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Bike bells generally look and sound a bit ugly. But why? What if they looked sexy and sounded like an angel playing a glockenspiel?
Bike bells generally look and sound a bit ugly. But why? What if they looked sexy and sounded like an angel playing a glockenspiel?
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Posted by Knog (Creator)

Hi Backers,

We’re really excited that as of today, all 37,000+ bells for the 20,787 Oi Kickstarter backers are manufactured and are either delivered, or on their way. Those who pre-ordered after the campaign will follow closely behind over the next 3 weeks.

For the vast majority of you who are enjoying your bell, that’s awesome. We’re grateful to receive your emails of support, and excited to see all of you on social media posting pictures and comments.

For the few that have had issues, we take them very seriously. Here is the process we’re undertaking:

- for those whose tracking details don’t show any activity since 10 Oct, pls email with Subject: Tracking. 

- for those who haven’t received a tracking number, pls check your junk mail, then follow process above if necessary. 

- for those who have a faulty bell, or the wrong bells have been dispatched, pls send a direct msg with video/photo respectively and we will replace.

Please be aware, some of the deliveries can take up to 21 days (but are usually quicker) once you get the tracking number.

Anyone who has sent us a DM already on any topic, we are working through the responses now – thank you for your patience.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Ana S on

      The bell sounds beautiful on the streets of Cambridge! Unfortunately, it does not enjoy the cobblestones and is not robust enough to maintain an appropriate... conformation (?) when cycling.

    2. Missing avatar

      Mimi Masse on

      Hello there.

      I have not received my bells. Backer #9,298. Help. Thanks.

    3. PrettyGreenParrot on

      Emailed backerkit. nice reply. no apparent action. still waiting for a tracking number. backer #3,255. I'd really like to know what's happened.

    4. Victor van der R on

      Hi!! i was suposed to receive my OI some weeks ago but still waiting for it. The tracking information dent give any information once the parcel had entered Germany. Any help? Thanks!!

    5. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Daniel - hi Daniel. We've requested that you provide a link to the video (as we know you can't attach files). We've suggested Google Drive/iCloud/DropBox but there are other open softwares to do it.

    6. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      The DM link that Knog suggests we use does not have a provision to attach a video of the defective bells. Please give us an email address that will allow us to submit our videos.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kieran Robinson on

      putting aside the disappointment of the prolonged delivery, additional £13.20 customs charge and inconvenience of having to collect from the depot and the product being available cheaper at online retailers before actually receiving my products I now have feedback on the product.

      In summary; not fit for purpose. The wrap-around look of the bell is great and helps keep the space around the handlebars as clutter free as possible. Looks is only part of this though. The bell simply does not work. I would like to read the feedback from the product testers because they have clearly not done a good job.

      1) The arc of the bell is mounted on 3 springs which I assume are required to help the bell resonate once struck by the hammer. These springs are way too soft and allow the arc of the bell to wobble about constantly whilst riding along. This means that the bell is constantly ringing without even using the hammer. This is very annoying and distracting.
      2) Because the arc of the bell is constantly bobbing around on these springs, when you do use the hammer it is not hitting a stationary object. What happens is the arc of the bell and the hammer constantly keep hitting each other and do not allow the bell to ring out. This results in the dull, muffled sound that people are referring to in other comments. When the bell is used in a stationary position you are able to generate a clean strike on the arc of the bell with the hammer which then does generate the sound that Knog have made much fuss about. I must say though, this is quite unremarkable and is a bit of a marketing distraction.

      These bells are no better than the £1 one that came with my bike as standard. In fact, I would say that these are worse, not only because of the expense, but because they simply do not work.

      I have spent nearly £100 on 4 bells that took 9 months to arrive and when they showed up, are actually useless. I am not saying that to be rude, I am just saying it how it is. Massively disappointing.

    8. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Marc, @Jamie, if your bell doesn't ring and is far too quiet then it is likely faulty. Please follow simple process outlined in previous Update for a replacement bell.

    9. Rolts on

      @Veronica Ward: to DM the creators, click on Knog's name at the top of this page. This produces a drop down box. This has a blue 'Contact me' button. Click on this to DM the creators of the project.

    10. PrettyGreenParrot on

      Looking forward to receiving shipping info.

    11. Jamie Bekkers on

      The bell is total rubbish. This product does not live up to the promises, I feel cheated out of my money. The bell is so quiet it is pointless. I believe many others feel the same reading the comments. Good luck in the future.

