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The mPrinter is a small thermal printer that prints dynamic snippets of information we call mPrints.
Created by

Andy Muldowney

706 backers pledged $88,018 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Brian Loomis on May 7

      Will these printers ever ship? I have moved twice since ordering this and am now in a different state! Can I update the "Ship-To"?

    2. Creator Laren W. on May 1

      okay, some people may read it already. Anyway mPrinter was mentioned in an illustration.

      ZPM Espresso and the Rage of the Jilted Crowdfunder
      What happens when a Kickstarter project fails to launch?…

    3. Creator Laren W. on April 28

      Just read the article through a link from Daring Fireball

      CST-01: $1M Kickstarter With Nothing to Show

      I kind of agreed Gruber's comment "Crowdfunded products are gambles, especially hardware ones."

    4. Creator Jose Marcos on April 8

      At some level I had made peace before you wrote again and started making new promises!... Now you've just reminded me how angry and disappointed I was before!!! $100 - $200 bucks won't make any of us richer or poorer, it's a matter or principles and values. Shame on you for taking what's not your's.

    5. Creator Ken Nickerson on April 3

      Ship Date Andy? It's sort-of, part-of the deal.

    6. Creator Yukihisa on March 30

      I found you! Please give me mPrinter, too!!

    7. Creator Garrett Weathers on March 17

      Been waiting 3 years nothing yet ... Still waiting. Guys I don't think it's going to get here.

    8. Creator Skypax on March 4

      @Branden Wachtel

      Yeah no one.

    9. Creator Branden Wachtel on February 27

      Anyone get theirs?

    10. Creator James Botham on February 22

      Backer #45 here and no notification or printer. Thanks Andy!! I do really hope this mess follows you!

    11. Creator Skypax on February 16

      @Joe H

      Like I said this is a damage control update. He won't ship everyone what they paid for because he is a scammer.
      I wonder when will some people wake up.

      Spread this everywhere!

    12. Creator Joe H on February 14

      So only one extra person has received theirs? Is that what I'm hearing?

    13. Creator Remco Wijbenga on February 13

      I think a call or e-mail to amazon fulfillment services should give us an answer....

    14. Creator Jelmer Voogel on February 13

      I'm afraid @Laren W. is going to be right about the foreign backers, I sort of gave up already a long time ago.

    15. Creator Skypax on February 12

      @Laren W.
      I am with you on this. This random update after over a year is more than suspicious especially after having him fired from his job recently.

      Also I don't know if you noticed but in this latest update he did mention the "legal delays". And that's because we found out already ourselves. Funnily enough he didn't bother update us on this aaall this time.

      Like I mentioned before, I think this is just another damaged control update. He will sent it to just a few people to report back and say "i got mine!" but thats about it.

      Not all 706 of us will get anything.

      Also providing an update after all this time and still ignoring personal messages or the public comments section, doesn't help either.

      Bottomlne if he was grateful to the people that gave him money to kickstart his project and if he respected their investment, he would communicateat the very least.

    16. Creator Skypax on February 12

      @Kevin Cooney
      Hehe...with pleasure :)

    17. Creator Kevin Cooney on February 12

      @skypax, if I ever need a Priviate Investigater, I'm going to give you a call. You have some serious skills.

      @all, Here's a photo of a crossword mPrint:…

      In my opinion, it shows that:
      1. The resolution is pretty good. Those are some small letters/numbers, and they're readable.
      2. The print quality is not perfect. The left side is definitely missing some fill, particularly in the solid black areas.

      I also had one mPrint go a bit berserk and keep spitting out paper. I had to unplug the printer. But it was an mPrint I wrote, so it may be my fault :)

    18. Creator John Wang on February 12

      Andy, you really need to take some time to address us as backers here. You can't just post up an update that hardly provides information to people, then disappear again. That's not going to help your situation any. If anything, it'll just aggravate it.

