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A month long artist residency in Prague, CZ where I will create an installation of photo-based images & digital sound compositions.

Why I'm Here:

I have been accepted to a residency program in Prague, CZ!  I proposed in my application to create a new, site-specific project comprised of unique photo-based images and sound, all made at the MeetFactory, where the residency will be.  And low-and-behold, they liked the idea!!!

So now I need your help, oh lovely folks of Kickstarter, to get my butt to Prague, since those darn plane tickets are so expensive these days.  And to help me have somewhere to sleep and eat while making copious amounts of art.  And to help me buy much-needed supplies.  So that I can make new work, and share that work in an exhibition in Prague, and to share it with you.  So that's why I'm here.

What I Normally Do:

So, about me.  I'm an artist, living and working in Boston, MA.  I work primarily in photography and sound.  I make very very large black and white, silver gelatin based images.  I call them skiagrams which is Greek for "shadows written."  Like a photogram, but inverted.  No camera, just the direct recording of light and shadow onto photo paper.  Then I make a digital version of the image, translate it into numbers and take those numbers and compose a sound piece.  One big massive translation project.  I then install the skiagrams into the gallery and play the sound in the same space.

Here are some examples from a show I had recently in Hartford, CT at Real Art Ways:

There is an example of the sound work that I do included in my video about this project up there at the top of the page, if you're curious - just click "Play."

What I'm Hoping to Do:

So here's the plan.  I would love to go to Prague, and have a month where I focus on this project, making new images and working on the sound composition.  The agenda is for me to go in January, when I won't have any classes to teach.  I may be trying out new ideas - alternative process images, where I hand coat the paper, rather than buying traditional darkroom paper; capturing the light digitally through sensors rather than capturing it on paper; different scales and installation of the work, all done on the fly once I get there and can see and respond to the space.  Amazingly exciting!

What this means, is that I will be making work non-stop while there, and some of that work will be for YOU!  If you check out my rewards over there to the right, you'll see that all of them result from the work that I will do while at the MeetFactory, so it will be like you get a little piece of the experience as well!  Because if I get to go, it will be the least that I can do to show you how awesome you are.

And In Case You Are New to Kickstarter...

Here's How It Works:
All-or-nothing funding.  If I don't reach my goal of $3000, I don't get a dime, and you don't get charged a thing.  It's only if I get enough folks on board who like what I'm doing, and we reach or exceed my goal, then the fun begins!  I go to Prague, you get charged, and then I send you cool art stuff.  Good times had by all!


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    For ALL Backers of this project, I will give you a behind the scenes look into how I make my images and sound, and also keep you updated on all that goes on at the residency in Prague.

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    A "Thank You" postcard will be sent to you from Prague

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    A signed 5x7 print (unframed, open edition) from the newly minted project

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    Postcard from Prague + a digital download MP3 excerpt of the sound piece that I create while at the residency

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    Postcard from Prague + MP3 + Limited edition, signed 8x10 print (unframed) of work created while in Prague

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    Postcard from Prague + Limited edition 8x10 print + CD of sound piece in a custom made case

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    Postcard from Prague + I will make you a unique, one-of-a-kind, photo-based image while in Prague [this may be on silver paper or an antique photographic process, and the size will vary, but minimally an 11x14]

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    the "I Want It All" package: Postcard + Limited edition 8x10 print + Custom CD + Unique Image (combine the rewards for $100 level with the $250 level and presto-chango, voila!)

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    You rock. You will receive the $500 reward plus an invitation to my studio to view the installation work created while in Prague in person (studio is in Boston, MA)

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