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Bike bells generally look and sound a bit ugly. But why? What if they looked sexy and sounded like an angel playing a glockenspiel?
Bike bells generally look and sound a bit ugly. But why? What if they looked sexy and sounded like an angel playing a glockenspiel?
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Oi's are on their way

Posted by Knog (Creator)

Hi Backers,   

Great news! We can confirm that 95% of Oi bells are either currently being mailed out to backers (USA, Canada and Germany) or will be landing at our fulfilment centres in the coming days, ready to be processed and mailed out.

If you’re in the US, Canada or Germany then you should start receiving emails with your tracking details to confirm your little bundle of ‘Oi’ is on its way. 

For Australia, UK, France and ROW your bells will be landing in our fulfilment centres in the next couple of days and will be mailed out once processed. You will be notified by email once your order has been dispatched. 

Also, for those of you that ordered lights or locks add-ons via Backerkit, these goods are on their way to you as well, just in a separate parcel. Tracking details will be emailed to you. 

Thank you for your patience, have a great day & ride hard. 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Desiree Kellers on

      I have not received mine yet and never got any email to ask me what color? Please follow up with me

    2. Dag Hovden on

      Living in The Netherlands, still no email and consequently also no bell - any news on when the Oi may be expected?

    3. Daryl Barber

      Mine has been despatched from the USA! I am in the UK, so may be stung 20%+£8 ouch! Ouch! Ouch! BUT it's on its way, a bit of a bells up.

    4. rafael torrens iii on

      Got mine. They sound AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Bob on

      Still not got the bells!! and get no replies on problems with your lights what is going on .Can you publish a contact phone no !!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Van Yeti on

      I have received both of mine but they just make a clank! Very disappointed at this I could make the same sound by tapping my handle bars with my wedding ring.
      I have tried putting tape around my bare to make sure the bolt isn't touching the bar as it was originally, but it still sound s dead.

    7. Missing avatar

      Paul Tutton on

      I saw the latest update BUT I am still waiting on a despatch update. 2+ weeks later and still no bell in the UK. How much longer are we being kept waiting??

    8. Knog 3-time creator on

      Hi Backers, we've just posted an update (#20) with regards to the status of the remaining Kickstarter bells. Please check this to see the latest info.

    9. Mike SK Lim on

      Hi, I have yet to receive any indication when the bells will be shipped to Singapore.

    10. Missing avatar

      Simon Sharwood on

      Like Mr Cappe, I live on the same continent as Knog but am yet to receive anything - no email, no tracking number, no bell - since Update 19. Yet I could buy one online ...

    11. Missing avatar

      David Cappe on

      Hi. I am in Australia and haven't heard anything for almost 2 weeks now, despite the last email saying they will be sent out in the "next couple of days". No update on the further delay, no email with verification of the bell being sent, nothing. So I am completely in the dark as to the status of my order, and as it seems so are many others. I am sure the product will be terrific when I get it, but when will I get it? The product is supposedly Australian, so why are we in Australia still waiting whilst those overseas are recieving their bells?

    12. The Rituel on

      Hi there - I haven't received any emails about my bell since the 9th of August! Have I been missed? I am in NZ :)

    13. Missing avatar

      martin moll

      Rode yesterday with my new bell. Love it!

    14. Christian Weis on

      Hi! Had mine in the mailbox.
      Nice looking bell :)

      Unfortunately Shipwire/you sent me the wrong size.
      Ordered large, got small.

      How to switch sizes?
      I'm sorry for the inconveniences.
      All the best, Christian

    15. Missing avatar

      coco on

      Oi's aren't on their way

      Where are my bells???

      Does anyone get tracking NO. in Asia?
      (i'm in japan)

    16. Missing avatar

      Kevin Smith on

      I don't get it. You say to DM you but I can't for the life of me figure out how to send a DM. I went to your webpage and filled out a form. no response. I commented here and you said to DM you but how do I do that? I have a non-working bell. - Kevin

    17. Missing avatar

      Takashi Isomura on

      It has been received today, "ADD-ON ITEMS", just, "PLEDGE ITEMS" wasn't included.
      Is it sent separately?

    18. Antoine Kemperman on

      Any idea when shipping to The Netherlands will take place? No tracking no., and fellow Dutchies also did not hear anything from Oi shipment yet....

    19. Missing avatar

      coco on

      I have no tracking No.

    20. Missing avatar

      Danny on

      Recently received my bell in the mail. looks great, sounds great. THANK YOU for a Great Kick Starter project.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kees Jan Koster on

      @Creator: can I have an estimate when to start looking at the mailbox in the Netherlands?

    22. Matt Marrocco on

      Got mine! Totally badass - nice work guys!

    23. Enrique on

      I havent got any mail tracking or any sign that it has been delivered

    24. Missing avatar

      ron kolkman on

      here also nothing

    25. Missing avatar

      Rick Patinama on

      Still haven't received mine i orderd 3 of them.
      Now mine LBS already selling them.
      Very sad.

    26. Missing avatar

      DAOU on

      for everyone waiting.
      things seems to be moving. I have just received my tracking number.
      finger crossed for all the people still waiting.


    27. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Youhei: You should have been sent a tracking number. Please check your email or log in to you Backerkit account for the details.

    28. Missing avatar

      Youhei Ukai on

      Backerkit status "Ready to Ship" is still no change.
      When is it delivered to Japan?

    29. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Mark Chopping: Please send us a DM and we'll get this resolved for you.
      @Pierre Routhier: We'll send through an email to you asap and fix this.

