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"Monkey in the Middle" Divorce Book Series's video poster

A super hip, fun, therapeutic book series for children ages 4-11, being used in the "tug of war" in a pre & post divorce environment. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 8, 2012.

A super hip, fun, therapeutic book series for children ages 4-11, being used in the "tug of war" in a pre & post divorce environment.

About this project

Here's the bottom line, people. There are many out there making grandiose plans to save the world, to create world peace, but if we cannot get two people to stop arguing over property and their own kid, how in the heckfire are we going to get two whole countries to stop arguing over land and natural resources contained in that land? 

Answer: We won't. 

We must start in our own back yard. We pretty much said all we need to say in our video. There truly is not a book series out there geared towards healing for the kids and coaching the parents. We gotta give these children and parents some kind of tools, don't we?

Not only do families need this, the court system does too. It is so bogged down that the judges are begging us to get this out. Other therapists are begging. School counselors are begging. Church divorce educational groups are begging. So, now we are begging you. Ain't too proud to beg!

It is simple. There is a desperate need. We are trying to fill it. The end. 

Below is a list of the 12 Books and what topics they cover. Below that is our budget. Thanks for reading! You look incredible today! We love your hair. 

"Meet Max. Max's parents decided they cannot be married anymore. If that isn't bad enough, he has to listen to them say mean & nasty words about each other, he is confused & his feelings are making him feel out of control. What can Max do? 
This delightful, full colored, brilliantly illustrated, award winning series is sure to help children & parents alike in healing through the pre and post-divorce process. Each book contains The Kidz' Rightz & funbooks (we don't like to say work) covering the following, common challenges."
I have the right to:
1. Understand
2. My Feelings
3. Hear Happy Words

coming soon thanks to our kickarse friends from kickstarter

4. Feel Safe                                                                                               

5. Obey Rules at Two Houses                                                                             

 6. Be a Kid                                                                                                

 7. Take Care of Myself                                                                                 

8. Enjoy BOTH Parents                                                                                

 9. Have Good Examples                                                                          

 10. Take My Time Meeting a 'New Friend"                                                   

 11. Like the "New Friend"                                                                      

 12. Make "Goodbye" Work for Me

So here is how our budget breaks down, my friend. 

Each book costs $3,000 to create upfront, not including printing, X 9 more books in the series to go = $27,000. Gotta pay Jody and Lisa, don't we? 

Each book has a Parent Companion, with workbook, preferably to be used along with a therapist but can be used without X 12 @ $2000 each = $24,000

Each book needs to be printed. We want to print 250 each X 12 children's books to start @ $6 each = $18,000

To print 250 X 12 parent companions @$6 each = $18,000

Each conference we attend in order to stand in front of our target market (therapists) is at least $1500 @ 4 per year = $6000. Banner and table cloth images are below. We need $500 to have em printed!


Marketing in trade magazines = $2000 per year 

Proposed budget to create the 12 books into a video series/electronic books to be used in divorce education classes and interactive website environments. Kids nowadays do everything online or via Apps = $100,000


Another important piece of information that makes our project unique is that it coincides with a non profit organization we are also setting up. A certain portion of the proceeds of every book we sell or wholesale will be sent to this organization, 'plan be'. 'plan be' will not only donate books to worthy divorce education groups, schools, churches, etc but also will be creating our own after-school programs for all kinds of kids, not just kids of divorce. Schools are shutting out excercise programs, nutrition, art, music, etc and we wanna provide the solution to that as well. IF we are successful in funding through, we have a backer who is willing to initially fund this amazing part of our project and get us going. But if we have no books to sell to gain proceeds, then we also have no books to donate to these other education groups who desperately need the tools our company can offer them.

And as ya know, we have already emptied our own pockets. I mean, we have emptied them. $50k has passed through our little creative hands and we are proud of how far we have come. We simply need a little kickstart to get these books flowing out into the Universe, where they belong. We need traction and they don't do the kids any good sitting in our office. 

For those of you who are not familiar with here is how it works. Kickstarter/Amazon takes about 10% of what you donate and our pledge gifts with shipping will be about another 15% of the total. is helping us find backers and we are proud to put another 5% of the profits we make back into the Crowd Funding community here on Kickstater. This means we get to keep about 70% of what you pledge for our project. You will be able to follow your pledge here, on our websites, blogs, FB page, twitter, etc. If we do not meet the minimum pledge of $4000, we get no funding at all. BUT if we surpass it, let's say get up towards that $195,000, we get to keep it, minus the 25%. We set our minimum goal at 4k because minus the 30%, we can fund the creation of one book. We have done all we can do and the rest is up to you, my friend. How far towards our dream do YOU feel should be fulfilled through Kickstarter? Thank you so much for watching our ridiculous, low quality video, for laughing along the way, for caring, for being gorgeous and for pledging. Oh, and HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO YOU was used with permission. Yes, we sent a letter to Warner/Chappell and everything. No animals were harmed in the making of our film. 

We will now leave you with a few random thoughts. And one, not so random...

When will the makers of the Snuggie get wise and put velcro on the back? It is drafty. 

Why oh why did they remake the Three Stooges, Dirty Dancing and Footloose? Why would they do this, we implore you? WHY?!

