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Expand the capabilities of the HP Touchpad by giving it the power to run Android Apps in webOS.
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ACL Delivery Schedule Update

Posted by Phoenix International Communications (Creator)
Hi everyone,  

We regret to have to announce that due to some delays in development this week's pre-release of ACL will not be able to go out as planned.  

Although the hardware acceleration has now been implemented, in our regression testing we have seen a number of spinoff issues that really disrupt the user experience in big ways, and though we hate to change the schedule we believe the new annoyances and issues are disruptive enough to warrant the delay.  

We will now have the Pre-Release on September 17th while moving back the Kickstarter Backers Special Preview to September 23rd.

The official release date of September 30th remains unchanged however.

Sorry for the bad news, but as you can see things are progressing well and we are we are definitely in the final stretch and will get this complete and onto your devices very soon.


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      Kelvin Miller on

      It's September 17th. Is ACL still on schedule? Will the pre-release go out today?

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      hans buehler on

      That's not a bad delay compared to what we have waited already! Just now I had to find my android tablet for the kids to watch Netflix. I'm really looking forward to using my touchpad booted in webos to easily pull up Netflix.

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      ydopn on

      The release of ACL for webOS is significant and exciting. As a backer who has waited all summer, a delay to work out any remaining glitches is preferable and will go a long way to ensuring that warm fuzzy feeling from using a product that actually does what it is supposed to do.