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Real-time strategy game in a dark fantasy setting. Choose a leader to command your forces. Summon units and manage your fortresses.

Real-time strategy game in a dark fantasy setting. Choose a leader to command your forces. Summon units and manage your fortresses. Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on August 22, 2012.

About this project

Pursuit of Power® 2 is a real-time strategy game in a dark fantasy setting. Choose a leader class with specialized elite units. Build customizable fortresses and manage them while generating power. Summon troops and ancient guardians to defend your fortresses. Send legions of zealots marching from your gates to gain prestige, which is required for the most powerful actions. Protect them by summoning towers that can be upgraded with deadly effects. Use your leader to tap rage from enemies and then cast devastating abilities upon them.

Fight through a single-player campaign game with unique content and objectives for your leader. Play local and network skirmish games with up to 12 players. Join a team with allies that can come to your aid. Create new skirmish games using a map editor with a rich set of features

With your support, Pursuit of Power® 2 will be released around the end of 2013 for the Windows PC.

The Game

Choose a leader class to command your forces. Your leader can be a Shadow Stalker, Shadow Mage, or Shadow Knight. Your leader is the most important unit in the game. It can summon troops, fortresses, towers, and cast the most powerful abilities.

Find crystal formations and build fortresses over them to yield power. Once your fortress is built, begin managing it at a high-level. Decide the distribution of your population between garrison and zealots. Choose the upgrade path for the internal structures and see your fortress change visually.

Your garrison is responsible for upgrading your fortress, defending it, and repairing the damage from attacks. They will automatically switch from upgrading to defending when your fortress is under attack.

Use your leader to pick-up a banner from one of your fortresses and place it at another fortress. Your zealots will begin streaming out of the starting fortress as they head towards the banner. If they are able to reach the destination fortress, prestige is gained for the starting fortress. Prestige is an essential secondary resource that is required for the most powerful actions. At any given time during the game, there could be hundreds of zealots heading towards different banners.

Use prestige to summon a powerful guardian that binds to the portal of your fortress and defends it to the death. Call an apocalypse upon an enemy fortress to command the guardian to march towards the fortress and pummel it to oblivion.

Upgrade the zealots in your fortress to attack enemies, take more damage, and perform special abilities. For example, the zealots of your Shadow Stalker could gain an ability where they swarm and destroy an attacker before marching towards the banner again.

Defend your zealots and fortresses by summoning towers at strategic locations. Upgrade these towers to unleash devastating attacks on your enemies. Watch the towers change visually as they are upgraded with these new capabilities.

Summon troops to attack fortresses and disrupt zealots. Use prestige to summon your most powerful units, which are unique for each leader class. For instance, your Shadow Knight could summon a Hellhound or a Bone Dragon to vanquish its enemies.

Your leader can use a power ability to tap the rage from enemies, where the amount harnessed depends on the number of targets hit by it. Use the rage you gain to unleash the most powerful leader abilities upon your enemies.

My Story

I started playing video games back in the Atari days… Moon Patrol, Joust, Breakout, Centipede, and many other great games. I always knew that I wanted to make video games and taught myself how to program in QBasic when I was eleven. I eventually got my degree in Computer Science from Lehigh, but I decided to work on more serious software after graduating.

However, there’s only so much device driver development someone can do before realizing that a change is needed. So, in 2003 I took a deep breath and quit my job to work on my own video games. I started a company and then built my own game engine in C++ because I wanted to learn everything there was about making games. I spent the next 4+ years, as well as all of my savings, working on two games that I completed. It was an amazing experience and I learned an enormous amount, such as… it is hard to earn a living making indie games.

Luckily, I learned enough to become a lead software engineer and I got to work on some really cool stuff over the next 4 years. Plus, it paid the bills. Fast-forward those 4 years and I am back again, trying to make my third game. I decided to make a sequel to my first RTS game and so I built a prototype on top of my existing game engines. At this point, I have almost a year invested into the prototype, mostly during my spare time.

A few months ago, I left my job to work on my video games full-time. But at 35, I can no longer afford to self-fund my video games for more than a few months. Like many of you, I have a mortgage and other bills to pay. But, this time Kickstarter is an option, and I thought I would give it a shot. So, here I am!

Game Prototype

All screenshots and video for the prototype contain placeholders for the artwork. I have completed a lot of the core code for the game. My next step will be to work on the code related to the view perspective (most likely isometric), scenery (such as dynamic trees), animations (more frames for movement and attacks), and all other requirements for the artwork. That way I don't hold-up the art process.

I recently added a basic version of the zealots to the prototype since that is a new concept, which was not in the original version of the game. You can see the zealots in the new prototype video below.

Planned Features

Here are some of the main features that are planned for the game.

