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A dreadfully dark adventure of occult, horror, and family bonding.

A dreadfully dark adventure of occult, horror, and family bonding. Read More
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Warning: This project may be cursed...


In the year 199X a rogue game designer was developing a game for an unknown platform. It was the dawn of 3D game consoles and the technology was ripe for bold new ideas. Unfortunately the designer mysteriously disappeared shortly before the game was brought to a publisher and the only thing they could find was a ravaged copy of the design document covered in blood...

It is now the future and we have smartphones and the ability to charge for public bathrooms in America. By pure chance I have come across the cursed document and now I will finish the work started by the rogue designer who disappeared many years ago.

Enter Ritual Dementia!

In a world that could very well be our own live the peaceful and carefree tribes of creatures known as Paglins. You are randomly born into this world as one of these Paglins after their world has been taken over after the arrival of the Lord Behind the Door. Now hunted as slaves and for their souls you'll break out of their ritual prison and escape to the world you once called home. You know your journey will take many years, perhaps you will not survive long enough to see it but your children may one day see this world set free and bring an end to the Dark Lord's reign.

  • A lo-rez graphical adventure to protect your eyes from the graphic nature of this game for Linux, Windows, and Mac!
  • Explore the dangerous plains, carnivorous forests, and what I think looks like a castle.
  • Challenge for the true hardcore, these monsters don't care about your precious trophies or achievements. Once your Paglin dies it's not coming back!
  • Creative solutions for everyday problems, lost a limb? Build a prosthetic one! Poision causing you problems? Create an anti venom using your blood!
  • Progress and empower using the Family Tree System. Create a caring and loving family to brave the cold dark world. Using the power of love you can also seduce demons opening up new genetic possibilities for your offspring.
  • Bringing the world back to normal is more than just slicing and dicing through demon flesh. Create safe zones to attract wildlife, and build an ecosystem.
  • Preform rituals using a combination of items and dances to access the dark magic of Ritual Dementia and behold its reality altering properties. Just be careful because anything could happen!
  • Objective: Survive! Hunt for food, make sure your properly hydrated, and keep your sanity high lest you want to become another victim.
  • Raise your kin, take them exploring or hunting and build a better future for Paglinkind! Once your character passes your offspring will inherit the player's soul (That's you!)

With your generous backing you will help fund the hamster wheel powering my tools, as well as deal with licensing fees and developer compensation. If funded I will be able to set up a 40-hour work ethic to power through my planned development cycle, and investing in some cheap test hardware to make sure it works across all proposed platforms would help as well.

I made sure to make the goal as realistic as possible while still allowing for some leg room so I don't run out of funding in case of any problems with hardware malfunction, software licensing, or problems fulfilling rewards, as well as investing in adequate external storage for source control because the last thing I need is a single hard drive fizzing out and losing months worth of progress.

An optimistic first release would be July but my hard release date is October, that's a 3 month sized airbag to allow for padding in case I run into any development hurdles or random hardware explosions. The funds would also help pay any fees that would come from distribution, in case I don't already have my own storefront set up.

I'm going to keep working on my project leading up to this Kickstarter's deadline. If this project is successful and I am funded immediately all work will go towards getting this project online the next few months to allow the public to view my progress. I will also create a forum to allow premium backers to provide feedback and get the first drop on alphas, betas, and zetas to tickle their fancies with programmer art.

If I go over my goal then all extra funds will go towards supercharging development. This includes adding extra content, features, and added publishing platforms for mobile devices like Android, and iOS. If I am funded even further then I can get developer certifications to publish on consoles like the Playstation 720, Xbox Vista, and Wii U2. Further still if I have reached maximum amounts of funding I can set up server space to allow for online (with the option of offline) multiplayer. If my project has achieved maximum funding beyond comprehension I will build a rocket ship to fly to Mars and open a Ritual Dementia Theme Park. I will create a more detailed tier list when the time comes.

*Please note that some extra features that would be added through excess funding may add to development time, or be released at a certain point after the initial PC release. I will let you know beforehand what features would affect the development cycle.

Supporters of this project will be rewarded with various forms of loot for their troubles. Backers who pledge a higher tiered reward will automatically receive everything below it. (Let's say you get the $45, you will also get the $20, the $15, and $5 dollar reward as a result.)

$5 - The Thank You

You're pledge is much appreciated, your name (or any other title) will appear in the credits forever ingrained in the code of a madman.

$10 - The Caregiver

It's your choice
It's your choice

You will be guaranteed a digital download of the game upon its release. If the game gets Greenlit on Steam you will have the choice of receiving it on the Steam platform.

