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Expand the capabilities of the HP Touchpad by giving it the power to run Android Apps in webOS.
750 backers pledged $45,533 to help bring this project to life.

ACL for webOS Release Schedule

Posted by Phoenix International Communications (Creator)

Hi everyone,

It's been a very busy couple weeks since the Kickstarter campaign ended, and we've been hard at work finalizing the plan for the ACL completion and delivery. Over the last 2 weeks we have conducted a comprehensive review of the outstanding issues and improvements that need to be made to ensure that we deliver a solid product that lives up to your expectations. We just finalized the schedule this morning, and wanted to communicate it to you as soon as possible.

As you will see in the following schedule, we will be having significant delays. Originally we had projected conducting the beta testing during June, with the product release to occur at the end of July, however it has become apparent that in order to meet the goals we have set for supported features we will need additional time to complete all the work involved. 

In consideration of the many who backed the project on Kickstarter (and through PayPal) we have added a special Kickstarter Backer's Preview to allow those supporters who have already been waiting for so long to get a preview of the software before the final version is completed.

New Release Schedule:

ACL Beta Test Release: August 3rd

ACL Early Access Preview (previously 2 weeks before official release): September 3rd

ACL Pre-Release (previously 1 week before official release): September 10th

ACL Kickstarter Backer's Special Preview: September 17th 

ACL Official Release: September 30th 

Please accept our sincere apologies for such a major delay. It is not something that we take lightly, and we tried our best to stick to the original timelines as closely as possible, but in the end we believe this delay is unavoidable, and we felt we owe it to you all to let you know about it right away. 

Thanks for all the support you have given us - we really appreciate it, and are working extremely hard to make ACL live up to your expectations.


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    1. David J. Barone on

      Why my pledge was only for a copy of the software if/when it's released. By the time ACL is ready the TouchPad will be 28 months old and it will add Android 2.3 compatibility. Still prefer WebOS so it's worth the chance, with everything learned bringing ACL to TP, that all Open WebOS devices could have ACL close behind.

      For now, just one more part of the rocky WebOS story.

    2. Missing avatar

      Roy Hulick on

      I for one, appreciate the openness of this disclosure and update. While I certainly wanted to believe the original timeline, I admit it felt a bit optimistic, and was prepared for the timeline to stretch a bit. I hope that this update is a thorough analysis of the workload and timeline, and I certainly hope that the funds truly support this updated timeline and delivery of the product features as promised. If there are undisclosed technical or contractual hurdles, then we need to see an action plan to address them as soon as possible to have a functional understanding of not just the issues, but their scope and requirements for solution.
      I don't think there is any known evidence of malfeasance, so I don't think we need be crying foul at this stage. I believe that transparency and open communication with us backers is paramount to such a project, so I applaud this update.
      There are always unforeseen issues to resolve in such a project and as long as all parties... PIC, OpenMobile, and us backers are working together in good faith, the
      project has the capacity to be successful.. The naysayers, could end up being right, but that's purely conjecture and scepticism at this point. I don't think any of us want this to fail.
      Keep us updated, be honest with the community, and make sure it gets delivered. We all want this (even the folks who may criticise), so the bottom line is to work together to make it a success for everyone who supported it. And transparency is the best policy.

      Thanks for the update and lets get this accomplished.
      On on.

    3. Missing avatar

      Erick Rocha on

      Doesn't seem a good a webOS lover I can understand the situation and perhaps the reason why you are trying to extend the time to deliver a very good product. But on the eyes of the rest I have to say that it doesn't look right. Specially when you asked for money to release something was almost ready allegedly so why not release it with the condition that there will be an OTA update. All those backers (including myself) donated money not to get only something in return but to see our dreams come true after all that disappointment from HP not supporting Palm webOS software and as soon as you gave us that hope of bringing webOS back we were all for it but not like this. Please no more disappointments. Please. Thank you.

    4. Missing avatar

      hans buehler on

      maybe I misunderstand, are you getting the beta in our hands August 3rd? that's not too bad.

    5. Missing avatar

      hans buehler on

      unplanned summer vacation maybe :) have fun! see you in the fall.

      2 things we ask in return for the delay
      1) jelly bean
      2) also it better work with LunaCE, don't force us back to stock.

      why not give an alpha/beta mid summer... we all did that on LunaCE!

    6. Missing avatar

      Brian B. Egan on

      Better bug-free (relatively) than fast. However, calculate it carefully this time and make it happen. Issues always come up, but credibility can be lost very quickly.

    7. Missing avatar

      Arthur S. Westenberger on

      I really don't mind the extra time if you provide a worthwhile product. You do realize that we've been through hell and we're hopefully coming back! I don't recall if you are bringing up gingerbread, or updating to ICS and beyond ;-)

    8. Missing avatar

      Hubert Geenen on

      I am normally not the the first to complain about delays in software development, I expect and calculate with them. This announcement however, only two weeks after start of the project, is not only extremely disappointing but plain fraud.
      How can a company calculate two months of remaining development time and from that a required funding of 35 k and then realizes that it needs double the time. Normally this would imply that the costs are doubled as well, or this was already calculated for. In the latter case the time schedule was intentionally unrealistic, as its seems to get the funding.
      Considering this early delay I do not expect anything on my TP until Christmas, if at all, and don't have the slightest hope on Android 4 or anything beyond that. We were warned about Phoenix by many on different forums, but the prospect of getting ACL made me ignoring the warnings.
      I WANT A REFUND. For now I will use Android on my TPs and eventually replace them iPads.

    9. Missing avatar

      John Ipson on

      Called it. Hopefully we won't see endless cycle of delays. I'm glad you are being honest with us, but it seems like this was apparent from the get go.

    10. Missing avatar

      gizmo21 on

      Welcome to the "In the coming month"-show: Todays special guest: ACL featured by Phoenix

      bring it in July with what you have and update it "to meet the goals you have set" till september.

    11. Missing avatar

      Andy Russ on

      Thanks for the update. I can appreciate the challenges of software estimating. I (and others too I hope) would rather have it right with the schedule that ensures it is right.