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Something Different is a game about crazy rules that constantly change, dueling your friends, and sometimes talking like a pirate.
3,251 backers pledged $58,766 to help bring this project to life.


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Update: We reached 100% of our goal! Now what?

Thank you so much to everyone who made this project a success. We flew past our goal in the first 24 hours of our kickstarter and It's all thanks to you! So now that we are going beyond 100% It's time for...

Stretch Goals!

 - Reached!

With our Kickstarter funded we will be able to produce more than our originally planned 1000 units. If we hit $10,000 we will be able to produce enough units that everyone  who has donated for a reward will get double the amount of games shipped! So if you put in $15 we'll send you two copies of the game instead of one (and $30 would be 4 copies, $45 would be 6...)!


At $12,000 we're adding a pack of 15 exclusive kickstarter cards with each game we ship. These cards will be based on feedback from our backers. So far we plan on at least having a few blank cards for people to write in their own rules, and a few new duels for people to play!


At $17,000 we will include a 50 card expansion set called 'Something _____ ' This set will contain new blank cards and rules that players choose certain parts of, for example a rule might be: 'Players cannot say the word _____ . ' and the player who plays that rule gets to choose the word. Also included in this expansion will be wild duels that allow players to choose their own duels, more wilds, and some extra fun things that are still in development. We hope to be shipping this out to you as well as this has been the most requested addition to the game so far!

The Final Stretch Goal!

Right now our box is printed and folded together, the new box will be a cardboard box that has a printed lamination sheet stretched over it meaning a studier casing made from better box material with the same great art in higher quality printing.

In laymen terms, right now our box is similar to what Fluxx comes in. The new box will be similar to what Settlers of Catan comes in just smaller 'cause ours is a card game.

$60,000 is a lot but we have faith! We believe we can hit this goal with your support. Share us with others and we know we can get there!

What is this?

Something Different is a card game that started out with a simple idea: a game where the rules changed as you played. What it evolved into is a fantastic party game where players get to know each other and engage in hilarious challenges. Things can change at a moments notice in Something Different, and it's sure to keep you on your toes the whole time.

How is it played?

The game consists of a deck of 100 cards. Each player starts with a hand of 7 and is attempting to empty their hand to win. Beside the main deck of cards are three cards turned face up, each with a different rule. Each turn you play a card on one of these piles from your hand, changing the current rules in play.

If you break a rule at any time you draw a card. Sounds simple enough, but it gets better. The basic rules tell you what color cards you can play or what suit they need to be, but other cards may restrict what you can do physically, such as making you keep one hand on the table, or making you talk like a pirate.

The other notable mechanics in the game include personal trivia, duels, and mini events called 'switch-a-roos.' When trivia rules are in play, you get to test another player's knowledge of you. If they answer a question wrong they draw a card, but at least they learned something about you! Duels are just as they sound; thumb wars, staring contests and more, but while you duel someone play continues. The winner of a duel brags, the loser draws more cards. Switch-a-roos change the playing field, causing people to swap hands, trade seats, or reverse the order of play.

That's just a brief explanation of what goes on in Something Different. It has always been great fun for us to play this game, but it's even greater for us to share with others.

Who are we?

The Float a Goat Games team is comprised of four individuals from Goodrich, Michigan. Since our inception we have moved apart geographically but, we have never been closer as a team. We make games, this being our third title and, if successful, will be our second game to go to print. We focus on making things that have elements of strategy that makes games great and are, most importantly, fun for everyone.

What are we doing?

Something Different has gone through a number of revisions, and after recent play tests we've gotten to the point where the game is ready to be made. Now we want to get it printed and to share it with more people. Our Kickstarter goal will give us what we need to get 1000 units produced, and if we can reach further above this goal we can print even more.

Why should I support this?

We are a small American team of game developers who are trying to take this idea of making games from hobby to career. Your support helps us achieve our dream, and also helps us make great games that we are sure you'll love. We're so sure that people will love our games that during our entire Kickstarter we are showcasing our game publicly at events in Chicago, IL and around Michigan. We really want people to be able to try it before they buy it and we hope you can make it out to play our game with us.

What events will there be?

If you want to try our game you can follow this link to our events page. All the information that's available will be there!

Special Thanks!

This project has been made possible for us by so many great people and organizations. Byron Hatfield and The Public House Theatre made it possible for us to play test and share our game with others. The Nerdologues introduced us to all the greatest people in the city of Chicago and brought us the best comedy we've ever known. Chicago Game Lovers helped us get to and network for so many events. And last, but not least, Drew Krehel helped us make an awesome Kickstarter video. Seriously you guys are the best and we couldn't do it without you! Thank you!

Risks and challenges

Our risks and challenges are well known and at this point are completely tied to our printing. We understand that small miscommunications or printing errors can set us back quite a bit time wise, however we are confident that our worst case scenario is that our game would be pushed back a few weeks at most due to a need for re-printing.

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