$15 - The Rebellion

You will be able to choose any one character from the game including the one you make if you choose the $60 reward, as a papercraft deskmate on premium cardstock.

Make him, display him, break him, but don't trash him (recycle please).

$20 - The Watcher

I will be publicly posting process of my game's development, but if playing development builds and getting the lowdown on top secret information is your thing then this is for you! Provide feedback and discover secrets that you might not find anywhere else. Who knows you may just find something related to yourself somewhere in the game...

$45 - The Monarch

Designs are not final, not all content is displayed in this promo
Designs are not final, not all content is displayed in this promo

Get the one (and maybe only!) hardcopy edition of the game. Add it to your collection, place it on your bookshelf, make it the centerpiece of your dinner table, you just can't beat owning a physical version of a game that's yours and yours alone. You game will include:

  • The Disc with perhaps the most important thing in entire set, the game.
  • Something to put your disc inside because that's always nice.
  • A neato little 12-page survival guide filled with the knowledge to survive this games harshest trials within arm's reach.
  • A shirt so you don't need go shopping for clothes and spend your time doing more important things like playing video games.
  • A card containing a digital download code of the game to keep or give to someone special <3.

$60 - The Lorecrafter

David wants to share his fears with the world.
David wants to share his fears with the world.

Add your demonic creation to the world of Ritual Dementia! We'll work together to bring your idea to life! Using any form of media or written word you'll describe your devilish ideas and I'll transform it into a digital abomination that will be terrorizing Paglins in no time! Be as descriptive as your want or as vague as you want and let me fill in the rest for you. What's it look like? What does it act like? What kind of attacks does have? What are it's fears and ambitions? You decide.

Any backers for the $60 reward that pledge after 2/14/2013 please note, their monsters added after the game's release in updates.

Powerup With Addons!

Need more characters to crumble? Need another shirt after you set the last one on fire? These addons will let you fill in any holes the darkness may have left in your heart.

Pick the reward that you want and just addon whatever extra amount you want above the reward's value. I'll send you a questionnaire at the end of the Kickstarter to tally up whatever extra items you want.

+$5 The Spawner

Add another papercraft character, you can pick from any characters that end up in the game including the custom demons made from the $60 reward.

+$10 The Tailor

An extra shirt, each one you addon can be a different size.

Credits for the sounds in the video go to these cool people and are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.

"Glitched Clock" by Puniho (Remixed from NineChimes by DaveinCamas)

"Melancholy 1" by Argitoth

"Col Monster Upsweep" by Sandyrb

Industrial Music Box by Kevin Macleod

Industrial Revolution by Kevin Macleod

Risks and challenges

There's a very grim possibility that the Dark Lord Behind the Door could break out into the real world and enslave us with his demon army. The rest of our problems are minor in comparison.

I have all the necessary tools and skills to complete the game, I know my strengths and boundaries better than anyone else and have planned my game accordingly.

I cut out as much fat as I could in order to allow creative expansion during development. Each feature and mechanic has been ranked from core to pure aesthetics on a scale of importance and my most important tool will be the feedback from my audience and backers. There may come a time when a feature simply cannot fit into the grand scheme of things and I will let you know my trials and tribulations as well as direct you to any outlets where you can successfully hurl insults about my mother and preferences.

I will do my absolute best to keep you posted as often as I can in order to quell any fears you may have and let you know where I am every step of the way. Failure is not an option, we will succeed in defeating the demon army!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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    Pledge $5 or more About $5 USD

    Thanks a lot for your support! I will add your name or any self appointed title of your choice in the credits.

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    Pledge $10 or more About $10 USD

    Get a digital copy of the game to show off to your friends and make them wish they were as cool as you!

    --All backers that donate above and beyond the $10 amount will receive this reward.--

    Estimated delivery
    140 backers
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    Pledge $15 or more About $15 USD

    You're a survivor! You will receive a flattened Paglin for you to bring to life in papercraft form!

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    12 backers
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $20 or more About $20 USD

    Thanks a lot for your support x2! Become a voice for feedback throughout development and I will also add your name somewhere in the game as an Easter egg.

    --All backers that donate above and beyond the $20 amount will receive this reward.--

    Estimated delivery
    38 backers
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $45 or more About $45 USD

    You will receive a hardcopy version of the game on an obsolete format.

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    13 backers
  6. Select this reward

    Pledge $60 or more About $60 USD

    Immortalize your ideas! I will add an enemy designed by you for everyone to witness and bow down before your creative glory.

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    22 backers

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