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Expand the capabilities of the HP Touchpad by giving it the power to run Android Apps in webOS.
750 backers pledged $45,533 to help bring this project to life.

Delay Notification

Posted by Phoenix International Communications (Creator)

Dear Backers and webOS community supporters,

In the last couple updates we were excited to show you that the Graphics Acceleration implementation, the biggest remaining challenge to getting ACL shipped out to you by September 30th was almost complete, and that there were only a few issues that stood in the way of having an early release of ACL that would truly live up to everyone's expectations. Last week we told you that we would have dealt with those issues over the past week, and be releasing a near complete ACL release today. We had a clear view of what was causing the problems we were facing, and what we were confident were good ideas to tackle them. Unfortunately however, those approaches have failed. Despite our best efforts all of last week with team members from OpenMobile, Phoenix and outside volunteers working late nights and through the entire weekend, we have failed to correct the problems that activating acceleration have introduced. Now as you saw in the last videos, the graphics acceleration is indeed working, and is lightning fast, but there are still a couple issues that are disrupting the user interface when the acceleration is running.  

This does not mean that the problem has beaten us, rather we need to go back to the drawing board and devise a new plan of attack. We feel that our efforts are still only weeks away from completion and hope to have the acceleration delivered to you by September 30th as per our release date. With that said, this will not be a complete version, but do expect an update to come out a few short weeks later giving you the best possible product.

We realize that we promised a final product for Kickstarter backers by the 23rd of September, but you as well will have to wait until the 30th of September for this release.

We're very sorry about this - We made last week's commitment to you in good faith with what we believed was a solid strategy in place for tackling the issues, and we really hate disappointing you when you've been supporting us all along. As soon as we can be sure about the timeline we will let you know with an update here. For now, please do know that we are all working really hard on this and not a minute is being wasted - we are completely dedicated to getting ACL completed as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding,

PIC Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      hans buehler on

      You guys working all weekend to hit Monday ship date? You delivering the software via download and emailing us a license key?

    2. Missing avatar

      hans buehler on

      thanks for the detailed communication. we waited a long time already. just please deliver something on Sep 30th even if it's not totally baked... then release an update later.

    3. Stefan on

      I got my physical items too (Europe again), they're actually the first thing I've had from any kickstarter I've backed.

      I'm with Lionel: if the graphics acceleration is causing a hold-up in your stated deadlines, release a version without that hits your deadlines and release the graphics acceleration-enhanced version later. I daresay most of us will be using ACL for productivity apps which will hardly strain the touchpad's graphical capabilities, as opposed to all the games you're so fond of showcasing.

      I have almost no confidence we'll see ACL on the 30th. hope I'm wrong though

    4. Missing avatar

      glenn roche on

      yes , i got my physical items delivered to me here in Europe ....

      would like an update even if Acceleration had problems.....

    5. Missing avatar

      Lionel LASKE on

      @thg +1
      I don't need to have graphics acceleration for the moment.
      Why not to release a first version without it. More, why not to propose two versions, one without graphic acceleration and one with graphic acceleration. The first one could be cheaper than the second one.

    6. Missing avatar

      thg on

      So, as far as I understand, you have problems with the graphics acceleration.

      Do I need this for all apps, or only for games?

      I am not interested in games at all, what I want is a modern browser, a special maps-app available only on Android and a computer magazin-app.

      Will they work with the current version or not?

      Thanks, kind regards ...

    7. Missing avatar

      thg on

      Yes, I got my shirt and stand and the "Dinner and a Touchpad"-pledge user also had his dinner and his Touchpad with ACL. So at least there is working ...

    8. Eric Kegley on

      BTW, has anyone gotten any of their physical items yet?

    9. Eric Kegley on

      I feel we are going to be getting the shaft on this one. I love my Touchpad and hope this will get worked out but am loosing faith just as I did with m HP. Ideas we would be able to get this to work with our Pre3s and get to throw away our iPhones but I don't see that happening.