    30. Missing avatar

      Simon Sharwood on

      10 days since last update and nothing here in Oz. Not an email. Checked Spam. Nothing there. Nothing in the post ...

    31. Missing avatar

      Mark Chopping on

      I received mine yesterday -- a titanium in large -- but the sound is absolutely pitiful. The law in New Jersey (US) is why I ordered a bell:

      39:4-11. Audible signal
      No person shall operate a bicycle unless it is equipped with a bell or other device capable of giving a signal audible for a distance of at least one hundred feet, except that a bicycle shall not be equipped with nor shall any person use upon a bicycle any siren or whistle."

      However, I really doubt that the Oi! bell is audible for 100 feet, so I am considering returning it. I loathe having to write this but I am really disappointed. The Oi! bell seems to be a triumph of marketing over substance.

    32. Missing avatar

      Pierre Routhier on

      Good and bad news:
      Good news: Received my order this week
      Bad news: Ordered Large but received Small although packing list clearly states Large.
      Things happens!
      ... Awaiting reply / feedback from Gnog for resolution. (Mails sent 2 days ago)

    33. Colby Ludwig on

      Canadian here - just received mine! They all seem to be working perfectly, didn't have any extra duty/tax fees owed on delivery, and shipped surprisingly quickly! Thanks so much, Knog!

    34. Missing avatar

      J Southworth on

      Just to second the re-quest for an update on UK shipping status. Have the bells reached the UK fulfillment centre? Haven't had any e-mail notification; have been getting the project update e-mails.

    35. Rajani Isa

      I just got mine in the US - didn't get any email that I noticed with tracker info. Checking backerkit real quick, it is showing tracking info there. You can try checking there for a tracking number.

    36. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Still nothing as yet in the UK for me. Can we please have an update on what the actual schedule is for shipping these bells?

    37. trevor junge on

      still no bell 9 days after your last communication. 10 days doesn't = a couple of days

    38. LIM KAY KHENG on

      Still waiting.. any updates if Singapore goods is shipped out??

    39. Knog 3-time creator on

      Hi Backers,

      Thank you for all your comments.

      Of the 30,000 or so bells that have been shipped we’ve had 30 or so looking like they’re not performing as they should be. Of course, we’re desperate to get a fully functioning Oi in your hands as quickly as we can.

      All we need you to do is:

      1/ Send us through a Direct Message with a video of the bell attached to the bike and you striking the bell. We’re keen to see each and every case so we can fix it at the factory level asap.

      2/ We’ll check that there isn’t a fix to advise you on and if not, we’ll send a replacement out to you.

      Please remember to include your address in your message so we can get a replacement out to you asap and reduce email back and forth.

      Furthermore, if possible hiccups in the pick, pack & send process have left you with the wrong order then please contact and we’ll fix this up for you.

      Thanks in advance for your patience.


    40. DF Echeverri on

      Received my bell today, and as others have noted, it's very quiet. On top of that, I had ordered mine ENGRAVED but it's NOT! Very disappointed

    41. Missing avatar

      FunkyLaneO on

      Of the two I ordered, one arrived broken, how do I go about getting a replacement. The little stud that holds the bell on was rattling around in the box yet there was no damage to the box whatsoever. Seriously makes me concerned about the durability of these bells and really disappointed that I waited so long for a bell that is broken.

    42. Missing avatar

      Christof Chen on

      I ordered a large one and the packing slip also says large, but the bell actually is the "small" 22.2mm one. How can i get the bell exchanged?

    43. Ed Henn on

      Got my Oi bell, thanks! Packaging is beautiful, bell looks great and sounds great off the bike, but unfortunately it's muted when installed on my bike. I have the small one and it seems to fit quite well. Will try installing with a rubber insert around the bar. Just wondering if anyone else is having issues. My bar is curved in some places but the bell is installed on a straight section. I can send photos and sound samples if desired.

    44. Stijn Janssens on

      The local bike store around the corner already sells the bell... But I'm still waiting on my order... Little bit disappointed :( Belgium

    45. Andreas Kolbe on

      Just to add to the overall impression: Seems, that the fullfillment partner screwed up. I received my bell. Correct color, wrong size. :-( Although I'm not as agitated as some others here, I hope, that Knog finds a way to make us - the early backers of their business idea - happy anyways. Already sent a DM and would appreciate any token of appreciation for the inconvenience caused by this after us waiting... Best regards from Berlin, Germany... Yours Andreas

    46. Missing avatar

      Cheng-Hui Peng on

      I'm still waiting for a notice e-mail. I check my e-mail everyday since Knog announced that the bell will be shipped in September . But I'm not sure when my bell will be shipped because my country in listed in "ROW". Actually, I have gave up to waiting for anything... I just hope I could got my bell before Christmas. Or I should consider buying a Oi bell from retail shop...

    47. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Simeon Frank: Sorry to hear this. Can you DM us and we'll look at sorting this for you asap.

    48. Missing avatar

      Rayment Moxley on

      Arrived today, beautiful sweet soundi, could not be more delighted. An awsume job folks!

    49. Missing avatar

      Cassie Soeffing on

      The post just dropped off my Oi's. I have to say I was super excited to finally receive them. Sadly, I'm not as excited about the actual product. The bell does look different but the sound is no-where near what I expected and I am super disappointed. The package says 'A new kind of ring'; if you meant shape-wise, then yes but honestly I was hoping the sound would at least be loud enough to be heard.

      I am super disappointed.