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The mPrinter is a small thermal printer that prints dynamic snippets of information we call mPrints.
706 backers pledged $88,018 to help bring this project to life.

Increasing shipments

Posted by Andy Muldowney (Creator)

As noted in the last update, we are transitioning from making the circuit boards in-house, to using a third-party circuit board assembly company. We just received the first batch of 150 completed units. These printers will be going out over the next three weeks.

We have another 400 units, enough to fulfill all remaining pledges and have excess inventory available, scheduled for delivery the second week of January. Currently, our estimates put our timeline for completing shipments to all backers some time in February.

Please watch your email for up for shipping updates to confirm your pledge and shipment details.  As always, thanks for supporting the project and we look forward to everyone having mPrinters in their hands.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Erik Parker

      I'm guessing this is just a ploy to sell more vaporware batteries. Considering the last update was 14+ months ago and said:

      "We have another 400 units, enough to fulfill all remaining pledges and have excess inventory available, scheduled for delivery the second week of January [of 2014]"..

      Would love to be surprised, but have no reason to think otherwise.

    2. Daniel Amos on
      Layer San Francisco Meetup
      470 Alabama, SF CA
      Monday, January 26, 2015

      Andy may be at this event for his new job, if someone is in the San Francisco area, you should confront him and record it.

    3. Missing avatar


      Can we get our money back???

    4. Melvin Chia on

      *sigh* this was a good idea while it lasted.. now it seems we're never going to get the printer.. and such a product still doesn't exist in the open market..

    5. Missing avatar

      Jamie Welch on

      That's the main project comments section.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jamie Welch on

      See the comments section for information on how to file a complaint about this with the Texas attorney general. We are looking for solidarity from the backers on this to get some restitution from this guy.

    7. Patrick Gibson on

      Glad I'm not alone in the void that is communication from this guy...

    8. Missing avatar

      Dave Bradbury on

      I have personally written to this guy again. I have recommended to him that he advises the people that had faith in his product to give a communication at the very least of how the project failed. He has done a good job of making himself known in the online community & it is not hard to find him. The most annoying item of this whole 2 year saga is that the mPrinter website is still saying the product is for sale, so he is still canvassing potential clients with what seems to be no intention of delivering on goods. This is fraudulent behaviour that I would like KickStarter to look at to assist their clients in a disappointing campaign

    9. Daniel Kummer on

      Quite vexing not receiving anything until now after believing and supporting the idea...

    10. Arnaud Strasser on

      Receved nothing...

    11. skypax on

      @Daniel Fowler:

      With all due respect but you can go F yourself including all other backers (and there are many) that are on the same boat with this sort of mentality.

      The guy raised x8 his initial goal (excluding all the extra $$$) he asked for afterwards for battery packs. There is absolutely no excuse for him to deliver jack squat after nearly 2 years since the campaign ended.

      We did not invest and bought shares into mPrinter LLC! We funded his idea to raise money so he can develop/produce the product and deliver the goods in return. So this is BY NO MEANS a crap shoot or "like a casino" many have called it so that we should be OK that he went away with over $90K.

      Given the level of detail he managed to pull off to convince everyone the thing was happening he is a down right scam artist and a thief especially considering he went on to a legal battle soon after the campaign was funded and wasnt transparent about it.

      He should have returned the money to all backers at the very least over a year ago.

      There is no excuse and this is not a roulette game. PERIOD.

    12. Daniel S. Fowler on

      Investing in start ups is never going to be a 100% certainty. Hopefully Andy will explain everything one day.……

    13. Phillip M.

      Forget it folks. This guys is a thief and in legal trouble. don't expect a printer... EVER.…

    14. Rom on

      Still have not received mine. Any news?

    15. Chris DaMour on

      anyone know the status of this thing?

    16. Phillip M.

      Yup. Looks like Andy won't be providing us with anything ever. He hasn't logged on since this update. Oh well. Money wasted.

    17. Thomas Daugaard on

      I don't understand the people screaming about refunds. There will never be a refund for a kickstarter project that has progressed to far as mPrinter has.

      I would very much love to get my mPrinter, but there isn't anything to do but wait and attempt communication with Andy.

    18. Duncan Hudson on

      I've sent you 3 emails, you've responded to none. Thinking you just took the money and ran. No chance of ever getting this thing, right?

    19. Varun Nangia on

      "We have another 400 units, enough to fulfill all remaining pledges and have excess inventory available, scheduled for delivery the second week of January. Currently, our estimates put our timeline for completing shipments to all backers some time in February."

      So it's end March with no sign of the printer. Do you intend to ship this?

    20. Thomas BOURKE

      Hi andy... never received any shipping notification :(

    21. Phillip M.

      I haven't received anything. Heck I got "Doom that came to Atlantic City" which the original guy who took the money before this project.

      Any new eta?