    12. Missing avatar

      Veronica Ward on

      Where is this magical "Direct Message" option you keep referring to? I have a lovely video of my shitty bell that I'd love to send along, but I don't see the DM option you want me to send it to.

    13. Marc Dubach on

      Laura and others are right. The bell looks great but is of poor quality. It barely rings and the handle is plastic fantastic. Dissapointment. Also that Knog does not react to the complaints.

    14. Knog 3-time creator on

      @ CHIHITO SHIMIZU: Just checking your shipping details and it appears your bell has been delivered. If this is not the case then please send us a direct message.

      @ Tetsuhiro Kikuchi: Yep, the Kickstarter version has a flat ringer and the retail version is curved. Titanium is only available in the Kickstarter version too.

      @Matthew Whyte: You should have received tracking info regarding your order a week or so ago, as we can see the bell is on its way to you. Please check your Kickstarter email address or you can log into your Backerkit account and view your tracking details there.

    15. Stephen Parkins Knight on

      Hey Knog
      Received my white titanium bell earlier this week which is both sleek and sexy. It is a tad quiet but it's a bike bell not a clarion ding dong! It is everything I expected and it looks very cool. I've been reading all the comments which are quite varied but if it's any consolation it's a BIG thumbs up from the UK, so well done you bell makers you! Good luck in the future and many thanks for my bell and achieving your goal. ���

    16. Missing avatar

      Alfredo Castillo on

      I still have not received my bell nor have I received the shipping info!

    17. Missing avatar

      Alexis on

      I still have not received my bell nor have I received the shipping info! I have emailed and not received a response.

    18. Missing avatar

      Kieran Robinson on

      Frustrated that this has taken so long to arrive and finally when it does i get a customs fee of £13.20 and have to go and collect from the depot!

      To rub salt in the wound, the same bell is available from online retailers right now for less than I have paid. How is that fair or ethical business? You've taken money from backers to develop your business to fulfil orders with retailers ahead of the people that helped to make the product even a possibility let alone a reality. Bitterly disappointed. Will not be buying anything else from knog no matter how good the products may be.

    19. Missing avatar

      Cheng-Hui Peng on

      I am still waiting for the TRACKING NUMBER. Not in inbox, not in junk, nothing! I just got nothing!

    20. Robert Evans on

      Hi - I have a different problem. My package arrived, but did not contain my 2 bells - just a slit along one side and the packaging note. I have emailed the appropriate email address, but wanted to make you directly aware.

    21. Laura Blake on

      Add another +1 to the disappointed crowd. I received 2 bells (one black, one silver) - both look great, but they really miss the mark on quality. I was hoping for a really loud, crisp sound...but got just the opposite - a very muffled, barely audible, sad little ding. The springs and plastic of the construction also have a cheap feel to them. I really wanted to like these, but think I'll go back to my other trusty bells unless they find a way to fix this issue.

    22. Anthony Ponomarenko on

      My bells are very quiet, does this mean they are faulty or is it just how they are?

    23. Missing avatar

      Wischusen on

      not that loud I expected, to quiet for using innercity

    24. Missing avatar

      Paul Truin on

      Hi. As I feared, a very real anticlimax to this little adventure.
      Both bells are so quiet that there is really no point in keeping them on our bikes.
      Still Knog keep up the hype-
      'For the vast majority of you who are enjoying your bell, that’s awesome'
      'For the few that have had issues, we take them very seriously'
      I give up.

    25. Matthew Worner on

      I asked Knog to change the delivery address for my 2 Oi's as they are delivering late and I will be in New Zealand (I live in Malta most of the year) when it was supposed to come. The Oi is for my partner who is a GP and I was going to add it to her bike she wants to buy for visiting patients. So now I don't get Oi's as no one will be at home to receive them and a Dr will have a less safe cycling experience.

    26. Rolts on

      @ d a n: two things to try;
      1. Check with BackerKit -
      If you haven't used it before, you will need to sign up. Then you can use it to see what your reward status is, whether it has shipped etc.
      2. PM the creators by clicking on 'Knog' at the top of the campaign page. This will bring up a 'popup' with a blue "Contact me button". Use this to send a message directly to the project creators.

    27. mo on

      I still have NO emails, NO delivery dates, NO tracking number, NO bell. I only got the spam emails from kNOg. Great!...

    28. Missing avatar

      david Evans on

      i get the feeling that Knog are only using Kickstarter to boost sales, not to fund or develop at all!!!

