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The hosts of The Voice Box on WUNH are trying to record the first ever UNH A Cappella compilation album. Check out the excitement!
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Sean Matthews

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That there be the Gents!

As the night gets longer, my updates seem to get stranger...

Well, at least they do to my eyes. Maybe it's just that as I post these, I'm starting to feel like old friends with each person reading this. Even though that may not be true at all. Hello new friend, welcome to ACAllective Sound!

With each of these updates I try to bring some interesting tidbit to the table. Well, here's one...

Can we possibly be laying the blueprint for future Collegiate A Cappella groups?

I'd say something like that. We at The Voice Box on WUNH, and a few of the A Cappella alumni that I know, are throwing around some ideas of trying to get A CAllective Sound up and running, as a grassroots locally-based collegiate a cappella production outfit.

What that essentially means is that, if we can put together a good model of funding and production, we could possibly see different A CAllective Sound teams spring around America to routinely go around to different colleges. One per year. Because here's a truth: when it comes to musical ability and talent, we are so totally over-saturated with the idea that there are only a few top stars and talents in the world... when in reality, we are probably sitting within a 10 mile radius of someone whose voice could move you to tears.

Furthermore, most of the people supporting this album are going to be friends and family of the group members themselves. And why not? It means more to them! Their subjective appreciation for the album makes it so much more worth it, because they're investing in an experience for their friend or loved one. 

Okay, I'm done waxing poetic or philosophic. Here's the Gents. They're great. I love this song. Hope you smile.

Peace, love, and tomfoolery always,

~Sean Matthews
UNH ACAllective Sound Album
Executive Producer