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A comedy about women who don't get married 'in time'. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 5, 2012.

A comedy about women who don't get married 'in time'.

San Francisco, CA Shorts
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Thank you Kickstarter for choosing us as a *Staff Pick*

Khsara: A comedy about women who don't get married 'in time'. (Isn't that hilarious?)


I’m Suha, an Arab-American woman making a film about a not-so-often-told, but often-experienced story: The unmarried woman past her prime.  Despite her successes in life, her lack of life’s “most important” accomplishment, a HUSBAND, leaves her with the most undesirable designation: “Khsara.  Khsara, an Arabic word, means “What a shame” “Too bad” “What a pity.” Commonly used to describe expired food left uneaten or an opportunity lost, Khsara is also applied to women

Its a universal phenomenon. In other communities khsara might be: "pickled"(Iran), "on the shelf"(Australia), "spinster" (USA), "lost the bus" (Latin America) or "Chiristmas cake" (Japan). We want to celebrate an empowered khsara sisterhood. Because really, it’s about love, not marriage.  

I am making a film

That looks at a serious topic for many women (and their oh so disappointed families) but focuses on the funny.  

The story

is about Arab-American Nisreen who struggles with tradition when her Arab boyfriend leaves her at the crucial age of twenty-nine for not being a virgin—after they have sex.

We plan to shoot the feature film next year, but first…

With your help

we will start with a short film. This spring, we will shoot the first segment of the story: a short film featuring the leading characters; cousins Nisreen and Gina and two old khsara sisters who live in their home village in Palestine and have never been touched by man.  They represent the worst-case scenario of unmarried women.

It will all be possible with your contribution. Rock on.

Why I’m telling this story:

I have always been surrounded by amazing, inspiring and accomplished women. I soon realized that my girlfriends who came from immigrant parents were most often the ones single into their thirties. It seems we live between two worlds, two cultures, where we have to spend so much of our lives figuring out who we are before we can begin to figure out who we want to share a life with.  While I was inspired by these women searching for themselves and love, I saw the community’s reaction to them was, oh, khsara, that’s too bad. What’s too bad? It seems, so often,  that only when a woman is a wife and mother is she then validated. I want to celebrate these women rather than mourn them. Through my art and filmmaking I hope to make people laugh from these universal experiences; to show that however different we may seem culturally, that we can come to a deeper understanding of one another on how we are fundamentally similar.

Join us,

Declare your khsara sisterhood, get a khsara Club Card and an Official Team Khsara Sweatband, become part of the revolution. Every bit helps. If you can give we are super grateful, if you can’t give just send some positive energy our way and we’ll run with it.

We’d like to thank

CAAM for our live pitch opportunity during the Asian American Film Festival in San Francisco and their support

The following organizations for supporting the development of the Khsara feature:


Kickstarter Promo Trailer Credits

Khsaras: Zahraa Alzubaidi, Mahnaz Damania
Genevieve: Kit Bland
D.P.: Gigi Roccati
Sound: Michael Gassert
Editor: Katie Ennis
Writer/Director: Suha Araj

Interview DP and Edit: Rini Yun Keagy


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    Crew Level. You get a thank you shout out on the Khsara website for making this project happen.

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    Khsara Level. You get exclusive sneek-peek exclusive video snippet updates during the production of the short film set in Palestine. You can see your support in action, thank you.

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    Sisterhood Level. The age when the women in the film risk expiring and losing any marriage prospects, so for $30 you get the Khsara Club Card. We are growing worldwide. Each card will be numbered and one day you can brag about how early you supported the Khsaras of the world.

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    Pickled Level. Thanks to you in the film credits plus exclusive digital photos from Palestine, taken while on the set and around the villages, it's an amazingly beautiful place. Then you get your Club Card, your Official Team Khsara Headband, and the short film.

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    Warrior Level. Be part of a key scene in Khsara the feature film to be shot in San Francisco next year. You can also send a fabulous Khsara lady in your place. (Transportation not included). The package of goodies from the other pledge amounts.

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    Nobody's Wife Level. Your generosity is very dear to us and a Special Thanks in the credits is due. You get everything else as well and we will add in 3 exclusive Khsara fitted T-shirts for the special Khsaras in your life. All the other pledge level goodies.

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    Mogul Level. Wow, that's amazing, thank you. You are an Associate Producer on the short film.

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    Gasp. Please meet us. We would like to talk to you about a feature film we're making...

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