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A month long artist residency in Prague, CZ where I will create an installation of photo-based images & digital sound compositions.
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Posted by Amy Theiss Giese (Creator)

Hello Again!

So much for me posting the very next day!  Sorry about that!

To update: Twitter has been going strong, with snapshots being posted almost every day.  If you missed that link to follow me, here it is again -!/anartgeek

Also, I wanted to share an ongoing photo album of what I've been seeing around in my wanderings.  Not so much art-focused, but more me as tourist!  This gets updated far less frequently, but when it does, I download a ton of pics.  Here's the link to that -

And finally, what I really came here for - making art.  Truth be told, I forgot to give you all an update last week because I was totally derailed by my project!  I had planned on making very large cyanotypes on fabric, similar to the work that I had been making prior to this trip.  Here's the thing.  Cyanotypes require direct sunlight to really work well.  It's winter in Prague (for those of you interested in these types of things, Prague is actually further north latitudinally than Boston is, so shorter days and weaker sunlight).  Needless to say, my initial efforts have been incredibly frustrating, as I was unable to capture anything close to what I had hoped for!  

To show you some examples, I did a test before leaving, from my living room in Boston, which is the first image below (dark blue with a white border on two sides).  Then I started making tests here, and the next pic should show a lovely, yellowish wall (my studio) with a whole slew of blue-ish rectangles of fabric all over it.  Those are them.  I refer to them as my grid of blueberry blobs.  Boring.

So, I've been a bit stuck.  But today I got unstuck.  I have some new ideas I've started working on that I think is going the right direction.  Once that gets shined up a bit, I'll send along some examples and flesh it out for you.  It's gotten me excited for the work and the new direction things seem to be shifting, which is the whole point of these opportunities!  Yeah!

And I've gotten the go-ahead from Marketa, who is the curator of the galleries here at MeetFactory for my Open Studios event, which will coincide with a gallery reception here on February 1st.  We're also hoping to do an informal dinner with local curators/artists/patrons a few nights before the Open Studios, so I'm really excited about that!

I think I'm all caught up now.  Life is good, and I'm even starting to make sense of some of this Czech - I can now officially identify the word for potato on a menu (brambor) and I can almost pronounce the word for "thank you" which is Dekuji.  It's an ongoing struggle but fun none-the-less.

Signing off for now!


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