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A Classic Style RPG for iOS. Create a party of 4 heroes from 7 unique classes and venture forth to defeat an ancient evil.

A Classic Style RPG for iOS. Create a party of 4 heroes from 7 unique classes and venture forth to defeat an ancient evil. Read More
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Echo Dawn is an epic story of tragedy and redemption, masterfully devised into the time honored fantasy RPG genre on iOS. Join an ancient hero as he gathers his friends to journey across the expanses of a battle-torn land and to give battle to an enemy that has devastated his entire world.

Echo Dawn was started in early 2011 and many facets of the programming, art assets, and level design have already been completed. We are working hard to make sure that the music, final artwork, and dialog are of high quality to do the story justice. You can help make this game fully a reality and even more incredible. Kickstarter funds will be used to finalize the awesome artwork, music, and later levels of the game and will help a little with the publishing. Stay tuned for updates and videos on the game’s development and our stretch goals. Next week we will share the different classes available to play.

A thousand years have passed since the foundation of the world. Mankind had reached the pinnacle of their glory and dominion. But a great darkness that once lay dormant beneath the snow has been awakened. Now peace seems impossible, and corruption all consuming. Philander and his friends embark on a dangerous journey to fight for mankind’s one chance of a hope and future.


Combat is completely turn based with a speed counter determining order. Everyone has a speed based on their agility and buffs and the higher the speed, the more often they will act. Speed is added to a counter until a threshold is reached. Once that threshold is reached, it is that character's turn. Every action reduces the counter by a certain amount. Some actions are faster than others and thus reduce the character's turn counter by less so his next turn comes quicker.

This system allows a lot of strategic play regarding who goes next and whether it is better to do a weaker but faster action or a stronger but slower one.


Bard: The bard is a class who specializes in buffing the stats of your party and debuffing the stats of your enemies through songs. Once a bard starts a song, that song remains active until the bard changes songs, the end of battle or the bard dies. This means you can start a song and leave that song playing while taking other actions for the rest of the battle. Each song is a quick action so starting and changing songs to fit the situation is encouraged. The bard also has a few other abilities that can be used without stopping his song from playing. The bard can use swords, daggers, whips and medium armor.

Some bard abilities: Song of Heroes increases party's physical damage by 25%. Song of Celerity increases party's speed by 25%. Song of Serenity restores 10% of each ally's health each round. Tempo Jump increases each other party member's turn counter by 75. Bladedance attacks 3 enemies with 75% of the bard's normal attack damage. Harmony increases the bard's dodge rating by 75 for a short duration.

Druid: The druid is master of the weather, land and spirits, they can call forth storms and seasons, and bring healing or destruction. They call seasonal spirits to aid them in battle giving them different abilities and other passive effects. A druid is able to heal, deal massive spell damage or even become a strong physical attacker depending on where he places his stat points and what spirit he has beside him at that moment. Only one spirit may be active at a time. The druid can use maces, axes, staffs and medium armor.

Some druid abilities: Spirit of Spring increases max health and ice resist of the druid by 25%. Adjacent allies also regain 10% of their health per turn. While this spirit is active the druid gains abilities to deal water damage, heal the party and remove negative status effects. Spirit of Summer increases the druids strength by 25% and fire resist by 50. Adjacent allies gain a chance to deal fire damage with their physical attacks. While this spirit is active the druid gains abilities to deal fire damage, haste and berserk the party as well as reduce magic power of enemies. Force of Nature is a spirit which increases all of the druid's stats by 15%, his defense by 50% and increases all resists by 25. While this spirit is active, the druid gains abilities to deal immense physical damage and high wind, water and lightning damage.

Elementalist: The elementalist commands the elements to burn, freeze, zap and crush their enemies. They are your typical spell caster with abilities that revolve around fire, ice, lightning and earth. They are also able to increase the party's resistance to elemental damage and give the party a chance to deal additional elemental damage when they attack. The elementalist can use rods, staffs and light armor.

Some elementalist abilities: Fire deals fire damage. Imbue Ice grants an ally's weapon a chance to cause additional ice damage and slow the enemy. Arc Lightning deals lightning damage to a target enemy with a 35% chance to bounce to all additional enemies. Shockwave deals earth damage to all enemies, lowers their defense by 25% and has a 35% chance to stun.

Marksman: The marksman is an expert of ranged combat who excels at knowing their enemies and piercing defenses. They deal massive damage from the back row with a high degree of accuracy. The marksman can use bows, guns and medium armor.

