about this is, that (at least) some of the programmers are depending on the money to pay their bills and if there would not be a need for this, they would have made it as open source project. But this are only my personal "feelings" as webOS user and dev.

    11. Missing avatar

      hans buehler on

      Okay well Saturday's definitely the end of this week so this is the very last day for them not be late

    12. George Boudouris on

      And one more thing.
      Do you believe that they would get the project funded if they had mentioned that some time in the future they would release ACL?

      Of course not, because everyone would save the money and waited until the release of the final product.

    13. George Boudouris on

      You are correct thg, that this is a kickstarter project, but since someone asks money to achieve something he also has some responsibilities.

      I remind you that they could achieve this nice idea as a freeware project at their free time.

      Instead the got $45000 from 750 backers and they still haven't released a fucken beta.

    14. Missing avatar

      thg on

      > It pisses me off that the main reason i gave the $30 to back them is
      you "invested" the money in a project where you and others (including me) where hoping, that they will able to finish it successfully. But there is no guarantee that you will get anything at all.

      This is a KickStarter project and not a shop where you can buy/order and get a product that should work more or less, so I think that you have "some" wrong expectations!

      > that i wanted to use a book reader on WebOS that would support
      > Adobe Digital Editions.
      You even do not know if this software works at all. Much of this f.... DRM trash needs the Google Play Store to authenticate the user.

    15. George Boudouris on

      Who says "noone wants a software that is not ready"?
      I want a software that is not ready to test it.
      Since pc programming is my primary hobby, i am enough experienced to know that a problem maybe need months to be solved, so i don't want to wait any more.

      It pisses me off that the main reason i gave the $30 to back them is that i wanted to use a book reader on WebOS that would support Adobe Digital Editions.

      The only good thing that makes me calm is that i gave them the $30 to learn some android programming.
      I consider it as a donation to a student community and not to a serious company.

      And thg, you want the current status of the project.
      It's obvious that the current status is obsolete.
      They say it pretty clear : "We are placing the final release date on hold"
      So maybe it's this year, maybe next year, maybe in 2 years.

      Take your time guys.
      Release it when the HP touchpad will be useless for every job.

    16. Missing avatar

      thg on

      > What's happen ?
      nothing happened, they are just not as ready, as planned.

      Like in million other projects around the word too.

      And it does not help mentioning again and again that they missed their goals several times.

      Nobody wants a software that is not ready for use and PIC/OM does not want to deliver a software with some major issues - so I expect that ACL will come if it's good enough.

      The only thing I do not like at all, is the lack of communication, I really want to be informed about the current status of the project, even if there are "bad" news and I want to see this here, not only at twitter or what ever!

      @Phoenix International Communications:
      Please keep us informed!

    17. Mike Nash on

      I agree with Hans. Yes, they missed the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dates, but the end of the week is Friday "to our Pre-release and Early Access backers for testing next week". so we have until mid-night Friday (GMT, EST,...) until we can say we've been kicked in the teeth - again. Hopefully mass mailings will be going out tomorrow!
      Fingers crossed everyone . . .

    18. Konstantin Gemlitskiy on

      Yep. No news. Where is the release?

    19. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Creantor on

      Guys u should communicate !
      U said that a pre version could be released for us (backers) the 30th September, and since the 28th nothing.
      What's happen ?

    20. Missing avatar

      hans buehler on

      We're not past the most recent promise date yet. They said it's coming this week but didn't promise what day. So hope by Friday we have something.

    21. Missing avatar

      Michael Stewart on

      I am a backer, haven't seen anything except emails, and now it is past the promised date, and still have not heard anything, like how would I get early versions, let alone, any versions. Please tell me more than I already know, as in all the emails.

    22. George Boudouris on

      I know only one thing.
      This is the first and last project i back on kickstarter.
      The reason is that we gave them $45000 to learn how to program on Android.
      They were supposed to have made some progress before May 23 and they had 2 months to finish it.
      4 months after that we have seen nothing.

      If you want guys give me $45000 and maybe in 5 years you will have the same product finished.
      Of course 5 years later it will be useless , but it's ok you will still have it.

    23. Missing avatar

      hans buehler on

      the day isn't over yet... maybe we'll still be getting an email today???

    24. George Boudouris on

      No respect at all to people that backed the project.

    25. Eric Kegley on

      Looks like we won't be getting it today as promised.

    26. Missing avatar

      Nick Paul on

      I'm sure I'm in the minority, but honestly, considering how far some kickstarter campaigns have gone from their estimated release date I'm still very happy with PIC level of communication and hard work. Of course I wish that I already had the ACL, but they could have just given up when they ran into problems and vanished and they didn't, instead they are working through the problems and keeping us in the loop.

      Of course, I really only use my touchpad for looking up recipes in the kitchen and playing music. All I want the ACL for is so I can watch Netflix on my touchpad too so I'm not really easily upset by delays as I don't need the ACL and don't have a lot invested (only the $30 get a copy of the software supporter).

    27. Mike Nash on

      As has been previously mentioned, GPU acceleration would be nice, but a LOT of apps do not need this. If acceleration is the only thing causing the problems, release what is available and working now and issue an update later. The bad feeling caused by constant delays really doesn't help and this way you get something out to the 'desperate' but loyal webOS owners.

    28. Missing avatar

      Hubert Geenen on

      so how do I activate ACL? Do I get reg key? I paid through the Kickstarter campaign.

    29. Eric Kegley on

      Me too. Tired if waiting. Way past when you all said it would be ready. Give me something or I want my money back.

    30. Missing avatar

      hans buehler on

      Agree with George.

    31. George Boudouris on

      In two days i want to have a version, buggy, laggy half finished i don't care.
      I have waited two months more for this shit, so i want to have something to play on 430 September.

      After that take your time make then final version.