  • Real-time strategy game with free updates
  • Choose a Shadow Knight, Shadow Stalker, or Shadow Mage as your leader
  • Build fortresses over crystal formations and manage them effortlessly while generating power
  • Fortresses and towers can be upgraded and will change visually to reflect those upgrades
  • Send legions of zealots to other fortresses and protect them from enemies to gain prestige
  • Use power and prestige to summon troops, towers, ancient guardians, and cast powerful abilities
  • Single-player campaign game with unique content and objectives
  • Single-player and network skirmish games with up to 12 players
  • Play skirmish games on a team with allies that can come to your aid
  • Map editor with a rich set of features to create new skirmish boards
  • Game area is wide-open with windows that can be moved and have their attributes changed
  • Game supports resolutions from 1024x768 to 2048x2048 at 32 or 16 bits in full-screen or a window


Most of the funding will be used on software development for the game. The current version is a very functional prototype, but it takes a lot of work to make a quality product. In addition, the funding will cover part of the cost for the game assets.

Kicking It Forward

As part of the Kicking It Forward initiative, I will donate 5% of the profits from Pursuit of Power® 2 back to Kickstarter projects if successfully funded.


I have priced my game at a discount for backers on Kickstarter. When I release the game, it will cost around $20. I also tried to give an extra discount for the next tier, so you can play with a friend without paying as much for the second game. The digital downloads will be DRM-free, too.

I really tried to give value for each tier. That’s why I include additional copies of the game as well as some type of new reward. Those extra copies will be useful for the multiplayer network games, which can have up to 12 players. Each digital copy can be assigned to a unique email account upon release. This will make it easy for your friends and family to play with you.

All backers will be included in a credits text file that is located in the installation folder of the game (with your permission). I want to make sure that I acknowledge the generous support of everyone on Kickstarter that helped make it happen. In addition, the higher tiers will show those backers within the credits of the game and manual on the web site.

Beta Version

All backers will have access to the game before it is officially released to the public. There will be three phases to the Beta testing process. The higher tier will get the game during Beta 1, which is estimated to be ready by June 2013. All backers will get the game during Beta 2, which is estimated to be ready by August 2013. The Beta 3 milestone will take place around October 2013, with release candidates starting during November 2013. The initial release will be available some time during December 2013.

So, all Kickstarter backers should have the game within a year from successful funding. This will allow for feedback that can be incorporated into the game before it is officially released. There will also be many opportunities to participate in multiplayer games during the Beta process.

Stretch Goals

I have a few ideas for some of the possible stretch goals.

$100,000: I would be able to add more specialized units, structures, upgrades, and abilities. This amount would cover the effort for coding, artwork, sound effects, and testing.

$125,000: I would be able to add unique campaign content for all 3 leader classes. Each leader would have unique plots, objectives, and board designs. In addition, I would be able to add more depth to the overall campaign game. This amount would cover the effort for coding, content creation, and testing.

$150,000: I would be able to add a new type of skirmish game that I think would be a lot of fun. This new skirmish game would involve a team base in each corner, dynamically generated content for part of the board, and a persistent scoring system with player rankings for that game. Players would be able to join the game at any time as long as there were available slots. This amount would cover the effort for coding and testing.

The Team

Mike Vitt: I design and code the games. I also manage my business as well as the contract work for the game assets. I have worked with some talented artists and musicians in the past. I hope to work with them again if I am able to get the funding for this game.

Drew Benton: I have worked with Drew on both of my first two games. She is a very talented artist. Right now, she is working on some of the concept art to help give an idea of the potential style for this game. You can view some of Drew's other artwork on her gallery.

The team will grow to around 4-5 members, depending on the amount of funding I am able to achieve.

My Vision

I want to make an RTS that gets away from micromanagement and isn’t about who can use the interface the best or click the fastest. That’s why I focused on a leader unit for my RTS back in 2003 and decided to expand upon the concept for the sequel. I also like to make resource management meaningful and ensure that it does not become tedious. I kept that design for the sequel too.

In addition, I wanted to add a secondary resource that could fill the role of a trade route. I happened to be thinking of Populous one day and remembered a unit that was carrying a banner. I thought it would be cool to have hundreds of them streaming out of fortresses. They could generate prestige and provide a target to attack as well as to defend. I can see a lot of different fun situations for these zealots.

Furthermore, I wanted something more interesting than just a portal, so I decided to turn it into a fortress. I always loved playing Heroes of Might and Magic and I envisioned the fortress being a bit like a real-time version that you can manage. In my game, you will choose an upgrade path and the fortress will change visually as you make those upgrades. For instance, you could improve the defenses, which might add a keep to protect the portal or you could change the walls from wood to stone.

The leader classes are all based on my plan for the new character classes of my future RPG sequel. Therefore, I also wanted to use some of the rage-tapping concepts for combat. I think that could add another interesting element to the game. You use an ability that costs power to draw rage from enemies, and then use that rage for your most powerful spells.

I have many more ideas, but I think that gives some insight into my thought process. I also want to mention that I hope to eventually have the option for people to log into a lobby so network games are easier to setup. Likewise, it would be great to have a way to share the user content within the game instead of having to copy the board files.

Hopefully, something about my game caught your interest and you would like to help fund this project. Making video games is my passion and I would love to make this game for all of you. Thanks for your time!

You can find additional information about Pursuit of Power® 2 at


  • Pursuit of Power® 2 will be released for the Windows PC. However, my previous two games have been run on Wine in Linux. Pursuit of Power® 2 will share the same core libraries as those two games, so it should also run on Wine for Linux users. I plan to eventually add native Linux support, but it might take a while to complete.

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