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$425 pledged of $2,600 goal
By Jason Anthony LeRoy
$425 pledged of $2,600 goal

Recent updates

The wheel goes around even when I'm not there...

So with three days left it doesn't look that my Kickstarer Project will be successful. That's alright as I have been working continuously on some new work that I feel gets stronger with each piece. Below images of these new works are posted as is a time lapsed video of No2 being created. 

I appreciate those that backed the project. If you believe in the work I am doing there are other ways to support me. I have an online store that has prints of my drawings and original work. If there is anything that peaks your interest feel free to contact me and since you backed my kickstarter we could give a friendly discount. 

The online store is at My Shop

I hope that everyone has a really great holiday season and thank you once again for thinking highly of my work. 

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In Progress: Lumberjacks, Kings, & Carpenters

This is a larger work that is in progress and was inspired by my smaller investigations. It is 40" x 30" and is once again on Birch panel. I played around with priming it by making thinner coats of gesso and making sure to sand it exceptionally well. It paid off and I am getting some really great blending.

It also brings in some new visual dialogue with a nude woman that has some Revolutionary War garb on (note: the gloves and the sting shoulder pads). This is going to be a constant in this series of drawings using different poses and clothes. Another addition is the logger with the ax. I have been trying for some time to get in that visual and finally have figured it out.

The constants are still there: the crown, bullseye, and flag. Instead of rambling I should post the pictures. Enjoy and these drawings will be in the book as well and keep in mind this is the in progress photos much more work needs to be done. 

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New work!!!

I wanted to finish a few smaller drawings before I posted them....and here they are. Five smaller pieces, four on paper and one on birch panel all with the title of Drawings for Franz in succession. The reason for doing this was to experiment with marks, subjects, and layout of my drawings. They were a lot of fun to do and really gave me a lot of momentum and ideas for my next body of work. 

If you like these drawings could become part of the rewards levels. Thanks for checking out my newer work. Some in progress photos of my bigger work soon...

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Revamped, reworked

My kickstarter project has been revamped and reworked. There is more of a mission and a new video to go along with that. I think with the support of this project some great things can happen. I'm excited for this project and am itching to create these new works. Spread the news like wildfire and let's create some beautiful drawings together. Tomorrow I will be posting some pictures of the drawings that I have recently been working on. 

Let's also hope for no snow. 

Golden Drips

As I try to find support for the Kickstarter project, my work in the studio hasn't stopped. I recently just finished two pieces that had an addition of color into them. I decided on using gold in these pieces for a lot of the mark making and drips. I have to say I am very satisfied with them, the reason it is important to my Kickstarter project is because these drawings will influence the drawings I intend to do for this. So you might be seeing a little gold.

Gold is the word....