Kickstarter wouldn't let us, but we wanted to add random prizes in our pledge gifts including, but not limited to: an Amazing Inflatable Beard, Bacon Bandages, Emergency Disposable Underpants, Old Fashioned Whoopie Cushion, A Snuggie (duh), Rubber Chicken, Emergency Inflatable Brain, etc. As long as you know where our heart is, that is all that matters. 

Half of all American children will witness the breakup of a parent’s marriage. Of these, close to half will also see the breakup of a parent’s second marriage. Among the millions of children who have seen their parents divorce, one of every 10 will also live through three or more parental marriage breakups. Of all children born to married parents this year, fifty percent will experience the divorce of their parents before they reach their 18th birthday.

If the world ends, we wanna go out eating avocados & olive oil with chopsticks, learning to play the banjo, hugging, updating our FB status, walking on the beach, chewing Fruit Stripes Gum, chillin' with our amazing families & friends and thanking you. 


The End. 



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    A special THANKS in our book acknowledgment of all 12 books. Permanently. Who doesn't like to see their name in the back of an award winning, published book? You know you wanna. Don't forget, 3 of our books are already published, won an award and your name will be in our next batch.

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    All the stuff under the $5 pledge reward + OUR COMPANY 'BE' LOGO reusable shopping bag. It's uber cute. AND AN AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO OF JONTIE'S CRACKED iPHONE. Sure to be treasured by collectors for decades to come. Unless the world ends in December, in which case, it will be treasured for months to come. (International Pledges need to pay shipping)

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    All the stuff under the $25 pledge reward + 30 MINUTE COACHING SESSION WITH OUR AUTHORS. You know you wanna hear our voices. And maybe a bit of ye olde wisdom. Don'tcha? (International Pledges will Skype)

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    All the stuff under the $50 pledge reward + AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF ONE OF OUR 3 PUBLISHED MONKEY IN THE MIDDLE BOOKS PLUS ADD ANOTHER 1/2 HOUR PHONE COUNSELING SESSION (TOTAL OF ONE HOUR NOW) WITH OUR AUTHORS. Pick from any of our three titles. Awww come on. We are sure you know at least ONE amazing kid who deserves a book, don't you? We knew it! Maybe you're going through a life challenge and can use that one-on-one session with us. We are darned good at what we do. Check it out. (International Pledges will pay for shipping and Skype)

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    All the stuff under the $75 pledge reward + 'BE' LOGO TOTE & AN AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO OF SARAH'S BIKE. No, it is not the same as the reusable shopping bag. This is sturdy, adorable, has our company logo on it and it sends a conscious message. It just makes good sense to have it. Trust us, logo shopping bags are the new 'purse'. All the rage. True story. If you're a man, you will impress your woman or use it to lure one in. (International Pledges will pay shipping)

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    Want to be in the story or have your project in the series? For $200 our characters will use YOUR PRODUCT in ONE of the 12 books. Tech products, your album, artwork, book, magazine, newspaper, school, attorney office, the judge, therapist, food or restaurant, tourist attraction, grocery store, film, gas station, police dept, etc. Heck the whole town could include YOU OR YOUR BUSINESS. We need community support and in return, we will put our community in ONE book.

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    All the stuff under the $100 pledge reward + AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF ALL 3 PUBLISHED MONKEY IN THE MIDDLE BOOKS. You gotta have the series. You just gotta! It is a must have. Where else are you going to spend your money? The world is ending soon anyway. Give it to the kids! (International Pledges will pay shipping)

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    All the stuff under the $200 pledge reward + EITHER A 'BE LOGO' TSHIRT OR THE 'MONKEY IN THE MIDDLE' TSHIRT PLUS WE WILL PUT YOUR BUSINESS AS A PRODUCER IN ALL 12 OF OUR BOOKS, PERMANENTLY! We are creating a business PRODUCER page in the back of every book, like a program, with multiple PRODUCERS on the same page. You can't beat that. Where else can you get your business name out this affordably, on an ongoing basis and still be associated with a worthy project? Did we mention our books will also sell at conferences & schools & divorce education groups & magazines &...? Be a proud PRODUCER of MONKEY IN THE MIDDLE. Do it for your business & do it for the kids. Won't you? (International Pledges will pay shipping)

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    All the stuff under the $400 pledge reward + AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF THE OTHER 9 MONKEY IN THE MIDDLE BOOKS, WHEN THEY ARE CREATED. C'mon. You just gotta have the whole set. Maybe you didn't even know you need 'em. But now you do. So pull out that plastic & let's get these kids some tools to become happy lil monkeys. (International Pledges will pay shipping)

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    All the stuff under the $600 pledge reward + YOU WILL BECOME A PERMANENT CHARACTER IN THE MONKEY IN THE MIDDLE SERIES AND/OR YOUR BUSINESS GETS A FULL PAGE PRODUCER ACKNOWLEDGMENT IN THE BACK OF EVERY BOOK, PERMANENTLY PLUS PRODUCER ACKNOWLEDGMENT IN ALL OUR VIDEOS AND APPS. That's right. We will put the cartoon version of you in all of the remaining 9 MONKEY IN THE MIDDLE BOOKS and your business gets a huge PRODUCER SHOUT OUT in every, single book AND our videos... forever. YES, our books WILL be created into videos and distributed out to parent groups, divorce recovery groups, post divorce court ordered courses, schools, churches, etc. YOU or YOUR BUSINESS is the PRODUCER

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