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The mPrinter is a small thermal printer that prints dynamic snippets of information we call mPrints.
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Battery add-on update

Posted by Andy Muldowney (Creator)

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Approaching the Home Stretch

Posted by Andy Muldowney (Creator)

Current Timeline

As some astute backers might note, we were supposed to have production samples cases in hand last week.  However, there was a slight communication issue with our Chinese factory in regards to what the difference between a "day" and "business day" is.  After some discussion, they have told us they will have the samples available sometime next week.  That puts our scheduled delivery of the end of this month off by up to two weeks.  I sincerely apologize for the delays, and we are doing everything possible to get units out the door as soon as we can.

To make up for that delay, we are investigating the viability and cost difference of air shipping the cases instead of shipping them by sea.  When the cases do arrive, the other components are ready for the final assembly and we will begin shipping out units within 1-2 days.

Injection Molds

Despite the slight delay, the molds are looking good.  They have moved onto the polishing and final assembly to prepare them for molding.  Attached is a sample photo of one-half of the light ring mold in progress last week.

Battery Availability

We received the final battery samples and are now offering them for sale.  The battery pack offers over 50 hours of standby time, and power for approximately 1,000 prints (depending on the print content).  It can be charged via the AC adapter included with your printer.  The upgrade includes both the battery and the charging circuitry.  Currently, you must order this with your printer.  We are not offering it as an add-on at this time.

Add a battery to your mPrinter by visiting the store and make sure to enter coupon code "KICKSTARTER" for free shipping and to include the battery in your main shipment.

Please note:  We cannot ship batteries via the US Postal Service.  If you are a non-US customer, please contact us directly and we will provide the shipping price difference to upgrade to FedEx or DHL shipping.

Print Speed

After making some firmware optimizations, we've significantly increased both the downloading and printing time of content.  A video showing the new print speed is attached.

AC Adapter Survey

Later today, a survey will be going out for all backers to select the type of AC adapter they would like.  If we don't receive a response by April 19th, you will receive a US adapter.  These are switch-mode power supplies, so they will work on 110-240V, only the physical tip differs.

Website and Support

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.  You are welcome to signup, browse, and generate content on our beta website at  On the left hand side of that page, there is also a "Support Chat" section where you can chat with us live.

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Miss out or want another printer? Pre-order now. Also, check out these neat mPrints users are making!

Posted by Andy Muldowney (Creator)

Greetings everyone!

First, a quick update.  Production of the various components continues and is on track for shipping towards the end of April, as noted in previous updates.  We are working hard to have an exact price on the optional battery upgrade, which we should have next week.  One obstacle to overcome  is international shipping of LiPo batteries.  The US Postal Service, by far the most cost effective option, does not legally allow shipping of products containing LiPo battery packs.  We are assessing a few options and will have more information soon.

Miss out on backing mPrinter or want another printer?  Pre-orders or additional printers available!

If you were unable to be part of of the Kickstarter project, or would simply like to order an additional printer in the first production run, you may do so at the mPrinter Store.  If you had previously contacted us about an additional printer at a specific pledge amount, please contact us directly.

Beta website access

In case you missed it, the website to make and preview mPrints is live and kicking.  Although still in beta, we have lots of of our samples as well as other users making content.   The beta is now open to anyone - you can sign up at  We have live chat support where you can get help writing mPrint code or ask us any other questions.

So far, we've had several dozen very cool mPrints released with dozens more in development.  Just a few of the current mPrints include recipe printers, news updates, transit schedules, weather, comics, and image printing.

Thanks for backing the project, and we'll have more information on the exact shipping dates in the coming weeks.

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Website beta access

Posted by Andy Muldowney (Creator)
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Updated shipping estimate, website preview, and more

Posted by Andy Muldowney (Creator)

Greetings everyone.  I wanted to take a few minutes to provide a few updates.

Estimated Shipping Update

We had a few hiccups getting production of the injection molds started.  There were some slight issues with one of the plastic parts, and some communication issues to overcome (we're working with a Chinese vendor).  Everything was sorted out, and they've been working on the molds for several weeks now.  We expect the final samples to be provided to us the first week in April so we can give the green light on producing the first full batch (which only takes 1-2 days).  After that, the completed cases will be shipped to us for final assembly with the print head and circuit boards.  Based on the timeline we've currently been provided, we will start shipping the last week of April.  We're pushing the injection molder as hard as possible to speed up any part of the process we can.

I'm attaching a rendering of the printer.  This was done for the injection molders to see which faces of the six plastic pieces are visible, and where they can place the sprues and gates for the plastic to flow into the molds.

In the meantime, we are taking to opportunity to continue extending website and API functionality, and refining the firmware.

Website Beta Access

Tomorrow, March 12th, we'll be sending out an invitation to all backers to let them signup for beta website access to begin generating content.  This includes some of our sample mPrints, as well the ability to create and share your own and view how they will look printed in a special preview generator.

The site is still in beta, so we do ask that anyone using the it please take that into consideration and submit bug reports where applicable.  Contingent upon response, we may cut-off the beta at a specific number of users.

Additional Pre-ordering

Within the next few days we will be offering pre-orders for customers who missed out on the Kickstarter, or backers who would like to add another mPrinter.  We'll provide an additional update when available.

Thanks for backing the project, and we'll be providing more updates as soon as possible.  As always, feel free to contact us directly with any questions.

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