Some marksman abilities: Precision is a passive ability that causes all normal attacks to hit. Called Shot is a quick action which causes the next attack to deal double damage. Eye Shot is a 150% damage attack that reduces the target's accuracy. Triple Shot is a normal attack at 3 different enemies. Quick Load increases speed by 50% for a short duration.

Mystic: The mystic is the master of light, dark and healing. They are perfect at saving their friends from harm. The mystic can reduce the physical and magical damage of the enemy, haste the party while slowing the enemies and give shields that absorb damage to a party member. The mystic is even able to revive those who have fallen in combat. The mystic can use daggers, rods and light armor.

Some mystic abilities: Foresight is a passive ability that allows the mystic to see the target of the next enemy's attack. Aegis Aura is a quick ability that stops all damage to the target until his turn. Angel Shield grants an ally a shield that absorbs damage and deals the absorbed damage to enemies when it fades. Flux Barrier reduces physical damage to the target by 50% for 2 rounds. Black Hole deals dark damage with a 25% chance to cause instant death. Celestial Presence is a passive ability that negates the first status effect the mystic is hit with each battle.

Ninja: The ninja is a stealthy and intelligent tactician of battle who baffles and eludes his enemies. He infuses his blades with poison, conceals his party in smoke and steals items from those who he attacks. He deals high damage through deception and speed and can even assassinate weaker enemies. The ninja can use daggers, claws, katanas, bows and medium armor.

Some ninja abilities: Subterfuge is a passive ability that gives each attack a 25% chance to steal an item. Death Touch has a 50% chance to kill or paralyze the enemy. Dragon Fist deals 125% of the ninja's normal attack damage and ignores the back row penalty. Smokescreen lowers all enemies hit chance by 25. Throw Spirit gives an ally 50% of your MP. Initial Strike is a buff that gives you a 50% chance to attack an enemy that targets you before he hits you. Shadowmask creates a 1 hit copy of the ninja that attacks on the ninja's turn that deals 75% of his damage. Each enemy that targets the ninja has a 50% chance to hit the copy instead of the ninja.

Templar: The templar is a valiant knight who uses his skills to save allies and assault foes. He shields his allies who are near him and has a massive amount of armor and health. He can wear the heaviest armor and can draw an enemy's attacks to himself. The templar can use swords, maces, axes, polearms, shields and heavy armor.

Some templar abilities: Armor Mastery is a passive ability that increases the effectiveness of armor worn by the templar by 20%. Cover is a passive ability that defends adjacent allies when they are attacked physically. The templar will not cover if he is at critical health. Cleave deals normal damage to 2 targets. Overguard is a quick action that increases defense by 30%. Shatter Armor is an attack that deals 50% damage but destroys the armor of the target if they have any. Knight's Stamina increases the templar's max health by 50%.

Leveling and Stats

Every time you level you gain 3 stat points. You can place those points in the following stats.

Strength: Strength increases damage of melee weapons. Heavy weapons are fully based on strength while light ones are halfway based on strength. Strength also increases the chance to block with a shield.

Stamina: Stamina increases HP and base defense.

Agility: Increases speed and dodge chance. Dagger and claw damage is halfway based on agility.

Dexterity: Decreases damage penalty for dual wielding. Increases hit chance and damage with ranged weapons. Whip damage is halfway based on dexterity.

Intelligence: Increases spell damage and MP. Rod and staff damage is halfway based on intelligence.

Luck: Slightly increases all rolls. Increases critical hit chance and the chance to get an item drop after battle. Gives chance to gain double exp or gold from a battle.


Rewards! Choose your level...

Stretch Goals:

$12,500 - Unique Accessory for every class received from a super Boss

$15,000 -A castle interior stage with a new tileset and exclusive enemies.

$20,000 - Additional caves, dungeons and sidequests that give more insight into the characters backstories.We will be giving more information on these as we near them in the weeks to come.


Why do you limit the beta to 75 people? Apple places limitations on the amount of devices you can distribute to without going through the App Store.

Are you using any open source software tools to make the game?Yes, we are making extensive use of Blender and Gimp in making the overworld tiles and a lot of the battle animations. We are not affiliated with these companies, but we highly recommend them as they have made our work a lot easier.

Risks and challenges

We are committed to bringing Echo Dawn out and have overcome several challenges already. The main challenges once we are funded are to finish everything on time to hit our release deadline. Some of our team is working on this project part time, other responsibilities may arise and they could have less time to devote to this project prolonging its release.

We have already evaluated our rate of work and have made the best guess we can as to when the game will be completed. If other responsibilities do arise for any team member, we are actively seeking out people who have similar skill sets to work together or, if necessary, replace them.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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