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If my glasses are so rosy-pink why are yours still B&W's video poster

Fashion Performance Art: between the showroom of a kinky couture fashion show room and a drug induced dance party. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 15, 2012.

Fashion Performance Art: between the showroom of a kinky couture fashion show room and a drug induced dance party.

About this project

It is a living piece of art. A metaphor to how I feel about  honesty, and the objectification of morality in black and white. It will be a space painted with an elaborate architectural realm of its own, making a set for this analogy to life to play out upon. 

Everything is black and white. 

A figure wearing a spandex suit of black and white stripes.

on either side two figures wearing fake fur coats made of threads made into tassels and then sewn onto two jackets. 

 I am a person with a story. My love for people and the narrative of my life are what often direct my art and my designs for garments and accessories. 

Being young I am still finding out how I relate to making clothes....and really who I am as a person. 

 i want to tell that story through metaphors using garment in an illusionary 'set.'  Space and garment is intrinsically related to how we live our lives. Context! I believe context to be what the relationship of these two elements boil down to.  

A little bit of writing about the content of the installation:

        I work from a visceral place, informed by living and seeing my world around me.  I see a piece long before I ever begin to understand it. It was the same with this one. 

My installations are an enveloping new world, telling a story, much like a parable or fable, in which there is a message imbedded within. Those messages come from my life and the observations I feel as I live it. It flows from me in once single thought, often in a flood of emotions that I struggle to make sense of. Thus, it is often difficult to distill what the real meaning is behind the chaotic piecing together of all the social identifiers, trying to retell the story through an installation and costume. It wasn't until one word hit me that I was able to make sense of anything. I attempt to use the sense of conflict, confusion in myself in my artwork, imbedding it with the same illusive ambiguity of its originally impetus form inside.

Honesty. It is the word giving me a foothold into the content of my commencement installation. 

I cannot make art come to life without passion in the content, and I cannot understand what my heart sees without the aid of honesty; therefor, there is not passion without honesty. It is the very essence of all of us. It gives us the choice to really get to know what is in ourselves.  I let myself have a conversation with myself. It struck me as ironic  To open up and say, "this is what it means!"  To drop all fear from the process, hedge my bets and throw the dice. 

To be honest with yourself, you become aware of your shortcomings. It is a fear found in all life. To know the truth. To be able to see in black and white. No one wants that. Or at least that it what society has come to tell us is the case. When in actuality the truth lies in a scheme of values on the black and white truth scheme of moral values. It is difficult to make decisions when religion, friends, or family tell you  its all black and white. In actually life is a drawing and the rage of value is based on the perspective.  The overly simplified dichotomy often attempts correcting societal stereotypes both in race and in gender, but fails. It is up to us to discover our own set of values in-between the black and white in our own lives, no one else can do it for us. Thus my installation is a  surreal portrayal of my dealing with all the untouchable emotion in life. The opposites. The truth in the untruth. The honesty.  

I have seen it in all my drawings; everything is about contrast; it is about the parts of our humanity that we try to hide. The walls we build up time and time again so that we do not have to see the monsters that are staring us in the face every morning when we look in the mirror. Gender and family being my monster. What is yours?


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    The two fake fur coats are made from a system of tassels sewn onto coat that I designed.

    you will receive one tassel from the fake fur coats

    it may be black or it may be white.

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    A copy of the inspirational drawing that was made before I started to make the piece.

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    The ORIGINAL! copy of the drawing of the installation!

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