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We're creating some of the best metal Apple Watch bands with original designs and precision Swiss quality manufacturing. If you missed out on this campaign, not to worry, we're offering some fantastic pre-order discounts right now on our website.
We're creating some of the best metal Apple Watch bands with original designs and precision Swiss quality manufacturing. If you missed out on this campaign, not to worry, we're offering some fantastic pre-order discounts right now on our website.
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Shipping update #3

Posted by Eugene Ho (Creator)

Hello backers!

For all international backers other than the US, you should have received a message from me with a tracking number by today.

For US backers, we're still waiting for the shipping notices to come in from Amazon, and they're trickling in at all hours. We'll send you the details as soon as we get them (and some of you have already been getting these messages). I believe the latest shipments are expected to be delivered on the 24th so we're pretty close.

I'll be sending out the new connectors to those few of you who need them by tomorrow via registered mail. It may take up to 10 days but hopefully not much longer.

Thank you all so much for backing this campaign. It's been a fun ride, and I've enjoyed the great discussions with some of you in the background. We're also planning to add a few more 38mm colours by the end of June. Also, I'd like to share a very special, colourful new version that will also ship by the end of June:

42mm Rainbow JUUK Ligero Aluminum Apple Watch Band
42mm Rainbow JUUK Ligero Aluminum Apple Watch Band
  • this will be available in very limited quantities
  • it's available in both 38mm and 42mm sizes
  • we're in discussions with Amnesty International to donate partial proceeds from each unit sold to support their efforts to combat discrimination 

More details on our website.

Speaking of which, we plan to have a Mother's Day sale soon if you'd like to pick up any of the other colours, or if your friends look out for that in the coming days on our website. Go to

I'm also working on a new prototype that's going to be really cool...and quite possibly a first in the watch industry with our use of colours. The only hint I can give you at the moment is that we took inspiration from vintage sports cars (or modern supercars that have this retro theme). I can't say more...but if you'd like to be the first to hear about it, please sign up for our newsletter on our website (bottom of the page). I'm hoping these prototypes will be ready within the month now that the factory will complete my Ligero order this week (or next).

We're also working on a 3rd design that should prove to be quite popular because it's a more traditional watch bracelet design...and we might be able to get those prototypes out within a month or two.

Thanks again to everyone for backing this campaign, and I look forward to hearing your feedback on your new Ligero bands!

Best regards,


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    1. Eugene Ho Creator on

      @Scott Mikus: Hey Scott, that's an awesome testimonial!

      Let me chat with you separately about your observation/issue. We're trying to constantly improve the product however we can so I'd like to learn more about this and see if it's something I've also noticed before.

      The notices for the grey shipments from Amazon are still trickling in to me. I really hope they get them all done soon. Actually today is the day they'll allow me to enquire about missing inventory so I'll do that now.

    2. Eugene Ho Creator on

      @Alan Hoyle: thanks Alan, glad you're liking them. We'll take the extra tubes into consideration...I'm having a chat with the factory now about it.

    3. Scott Mikus on

      I have to say I am extremely impressed with my band i received today. The quality and craftsmanship are far beyond what other manufactures have to offer in the price range for which these bands are being sold at.

      The only comment i have on performance so far is in regards to the bands attachment mechanism to the apple watch. Since the ovals are cut with such sharp right angles in relation to the top from the sides, when sliding the bands into place the ovals get stuck in the upright position and require you to depress them before the bands will lock into place properly. If the ovals had a sloped top where the edge was even with the band it self and then rose to the level which would allow the bands to lock in at its center it would allow the bands to slide on without having to depress the locking ovals.

      To me this inst a problem its more of a convenience feature which could be worked in later down the line if you so choose. As far as i'm concerned I will be going back to Amazon to order a couple more colors right away before they sell out!

      Thank you for all your hard work! I can't wait for my Grey band to arrive when ever Amazon gets there stuff together!