    19. Creator Laren W. on February 12

      Except Kevin, anyone else received the printer after Andy posted his latest update on Feb 5th ? Since Andy mentioned "The first wave of shipments will go out as early as next week"
      I really doubt if we, the foreign backers will ever receive the printer.

    20. Creator Skypax on February 12

      @Kevin Cooney
      Nope you didn't mention it here :)

      @David Hancock
      Thanks for the pro tip there (i don't really need it).

    21. Creator Kevin Cooney on February 11

      I'll be damned. I tried my mPrinter on a different wifi network (tethered to my phone, actually), and it actually worked! I just printed the crossword, the weather, and directions.

      So it seems it just doesn't like my house's internet connection for some reason.

    22. Creator David Hancock on February 11

      @skypax Well, I haven't received mine yet. It might pay you to read the information on kickstarter here:

    23. Creator Kevin Cooney on February 11

      @skypax No offense taken. Though I wouldn't say that all is dandy. The printer doesn't work without the website working, so I'm still in the same boat as everyone else, except maybe I have the printer to use as an anchor :)

      Out of curiosity, how'd you know I posted on Reddit? Did I mention that here?

    24. Creator badger on February 11

      btw. Is there some way how to contact Andy and get some response? Does anybody have some hint? I don't want to complain, just ask a few questions about opensource promises and things like that. If it get's opensource It will most likely motivate me to try debug and fix the firmare.

    25. Creator badger on February 11

      Please not that most of the people that actually received their mPrinter are quite unhappy as well.
      I pulled it out of the box yesterday for give it a try again and out of five mprints none went out as expected.
      There are gaps in the print, missing pieces of print,grey areas where it should be black, overheated head causing the pieces of image getting too dark, etc.

    26. Creator Skypax on February 11

      Also since you mentioned Kevin let me tell you that up until a week or so ago Kevin was trying to find Andy's whereabouts on Reddit.

      Obviously now he got his mPrinter so now all is dandy.

      No offence to Kevin but just saying since you mentioned his name.

      When you are out of pocket you do whatever you can obviously.

    27. Creator Skypax on February 11

      @David Hancock

      Easy to say that when you have actually received the item that you paid for whereas the rest 98% of the backers have not actually received anything a year and a half on.

      I'd be as respectful and considerate as you are, if I had my mPrinter already like you do and didn't think my money went to the scammer's pocket instead.

      Also communication doesn't cost anything and Andy never spoke to the backers about what's happening.

      He just dissappeared from the face of the earth over a year ago (from facebook, twitter, mPrinter site, Kickstarter etc.) and showed up just now as if nothing had changed basically repeating what he said last time "ramping up shipping".

      Not being able to use your social accounts freely because the people you ripped off still cyber stalk you and cause you grief must suck bad I guess.

      So yeah please enjoy the item that you actually paid and but let us be the bad guys.

    28. Creator David Hancock on February 10

      I think it's good to be positive, I spent a lot of time coding some stuff for the printer and learn't a lot in the process, my printout was featured on the image of the API printouts that went out. It's good to hear some people like Kevin have recently received their printers and I think the best thing is to hope that as what Melinda said, maybe he is going to redeem himself. I track many technology projects and approximately 30% don't make the light of day. When the rest do eventuate under 10% are delivered on time. So, be respectful and considerate and let's hope it all comes to fruition!

    29. Creator Skypax on February 10

      Unless many backers start reporting back that they actually got their mPrinter I have a feeling that Andy might be sending just a few random units to people (especially those that post here often) to give the impression that orders are being fulfilled. Like he did last time and only sent it to a handful of people...

    30. Creator Yukihisa on February 10

      When do you ship my mPrinter? If there is tracking number, please let me know.