    29. Alex Nosek on

      Looks great. But the low volume and rate at which it chimes effectively makes it inferior to the ugly $5 job I had previously. Just popped the old one back on. :/

    30. Jimmy Ng on

      Biscycle shop in Singapore already start selling since last week, but I only received mine yesterday. The delay shipment to kickstarter backers is a shame..and we paid more expensive because of shipment fees!

    31. Missing avatar


      I would like to know your shipping schedule and ETD or ETA.these require for argent.

    32. Bryan Henderson on

      Got mine a week ago, finally got around to installing it and the "ting" is very quiet. Nice looking bell but not enough volume.

      Where do I send my video so Knog can see what I am refering to??

    33. Missing avatar

      Derek Chan on

      Got mine today. Luckily it works, however the sound is a bit different from the campaign video. The initial tone is not as sharp, decay is about the same.

    34. Missing avatar

      Tetsuhiro Kikuchi on

      I got my bells and they worked very fine. BTW, Oi bells are now commercially available, and commercial version has somehow rounded design. Are there any difference between Kickstarter and commercial edition?

    35. Missing avatar

      karl stockton on

      Looks very inconspicuous on my off roader,sounds good. But have to say the striker does look a .bit flimsy. Time will tell.

    36. Missing avatar

      kieran fulke on

      where do we send videos of the bells making sounds that are like a spoon being dropped on a carpet?

    37. Missing avatar

      Matthew Whyte on

      What a complete bad joke i paid £16 for this overpriced rubbish 4 months ago and still no sign of anything just constant lame excuses about the bell being delayed absolute piss take i will never be conned by this crap again.

    38. Missing avatar

      Žiga on

      Backer no. 9329 and still no bell for me either. Contrary to what the update claims and judging from comments of many others, I don't feel like a 1% minority... :-( Hopefully this will indeed change for the better.

    39. Missing avatar

      Daryol Laws on

      Received my Oi last night and fitted it immediately. Looks great but did require a bit of tweaking to avoid having the sound totally smothered because the metal rested against the brake cables. Once reseated the sound was good and was put into good use on the commute to work this morning; however I would agree that the trigger spring feels a bit weak and I'm not sure it will last but hoping to be proved wrong.

    40. Missing avatar

      ken mejica on

      Bill Tavis....I'm in the same boat as you. Ordered three, installed one and was totally disappointed. Can't hear the bell at all. Nothing like the advertised bell. Didnt even bother opening the other two packages. Hope they fix this and send us a replacement that actually works.

    41. Bill Tavis on

      I got my bell in the mail. Like others have said, the "bell" looks great but it's not loud at all, which defeats it's entire purpose. The bell is all form and no function. Isn't it supposed to be that form follows function? I guess "big bulky" regular bells are like that for a reason - they create a resonance chamber for a loud, crisp, and lasting sound.

    42. Rodrigo Salvatierra on

      Same problem. Bakcer 19.923 and no tracking number. I send an email to


    43. Tim Ellis on

      Well at least now I know that I'm not alone! Sounds like the claim in this update that everybody's bells "are either delivered, or on their way" isn't quite true since so many of use have not even received a tracking number yet.

      FWIW, I'm a pretty late backer, #18,542 out of 20,787. I requested a small Oi in black.

    44. Joel Chu on

      Checked all my folders in email , inbox, junk, spam, miscellaneous. didnt received any email with tracking. how do we get help for this?

    45. pete jung on

      I haven't received any emails regarding my bells being shipped. I was a very early backer located in Korea. None of my other friends have received any shipping notification either. Is this what early backing and patience gets?

      I get all the emails about delays and how things are "ready" to ship

    46. Missing avatar

      TTK on

      I still have not received a tracking number. Please fix ASAP
      I only receaved a mail about a quality issue with a small number of small bells. There was a problem with one part - a spring blablabla

    47. Ebbe Nieuweboer on

      @Tina Jones. My final email with the tracking number came from sender "Knog", the email address was a account. Hope that helps.

    48. Missing avatar

      Kristian L on

      I still have not received a tracking number. Please fix ASAP

    49. Tina Jones on

      I have not received a tracking number or an email to say my knog products have been sent. Who would the e-mail have come from? Nothing from Kickstarter that has the info. Still waiting.... needed them ages ago, now going on a cycling holiday without them :(

    50. Allan Rutland on

      Very disappointing when I got the email saying my bells are finally being shipped from the US (to the UK) and it'll take a month until they arrive when I was an early backer.
      This is also made worse that while looking it's now possible to order these bells through distribution (yes I work in the trade).
      It is immensely disappointing that this seems mostly to of been nothing but using Kickstarter as a marketing exercise.