    4. Missing avatar

      Alan Hoyle on

      Ours arrived today. Nice craftsmanship and great bands. It might be nice to include an extra sleeve or two in addition to the extra pins.

      Thanks for being a great Kickstarter and delivering a great product.

    5. Eugene Ho Creator on

      @Barry Mc Donald: Hi Barry, we absolutely pay for the entire shipping costs before they'd even accept our packages to ship out. They don't have a "recipient pays for shipping" option, most likely because once it lands in the recipient's country, it's taken over by the local postal system. International couriers like FedEx and the like do have the "recipient pays" option because they're the same company globally so they can collect later.

      What it should be is your country's import duties.

    6. Missing avatar

      Barry Mc Donald on

      Hi eugene,

      I received a letter from parcelforce saying that I have to pay a £26 handling charge? Has the postage not been fully paid for the order?



    7. Eugene Ho Creator on

      Thanks Scott!

    8. Scott Mikus on

      Thank you for that information! From what i can see if the shipment isn't fully available in the shipment summary you will be able to start an investigation. I hope it doesn't come to that but i guess we will have to wait and see which comes first. I am still going to contact amazon with the shipment number to see if i can make any progress on my end. I will send you a message with any information i get from them. Thank you!

    9. Eugene Ho Creator on

      Hi Scott, yeah I'm sorry about this...I didn't expect this to happen because they've always entered them pretty they did with the other colours. They even know exactly how many greys they have in the system under the "reserved" section of my account and that's what I've been drawing from as I've put all of your orders in to ship out. Now it's down to zero and they just need to do it. I do recall seeing Apr 24th as the last of the expected delivery dates for all of you. I did it this way thinking that it would be more efficient because I use a 2-day expedited shipping method in the States, so it'd be faster for you guys.

      This was the response I got from them last week when I enquired so I'm not sure how much you'd be able to get out of them if I couldn't:

      "I am sorry for the Inconvenience caused.

      I've reviewed your email and understand that you would like to know the reason why it take so long to add the received units of the shipment: FBA4KV4LPC. I'll certainly assist you with the needful information.

      We would like to inform you that your shipment FBA4KV4LPC will become eligible for investigation on Apr 21, 2017. I kindly request you to check the reconcile tab to confirm the same :

      Please note that different units from the same shipment can be processed through the receiving queue at different times, so we request you to allow some time for the shipment to be checked in.

      I do understand that is still an opportunity in expediting the receiving process. However, we have a very strict process in place that ensure that your inventory is handled with care and precision by the warehouse team during the receive process. Please know that we also care for our seller's inventory as much as they do. To avoid any damage or loss to their inventory, we request sellers to give us this extra time.

      Once the units are fully received, the changes will automatically reflect in your shipment summary."

      Probably a canned reply but that's all I got.

    10. Scott Mikus on

      Ok that makes sense! I was hoping i wasn't misunderstanding your original update and the names of the colors when i was looking at the items on Amazon's website. That is concerning that Amazon is taking so long to process the items. Would it be beneficial for us as backers to contact customer service to push them for either a reason or for them to process the items? Or is there anything else we can do to help the process along from our end? Please let us know how we can help.

    11. Eugene Ho Creator on

      Hi Scott, you're correct in that you can get blue, green, plum and black in the 42mm, but you'll notice that silver and grey aren't available. This is exactly the issue; I sent them all in the same shipment but they can't explain to me why it's taken over 2 weeks to get the silver and grey versions into the inventory...and these are the colours we had in the KS campaign. That's why the greys are still taking so long to ship to you guys.

    12. Scott Mikus on

      I am concerned that my order hasn't shipped yet. I am a US backer but i can go onto Amazon and purchase a band from JUUK and have it delivered in two days. I in fact just bought a second band of a different color to the one i backed here in the project to see which would arrive first. I am confident that the one i just ordered from Amazon's website will arrive on thursday 4/20/2017 while the one i funded here will not arrive for sometime.

      Can you explain the reasoning behind this please?