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The mPrinter is a small thermal printer that prints dynamic snippets of information we call mPrints.
706 backers pledged $88,018 to help bring this project to life.

We're nearly there

Posted by Andy Muldowney (Creator)

First, I'd like to thank everyone for the patience.  As noted in previous updates, the delays in the case manufacturing have caused some timeline issues.  I truly appreciate your support of the project.

Case and injection molding update

There were some small mold issues - mostly screw holes that weren't fully formed.  All of those have been fixed, and the molds have had the appropriate textures applied.  I have been told that they will be doing the final test case with the proper plastics (ABS and polycarbonate) on Friday.  Once approved, the first run should only take 1-2 days, and may be happening as early as the beginning of next week.  As noted previously, we will be shipping a portion of the cases by air in order to start final assembly and shipping.  The rest will be shipped by sea.

Circuit board assembly

From over 20,000 screws to 6,000 rubber feet, we have everything ready for final assembly in hand and ready to go.  We are awaiting the final panelized circuit boards, which should be arriving early next week.  We'll be sure to make a video of the pick and place assembly of the units.


Although the manufacturing delays are unfortunate, they've allowed us to refine the firmware and software quite a bit.  A bootloader is software code that resides on the internal microcontroller of the printer and allows you to update it when we release new versions.  In addition to the primary bootloader on the main processor, we've added a secondary bootloader to the ARM CPU that controls the print head.  This will allow us to update all aspects of the printer if we find bugs after release, or to simply add new features.

Currently, we have working client-side applications for OSX, Windows, and iOS.  The applications allow you to print content, update firmware, and configure the wireless settings of the printer.  Linux and Android versions are planned as soon as possible.


Based on test runs, we expect our output to be about 50 units per day.  We will be shipping out units to early bird backers first, then all other backers in random order.  You will be able to track shipping status on the website.

Updates in the coming weeks

As the final shipping date approaches, I will try to post more frequent updates at least once every few days.  I don't receive emails when someone posts a comment or contacts me via Kickstarter, so please reach out via email to for the quickest reply possible.  I am happy to answer any and all questions, and do my best to reply to emails within a few hours during the day.

I got great feedback on the video updates, and am working on another one to post early next week.

As usual, thank you for backing mPrinter.  Without you, this project wouldn't have been possible.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Alban on

      The new video? :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Alban on

      Thanks a lot for the update Andy! Can't wait to try it out! By the way, any developer for mPrints of Endomondo workouts? It would be so great!

    3. Craig Dunn

      Random order IS a little unusual, but Andy may have a reason for it that makes sense.... In the grand scheme of things, at 50 units/day (assuming things don't get progressively faster with repetition and experience) we're only looking at 2-3 weeks tops for the full production run for backers to be completed....3 weeks is if he's smart and takes the weekends off. :-)

      We've waited this long, so if an extra week or two puts you a little closer or further from the front of the line, its not a huge deal.... I was not in the bleeding edge tier, but I got in right after that and ultimately backed for two units (one for family use, one for development purposes). Even if I'm at the end of the line, I figure all the kinks will have been worked out of the assembly process by then.

      My only REAL concern is that there is lag between when the air-shipped enclosures are "consumed" during production and when the sea-freight remainder arrive....causing a potential gap in production. THEN being at the end of the line could potentially have impact....but I assume Andy has calculated what he needs on hand by air versus when the canoe paddled batch arrives to achieve a seamless supply chain.

    4. Gui Ambros on

      Yay! Thanks for the upgrade, can't wait to hack and play with mPrinter. Agree that order of backing would be more fair -- even though I'm not a very early backer, but still would be better for those that believed in the project and helped to spread the word initially.

    5. Varun Nangia on

      Why random order? Why not in order of backing? Isn't that more fair, though I realize fair is a four-letter f-word?

    6. Missing avatar

      Keagan on

      Thanks for the update, can't wait to get the mPrinter in my hands.