    31. Creator badger on February 9

      btw.. in the past I made a driver for CUPS for Linux (and maybe for MAC as well, but I didn't try) if somebody interested:

    32. Creator badger on February 9

      Heh.. maybe I'll try to find mine, wipe of a dust and give it a try... and find it stops in the middle of the printing, and if not that there are grey stripes in the print etc. I'm looking forward that somebody from the new owners will tell that this was significantly improved during the "silent year".

    33. Creator badger on February 9

      ok, I'll give it a try.. mprinter forum again online.. untill somebody tryies to hack it again.
      I hope most of the old content is there.

    34. Creator Kevin Cooney on February 6

      @Skypax, I got a shipping notification on 2/3, and it arrived yesterday, 2/5. I didn't order a battery pack.

    35. Creator Skypax on February 6

      @Kevin Cooney

      Did you actually receive any shipping/delivery notification or did it just arrive?

      Also, assuming you got the battery pack did you receive that too?

    36. Creator Kevin Cooney on February 6

      I should add that the hardware seems pretty solid. It's bigger than I thought it would be. Changing the paper roll is simple (you don't need to put an axle in the roll or anything). Just drop in and go, basically. The LED indicators are bright, though the colors vary a bit depending on the viewing angle. The button is rather wobbly, but fine.

      I'll post some pictures tonight.

    37. Creator Kevin Cooney on February 6

      My mPrinter arrived!

      But the good news ends here... So far I haven't been able to get it to connect to my WiFi network, though. The instructions were clear enough, but after doing the AdHoc connection and configuring it to connect my home Wifi, it isn't able to connect to that network after it restarts. I tried my WEP and my WPA networks several times each (though they're the same router). I'm curious if others have any issues.

      It was able to print out a network status printout, so I did get to see it print something at least. The first two characters of each row don't print clearly, though.

      I'll withhold judgement for a while, until I see if I can get it working on Wifi, and if the starts working again.

    38. Creator Skypax on February 5

      Since it was removed I'll post it again.

      Spread it all over the internet.

      That's the only sense scammers and liars comprehend.

    39. Creator Skypax on February 5

      @Melinda M Sorte

      But of course! That's what scammers do...

      They wake up one day, years after they have scammed you, and come back to redeem themselves.

      Not only will he send us the mPrinters but he will also issue full refunds to everyone plus interest.

      Wake up people. He has not engaged in a single comment over here with the backers for TWO AND HALF YEARS now.

    40. Creator Melinda M Sorte on February 5

      Is it possible he's preparing to redeem himself?

    41. Creator John Wang on February 5

      I'm hopeful, but not that hopeful. It's too much of a coincidence that after a large push towards his employers that he's just getting everything back on track. There's no way to verify the age of the photos- for all we know, they could have been from the end of 2013 before he plunged into development hell. Honestly, I would just like to hear directly from him if the project failed or not. Everyone knows the risk of Kickstarter-you help them kickstart. if they're able to produce the item, then that's great. If not, then they should come forth and own up. I'm sure people would be much more forgiving to see their investment was spent towards the production, and ended up going bust, rather than the person fleeing with the money or trying to hide. It's poor judgement of capability, not poor judgement of character, in this case.

      There are many issues regarding the printer. Even if we do receive it, where are the apps for support? I don't see an apk for connecting my phone to the printer. How am I supposed to connect to it or send information to it? My main purpose was to send quick notes and reminders to my desktop at home when I'm out and about, so I have something physical to reference once I'm back. I don't see anything in development for it. Maybe it already exists but it was such a long time ago I forgot. Not to mention, Android and iOS have both gone through several OS rehauls- is anything still compatible (if already developed).

      Andy, you need to do more to convince us that this project is alive. Actually talk back to the community. Do you have an NDA about the lawsuit? Can you post an update VIDEO showing parts? You need to network with your investors, otherwise this nightmare of yours will continue to get worse.

    42. Creator Yukihisa on February 5

      He has disappeared...