    22. Missing avatar

      Daniel Lacy on

      I've moved twice since this project got funded and still haven't received my printer. Just get it over with and ship everyone's units man. If this project is a burden to you, then it'll be all out of sight, out of mind. Otherwise tell us you failed so we can stop asking.

    23. Missing avatar

      Brendon Kozlowski on

      Andy, it's been nearly 3 months which is almost a month over your average update cycle. If you could provide an update on what's been proceeding, what the current stage is, and where things are at, it would be appreciated - even if it's that nothing's really been done due to personal issues. An update is still an update. Nothingness is just rather rude considering the ideals of Kickstarter. Thanks!

    24. Kirpa Singh Gulati

      If you guys aren't shipping or not planning, the least you could do is issue a refund. If they can ship out immediately though, I might just be willing to wait. But that doesn't seem likely given the lack of updates from your end. You need to come out with a few answers real soon guys...we're still here, and we're still waiting for the golden egg to make it home. Make it happen...

    25. Missing avatar

      Uwe Beggerow on

      some information will be nice.

      bad news is better than nothing

    26. HUGO TELLEZ on

      Wtf is going on ??? Nothing from u!!! No updates, no comment replies ??? Wtf r u doin????

    27. Thomas Schneider on

      Are you serious? It's been shipping 'in the next few weeks' for over a year now. I get that this is not your normal shopping-order and I don't expect it to be, but if somebody gives you money you should tell them what's really going on. Just some 'we are switching parts' message is not gonna cut it anymore. Inform your investors about what's really going on and if you can't make it, then it's time to give out some refunds. This project has had some real problems and everybody here wants to know what is going on.

      And by the way: Completing shipments in february? Well maybe my internet is broken but I can't seem to find any reviews from people receiving their printers...

    28. Missing avatar

      Nicolai Kloch Lorits on

      I'd like to note that this month marks the one-year anniversary for the original estimated delivery date. Yay...

    29. HUGO TELLEZ on

      When are u going to ship the printers??? U dont make any updated since forever !!! WRF ?!?!?!

    30. James Blackwell on

      when can i expect my printer?

    31. Missing avatar

      Youngsuk Kim on

      Only one answer REFUND!

    32. Missing avatar

      Eddy G

      At this point I'd like a refund as well. Please advise on how to make that happen.

    33. Adil Ahmed on

      Have not yet received mine. Waiting with lot of eagerness. God bless.

    34. Missing avatar

      JackAscii on

      Still looking for a refund as well.

    35. Tadashi on

      Please comment about the refund. Most investors are tired.

    36. Missing avatar

      JackAscii on

      @Brendon and @Edmund - I agree with both of you. It's a risk, but I see nothing wrong with venting when there is little to no communication. It also seems convenient that as soon as we backers begin to organize in our efforts to not be taken, a update appears. Me, I just want my money back. I will continue to send daily emails to kickstarter. But please don't take this as an angry email at both of you . It's the exact opposite - I agree with you.

    37. Missing avatar

      Brendon Kozlowski on

      Actually, Daniel, I found Edmund's response helpful. Kickstarter is a place for backing projects that you believe in, it's not a store for physical items. If a backer pledge level happens to include a physical product, it's usually beneficial for both parties (esp. when fulfilled) - but again, Kickstarter is not a store. We are all micro-funders. Very often ventures that are funded are unsuccessful.

      I'm disappointed in how this project has progressed (since I believe[d] in it), but I also know/knew that there was a chance for nothing to come from it.

      Andy, thank you for keeping us updated. Happy holidays!

    38. Jerish Brown on

      Thanks for the update, Andy! Can't wait to get mine.

    39. Daniel Amos on

      You're helping no one here Edmund.

    40. Edmund Wong on

      I highly doubt that mPrinter will be exchangeable for monetary refund, since if production really does resume after that lawsuit fiasco, Andy & wife would return to fulfilling the pledges from backers as per originally agreed during the project funding period.
      And before anyone goes on a rant again, there's nothing on Kickstarter that says backers can expect a refund if pledge-fulfillment resumes. And whatever arrangement that does happen has to be mutually agreed between backer and project creator (since obviously the creator initiates the refund anyway). Objectively speaking, as long as the rewards are shipped and arrives with the backer, all mPrinter LLC has to do now is repair their damaged reputation from the legal mess and come back to supporting their backers as originally intended.
      For what it's worth, it's good to finally see the whole project returning back to fulfillment mode, if true.

    41. Evaristo Ramos on

      Thank you for the update Mr. Andy, please keep at it!

    42. Missing avatar

      JackAscii on

      I also would simply like a refund instead of the printer. Can you refund my purchase Andy?

    43. Joe H on

      Amazing how every update is always just a "few more weeks." Its been what? 3 months now that this transition has been in the works?

    44. Binoy Xavier Joy on

      Not helping! Post something solid.

    45. Daniel Amos on

      Since you don't answer your emails I will ask here, can I have my refund already? I don't want an mprinter. Save yourself the effort and just give me my money back.