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A month long artist residency in Prague, CZ where I will create an installation of photo-based images & digital sound compositions.
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Art Making Abounds!

Posted by Amy Theiss Giese (Creator)

Hello You Lovely Backers!

It's starting to be the home stretch here in Prague - I can't believe that I have been here for three whole weeks already!  I head home next Thursday afternoon, and I feel like I still have a ton left to do!

So, first off, rewards are in the works (woot woot!).  Those of you receiving postcards, they are cut, and I've started the drawings/makings of said items.  Each postcard will be a hand-drawn map of a location in Prague that I have spent some time at - my apartment, my studio and some of my favorite spots around the city.  I'm running with an Art Nouveau style to these things, as I've always loved that look, and everywhere you turn, there is some lovely little hint of it (there is one thrift store nearby with a hand-painted name on the window with an art nouveau font!).  I've attached some of the pencil sketches below.  

Also, for those of you receiving prints, once I'm home and all my images are organized, I'll post a gallery, and you'll have your pick of a print!

In the mean time, I've also attached a few of the new images that I'll be showing here during my open studios next week.  I think I'll have at least 4 prints, one projected video and then one sound piece.  The sound is lagging behind a bit, as I'm trying out some new things and I'm REALLY slow with these new techniques.  But hopefully, I'll post a snippet before I head back home so you guys can get a taste.

All in all, the art is really coming together, and good times are being had by all.



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