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Set in the future when science first begins to stop aging, a daughter tries to save her father from natural death.
Set in the future when science first begins to stop aging, a daughter tries to save her father from natural death.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Ivan Makfinsky on

      Did the DVD and private download links ever get sent out?

    2. Missing avatar

      Terry Kanceruk on

      It's odd that no comments exist after the movie was released. I suspect there has been a lot of deletions, including this one. Frankly, I'd like my money back. I expected more.

    3. Tim Maupin Creator on

      @ Cassie L. Taylor: Thanks Cassie! We're excited to be wrapping up :)

    4. Cassie L. Taylor on

      It's exciting to see everything coming together. Thanks for all of the behind-the-scenes extras. It looks like it's going to be an amazing film!

    5. Tim Maupin Creator on

      @Lee Thanks for checking in, Lee. As reported in the last update, we are behind primarily due to VFX and I apologize for that. It's been a little more complex and challenging than I anticipated and so has taken a little longer with a small team. I'm actually personally working right now as we speak on it to finish as soon as possible. I'm currently aiming to do final sound and color in late March, so I'm really wanting the film finished by April. That could change a little, but I'll keep everyone posted as to expected release date. Again, my apologies and please know it's absolutely not a ghost project. It's getting very close!

    6. Lee Delarm on

      It's 6 months past the expected release date, is this a ghost project at this point? Can we get some vague reference as to whether we can expect the movie in 3 months, 6 months, or possibly never?

    7. Tim Maupin Creator on

      @ Joel Kehle:Thanks Joel! Great story about the postcard... Glad we provided you with a bit of a holiday mystery :)

    8. Joel Kehle on

      Thanks for the postcard. I had completely forgotten about this project so the card was a bit of a mystery. I kept thinking "Who is sending me this card and knows I'm into life extension?"! While answering all my holiday cards, I sat down and googled apeironlife and figure it out. I've since watched the excellent trailer and caught up on the project. I'm very excited to see the film. Thanks for all your hard work and Happy New Year!

    9. Tim Maupin Creator on

      @Pete Johnston:

      Thanks Pete!

    10. Pete Johnston on

      I got my postcard as well, and I must say, the teaser trailer is very nice. I often talk about the subject of regeneration technologies with my wife, (we are in our 50's), and I so look forward to watching your film with her. And of course the actual therapy when it arrives! All the best to All.

    11. Tim Maupin Creator on

      @John Skarha:


    12. Missing avatar

      John Skarha on

      I got a postcard today from Ana about Dad's upcoming mid-trial interview for his life extension procedure. Very fun. Thank you.

    13. Jungleboy 叢林男孩

      nice trailer, and good luck on the Sundance entry!

    14. Tim Maupin Creator on

      @Jungleboy 叢林男孩:

      Yes, a very big one coming soon!

    15. Tim Maupin Creator on

      @Jungleboy 叢林男孩:

      Yes, a very big one coming soon!

    16. Jungleboy 叢林男孩

      Hi Tim, any updates on this project?

    17. Jungleboy 叢林男孩

      Hey Tim - did you know about this series?

    18. Jungleboy 叢林男孩

      Thanks for replying Tim, I have found the topic is getting more and more mainstream!
      There is just been a book out titled "Death is Wrong" - here is an article about it.

    19. Tim Maupin Creator on

      @Jungleboy I haven't seen this before- pretty interesting. Seems as if that's becoming a more popular topic all the time- the first time I had seen this idea was in the documentary about Ray Kurzweil, "Transcendent Man", where we discussed how he'd like to do this with his father's memories. It's also slightly hinted at in the recent Spike Jonze film, 'Her' with the recreation of philosopher Alan Watts. We talked about experimenting with it in our short, but ultimately we already have too many ideas to get into :)

    20. Jungleboy 叢林男孩

      have you found this website yet? - they are looking into creating a 'post-life' avatar to interact with the living - 'virtually immortal'

    21. Tim Maupin Creator on

      @Jungleboy That's really clever!

    22. Jungleboy 叢林男孩

      check out this 'advert' for 'welcome to LIFE' from Tom Scott. pretty neat.…

    23. Jungleboy 叢林男孩

      Scientists discover DNA body clock

      Newly discovered mechanism could help researchers understand ageing process and lead to ways of slowing it down

    24. Tim Maupin Creator on

      @ Jungleboy, thanks for that site... looks like a great resource for the film.
      @ Terrance and Sean Thanks so much! We're super excited to get going as well!

    25. Sean R Parker on

      Initial and stretch reached! Lets fund this thing already, I can't wait to see it already!

    26. Terrence Kelsey on

      Congratulations on surpassing both your initial goal and your stretch goal. I can only hope I can replicate your success. I look forward to seeing the finished film via DVD when it is ready! Cheers to you Tim and your crew!

    27. Jungleboy 叢林男孩

      In researching the topic and science behind the film I did stumble upon a very interesting site.
      You may already know this one, but for other backers that don't - here it is

      Longevity & Healthspan is an open access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal that publishes articles on all aspects of aging biology in the context of healthy aging or age-related disease. More specifically, the journal emphasizes advancing understanding of how age-related changes in structure and function become risk factors for or accompany age-related diseases or conditions, and the biology underlying healthy aging and longevity.

    28. Tim Maupin Creator on

      We also just got a post on this nicely curated site of longevity projects: thanks to Stuart R. G. Calimport

    29. Tim Maupin Creator on

      @ Carl Thanks for your insight and comment. We have actually just gotten confirmation from Aubrey himself that he'd be willing to be on as a scientific advisor! Dr. Randal Koene has also agreed to be on as advisor, so we'll be trusting them soon to keep us on track with the science in the script. I'll look all of the info you posted over too in our process of locking in the script.