    43. Creator Mike Ruiz on February 5

      Not to be negative, but I'll believe it when I get a package in the mail. Or packages, since the battery packs are shipping separately? At this point I'd question the actual physical production quality of the units as well.

      Also, as stated below, these printers need a fully developed online support system which no longer exists.

      Again, I'm coming at this realistically, and not to be a downer but Andy has left many backers (myself included) with zero faith he's going to deliver anything of quality for the money we provided and he misused for this project.

    44. Creator Frank Kelly on February 4

      I must say I agree with Skypak's comments. That said I would still want to hear from Andy on what happen. If he does not explain this then by default he has confirmed our suspicions.

    45. Creator Skypax on February 4

      Before everyone starting to get excited all over again that Andy eventually showed signs of life after over a year I'd like to say this to all fellow backers.

      a) After TWO AND A HALF years since this project was funded and following everything that unfolded here in the comments, with us having to investigate and find out about the lawsuit and all the rest, I would bet that most people couldn't care less about the mPrinter anymore. I bet many would want a refund at this point. If he is honest he will offer refunds.

      b) After having lost his credibility and reputation with all the lies upon lies, after he put his company's reputation on the line as well as his family's he just decided now at this point in time to communicate? His name online has become synonymous with a scammer. Just Google his name and take a gander at the results. This is definitely not a coincidence.

      c) If he had a genuine reason for all this (for the sake of the argument) like he says "After a series of legal, manufacturing, and other delays" why on earth (to put it mildly) did he not let us know all this time? Why didn't he come clean? He just wanted to keep the money and not anger all the backers. Right?

      d) Even if we all get the mPrinters at this point in time who guarantees we won't be getting an incomplete product with issues or even worse a paperweight? Is everyone willing to wait and see? The mPrinter website with the mPrints is pretty much abandoned. It's not like we can use it as a plug and play printer. I

      e) Why did he start selling it to third parties at the time for profit (when suposedly it wasn't yet a finished product) way before any of the people that BACKED this project and made it possible manage to get one (those few that did). Either he was lying it's wasn't ready or he just didn't give a rat's ass about the backers and only made unit to sell elsewhere. Hint: Both!

      e) Following all the complaints to the Attorney General that most people filed against him why didn't he come clean ummm I don't know a year ago maybe?

      f) Last but not least, until all 706 of us receive what we paid for some time SOON, I wouldn't hold my breath that this is not just another damage control update following the past few comments here and the fact we managed to get him sacked and ridicule him. After all, his previous update was titled "Increasing shipments" and he was mentioning that everything is "scheduled for delivery the second week of January" (2014 that is).

      Just a few thoughts...

      We are all adults and have a brain we can use.

      Just don't be naive!

      Andy didn't wake up today a changed man willing to keep his word on what he promised two and a half years ago!!!

    46. Creator Frank Kelly on February 4

      Andy it was over a year since we had any update from you. Please note that a lot of us have changed IPad and IPhone models will this printer still be compatible. I think a lot of backers are very upset at not hearing from you. I would like to see some explanation why we have't heard from you and also a conformation that this printer will still be compatible with the current new generation of iPads and IPhones.

    47. Creator Skypax on February 4

      Well well, look who decided to give an update after laying low for well over a year...


    48. Creator Skypax on February 1

      Here, let me make the start.

      Download and spread it like a virus across the Internet, wherever you can.


    49. Creator Skypax on February 1

      Let me make this clear.


    50. Creator Skypax on February 1

      @Kevin Cooney, @Frank Walsh

      I contacted Ron Palmeri and let him know.

      His response,

      "Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I was not aware of it. Andy is not a full time employee of Layer, but we will investigate this as we certainly hold everyone, contractors included, to an absolute standard of character"

      Which is why I am saying make him famous for the scammer he is on all social platforms so he can never get a job again. Companies tend to check these things when hiring nowadays.

      Let the world know that Andy Muldowney is a thief and a scammer.

      Wake up people create some noise!

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