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Expand the capabilities of the HP Touchpad by giving it the power to run Android Apps in webOS.
750 backers pledged $45,533 to help bring this project to life.

Reaching the Stars Together

Posted by Phoenix International Communications (Creator)

Thank You to everyone that helped push us over the 35,000 mark. Soon you will all be running the long overdue ACL Software right on your own Touchpad! 

Many of you have contacted us and asked us to please add Stretch Goals to our list so you can find other ways to contribute. We have many other plans in our future, including updating the ACL software to Android 4.x and having it released for the HP Pre3. A more substantial goal that we have been continuously working on for about a year is to produce an Open webOS Phone of Our Own within a reasonable time frame. As you continue to donate, all funding will go towards those three projects in our future. We have been seeing some people making suggestions regarding what the next goal should be however, so we’d like to ask you all to give us some feedback on what your number one stretch goal would be – send us a message and let us hear from you!

We’d also like to announce the availability of 2 new rewards especially for those who want to buy more than one copy of ACL: 

 $55 – 2 licenses of the ACL software 

$75 – 3 licenses of the ACL software 

Lastly, we’ve been getting requests to add a PayPal option from a number of people who are unable to use Kickstarter’s payment system. Please use the following link to visit our PayPal donation page: 

Once again, thanks so much everyone! We really appreciate all the support you’re giving us, and are looking forward to getting ACL finished for you!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Andreas Froebius on

      It's the same with me. I also have a Touchpad and a Pre3 and I love my Pre3 and would like to see ACL working on the Pre3. I would up my donation to $55 if the second license could be used on the Pre3 in case ACL for the Pre3 would be released.

    2. Missing avatar

      Gene Boo on

      Similar qn to Eric's. I have a touchpad and a Pre3. I would gladly up my donation to $55 if the additional license can be used on the Pre3 (assuming ACL will also be compatible with Pre3 at some reasonable point in time).
      My wishlist for ACL stretch goal would be Pre3 support - obviously :) and the update to Andriod 4.x
      Congrats on hitting $35k pledges!

    3. Missing avatar

      K Raghuraman on

      Thanks to all who chipped in and made this happen. It's great news.
      I use a Pixi Plus and now look forward to an upgraded BB type webOS keyboard phone with a larger screen, and all the hot hardware out there.

    4. Alain Godet on

      Pré3 with pleasure ! But how to change my pledge if done ?

    5. Missing avatar

      Seth Johnson on

      Glad to see this has worked! I look forward to using this on my TP and Pre 3 asap! I second the Sprint option on the phone and also request GSM world capability! Thanks for all your efforts!!

      PS. I'd rather pay more and get a great product the first time.

    6. Ruud Noordzij on

      Well, congrats on reaching the 35K threshold! Saw that the licenses need to be purchased separately... I pledged US$600 - possible to add a license for our existing HP Touchpad to the list of goodies?

    7. David J. Barone on

      Porting to the Nexus phone! I am a huge fan of the Pre3 but it would be nice if got help to finalize there port to the Nexus. Would give a lot more devices to sell ACL on as well.

      It will be awesome when an Open WebOS phone is released. Untill, and even after, having every Nexus phone High Jack like they did to the touchpad would be fantastic :)

    8. CujoQ37 on

      Congrats! Excited for the next 3 projects, but first thing's first. Can't wait for ACL on our Touchpads.

      So..., why weibo?

    9. Missing avatar

      YANG Yuncong on

      I hope your open webOS device would be a choice of full keyboard phone, rather than an iphone-like one.

    10. peter demestihas on

      If you do a open webos phone, please make sure it works on Sprint.

    11. Eric Kegley on

      I see you have a $55 reward for 2 ACL licenses but I already pledged $60. How much for an additional license if you all get it to work for the Pre3? I like my Touchpad, but love my Pre3. I would love to change back to it. (I have been lured to the dark side for apps but hate the iKeyboard.)