    30. Tim Maupin Creator on

      @ Chambo Yes! I believe!

    31. Chambo on

      This will happen Tim, $25k! Let's do it!

    32. Missing avatar

      Carl Kenner on


      I think you need to put more effort into getting the science right though! Read "Ending Aging" by Aubrey de Grey , or do a video search for "Aubrey de Grey" and watch his videos. Basically, scientists think you would need a combination of therapies, including stem cells, mitochondrial gene therapy, vaccines against amyloid, AGE-breaker drugs, enzymes to break down lipofuscin in the lysosomes, some way of killing off unwanted senescent cells dysfunctional T-Cells and visceral fat cells, and of course some way of preventing cancer (ironically, deleting telomerase genes so telomeres stay short is one option).
      The SENS Foundation is doing great research in all those areas.
      I found this Kickstarter from the Fight Aging blog, at so go check out that excellent blog.

      I still find it hard to believe some people view aging and dying as a good thing. But, at least it will be good for the composition of future society if all the stupid, irrational, unimaginative people die of old age, and all the smart, imaginative, rational people choose to live indefinitely.

    33. Tim Maupin Creator on

      @Jungleboy and @Aaron so glad this is stirring up some debate. We've been asking some of the actors we've been auditioning and their answers are pretty amazing.
      @ Nils Thanks! The goal is to get people to simply think about it and get some of these questions out there more
      @ David Great tip! I've reached out to George on io9 with no luck yet. I will try some of the other writers there

    34. Jungleboy 叢林男孩

      Just by backing this and mentioning it to other people has sparked off much interest and many divided opinions! At least my time at the pub is now partly spend contemplating longevity and debating its science progress over pints of craft beers. What more can I ask? - oh yes that this fil sees the light of day and I will be able to show it to my friends.
      One thing we all agree upon is that this requires a new line of thinking about life & death.

    35. Missing avatar

      Aaron James on

      I agree also, this film does need to get made.

      To be honest, if you were to show this film to most people.. I think most just wouldn't know what to think. We've been dealing with this so called *inevitability* of ageing since we first came about on this planet.
      To suddenly change the game now.. People just don't know what the think.

      But I agree about mixed opinions. I just wish the people I know we're more positive and not so *its against nature* I find that bizarre thinking.
      I think we are meant for much more than ending up as fossil dug up a million years from now by some other civilisation, wondering what the hell we were.

    36. Missing avatar

      Aaron James on

      Thanks Tim.

      And looks like I've been stirring up more than a debate..
      I pasted the link on some other kickstarters I've backed.. Apparently that's not allowed, and now my account is under review and I can't back any project. Now I feel like I've done something bad when I know I haven't. I didn't even know it was against the rules.

    37. Nils Alexander Hizukuri on

      Great project, I'd really like to see this happen ... massive untapped potential in winning people's hearts for life-extension research, and saving lives!

    38. Missing avatar

      David Hutchinson on

      My suggestion: send a personal note to Annalee Newitz and George Dvorsky of IO9. They're sympathetic to and conversant with life extension (as well as other topics), AND io9 is focused on fiction and film. You might suggest an interview; they often get backstage on large movie projects, interview significant authors, etc. Their other staff writers (e.g. Charlie Jane Anders) have a deep knowledge of futurism as embodied in movies and fiction. Who knows what connecting with them might bring -

    39. Tim Maupin Creator on

      @ Chris Thanks for posting on Reddit.. we've been trying, but it's a little tricky as they are not as open to promoting it seems. The best thing there is to drum up conversation and then maybe work in the project. We've been doing some of that, and I would encourage you to definitely keep posting there. Can you send us the links to your reddit posts? Thank you for helping out! Thanks for the tip with Singularity Hub, we'll definitely reach out to them as well.

    40. Tim Maupin Creator on

      @Aaron There are a lot of mixed opinions, but I feel the questions are more about when and exactly how. All of this is precisely why I feel it is an important film to make. Thanks for stirring some debate! That's what the film is all about.

    41. Missing avatar

      Chris Bartlett on

      I think the Reddit posts work well, 22 new backers since the Reddit posts yesterday!
      See if you can get a mention on Singularity Hub, I think that had a big effect on the funding of Is. For a minute I thought they had mentioned the film, but then I realised it was from 2011, I think it's up their street so I'd get in touch with them.

    42. Missing avatar

      Chris Bartlett on

      I've posted on a number of additional reddit sites, there are really quite a few this applicable to.

    43. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Fox on

      The idea is fascinating; really would love to see the final product. Tim, can I audition?

    44. Missing avatar

      Aaron James on

      Good stuff!
      You know,many people can't seem to get their head around the chances of this happening, or the fact it's actually being researched. A lot of people seem to think its science fiction and just not possible. Needless to say I've met a LOT of narrow minded people. We live in a fascinating time of technological progress and wonder! Lets just hope that keeps happening.

    45. Tim Maupin Creator on

      Thanks Aaron! I really appreciate that. We've been contacting science sites and blogs and trying to get it out in front of more eyes!

    46. Missing avatar

      Aaron James on

      I've been spreading the word around :)

    47. Tim Maupin Creator on

      Thanks dare2smile and SilentWolf! So glad you are on board with us for this look into the future. Spread the word around!

    48. Missing avatar

      Aaron James on

      It's really great to finally see something like this happening. This is a subject I've been heavily interested in for a long time now, for many reasons.
      I just made my pledge! I really hope this film succeeds.
      Good luck guys :)

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