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Bike bells generally look and sound a bit ugly. But why? What if they looked sexy and sounded like an angel playing a glockenspiel?
Bike bells generally look and sound a bit ugly. But why? What if they looked sexy and sounded like an angel playing a glockenspiel?
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Oi bike bells are shipping

Posted by Knog (Creator)

Hi Backers, 

We’re excited to announce that Oi bells have started shipping.

The first batch of Oi bells were shipped to our Shipwire fulfilment centre earlier this week and arrived at their depot today. This first batch includes bells for backers in the USA, Canada and Germany and will start to be mailed out later next week.  

The remaining orders from Australia, UK, France and the rest of the world are close behind and will be shipping shortly. We’ll have a more precise update for you all early next week. 

When these orders have been mailed from the fulfilment centre, you will be sent an email to notify you that your order is on its way.That means that as bells are now in the process of shipping, we can no longer accept any address changes or modifications to your pledge. 

Thank you & have a great weekend.  



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    1. Missing avatar

      James Chivers on

      Good: Bellshill arrived today.
      Bad: Postage/customs charge to the value of 1 bell!

    2. Missing avatar

      Daryl Tan on

      Whats the date for backers from Singapore? Haven't seen any email update yet

    3. Knog 3-time creator on

      @backers: We'll be posting an update later to notify you all of the current bell shipping status. Good news is that everything is moving, and is either shipping out to backers or making it's way to the fulfilment centre to be processed and shipped.

    4. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Frank Rodriguez: You should receive a shipping update shortly.

    5. Jeff on

      Hi guys, any update on delivery to Australia? I used my work address for delivery but my office is now moving on 20 October. Jeff

    6. Frank Rodriguez on

      I haven't seen any updates regarding the shipment to US. Based on the comments I guess there's a bit of a delay? Im not bothered by it, just curious to know if there was an update about it. I want to make sure my shipment is still in process.

    7. trevor junge on

      So when is the australian delivery actually happening?
      no update as promised

    8. Missing avatar

      Simeon Frank on

      German Order: estimated delivery Okt. 13 -21.... is this a joke???? In the first shipping mail you've said about 3 days. Should I order it in german stores where it is already available???

    9. Rich Hims on

      Feel the need to give another voice in support of Knog as a project: of the people expressing disappointment, it looks like the vast majority are one-time Kickstarter backers. Everyone needs reminding that Kickstarter is not a retail store. You could always have waited for general availability if you wanted to get hectic about exact dates. Revel in joining the creators on their journey.

    10. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Troy: Please see comments below. We will have a more precise update v.soon.

    11. Troy Pople on

      A case of over promising and under delivering. You committed to giving us a more precise update more than a week ago but this has not to materialize.

    12. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Anthony Welch: Yep, both bells are shipping together. The reason only one bell is showing is because only one was pledged for via Kickstarter, the other bell was ordered as an add-on via Backerkit. Hope this helps.

    13. Missing avatar

      Josiah Jensen on

      Hoping to get good news about a shipment in the US in my inbox today *crosses fingers*

    14. Rolts on

      @CHIHITO SHIMIZU : You didn't pay a year ago! The campaign ended in March this year. Pledges were collected when the campaign finished.

    15. Missing avatar

      anthony welch on

      I updated my pledge to include an extra bell after signing up to support the program. I see credit card charges to kickstarter for the first one and KNOG for the second, but only see one as outstanding thru Kickstarter. Are both units being shipped together?

    16. Chip Creitz on

      Great, thank you for the thorough reply to my questions! I hope I am in a batch shipped out very soon ... Philly is soooo close, less than fifty miles. Anxious to see and use the final product.

    17. Missing avatar


      passed one year when I backer paid by CC.
      I would like to know confirmed up schedule for shipping.
      should when you are shippout for my couple order.

    18. Chris Wiedemann on

      Gee guys, run out power in Tassie? Waiting by the mailbox but still no delivery. Nice one, send to the overseas customers but forget about the Aussie backers ����

    19. Knog 3-time creator on

      Hi Backers.
      Apologies for this being mid-week, rather than "early in the week", but we were waiting on shipping schedules.
      First batch (N.America/Germany) are in the fulfilment centre and are being sent out mid next week.
      Although we don't have exact schedule for each remaining shipment, it looks like all remaining bells will be in transit by the end of next week. So landing in your hands around mid October.
      Again, we'll update you next week with more info as we have it.
      Cheers, Sam

    20. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Chip Creitz: The US bells are in the Shipwire warehouse in Philly. These are currently being processed and mailed out in batches. When mailed, you'll receive an email notifying you of this and also tracking details. The service being used is a FedEx ground service, which as stated above is trackable.

    21. Missing avatar

      Chip Creitz on

      "Who's there?"
      "I am still waiting for an answer to my questions from 24 hours ago ... "

    22. Missing avatar

      Chip Creitz on

      I am confused, have USA destination Oi been shipped to supporters or are they somewhere else? Where are they shipped from, will there be tracking, what shipper is being used? Some more details would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!

    23. Scott on

      Ignore my comment below, found an email which confirmed the address I used.
      Luckily is was my work address!

    24. Scott on

      Unforeseen circumstances have forced their hand to me and I've had to move from my current residence.

      Knowing us Aussies will be receiving ours later, is there a way I can check to see what address I used for shipment?

    25. Knog 3-time creator on

      Thanks for your support, @Patrick, @Mike, @JBChristy @David @Bill @Shane . For those disappointed, we are disappointed you're disappointed, but just want you to know that the delays are due to ensuring the highest quality.
      @fiona, Australia isn't last. But we've planned logistics so geography/local shipping processes etc are all accounted for to get the most bells in the most hands early on.
      @nick, our minimum recommended price in Europe is €19.90. We will follow up with retailers to ensure this is upheld where possible. But rest assured, the bell will not be available in any shops before October. We haven't shipped to retail yet.
      @brian @unum @John, we're gutted that you won't be backing us again. We certainly want to use Kickstarter again, so will take on board your comments for next time...

    26. Missing avatar

      Unum sed Leonem on

      Good to hear. Can't wait to get Mine.
      That said, I'm quite disillusioned to find out that the Oi costs half the that in online shops it does on KickStarter.

    27. Missing avatar

      patrick keegan on

      Congrats, Few kickstarter projects ship this close to their anticipated ship date. I look forward to your next campaign.

    28. Missing avatar

      Fiona Campbell on

      An Australian company leaving delivery to their Australian customers 'til last...poor form knog...poor form !!!

    29. Missing avatar

      Mike Buckley on

      @ JB Christy Thanks for your comment I would like to think that most backers agree with you

      @ Brian Smith Get real! If you had informed yourself about Kickstarter before you pledged you would realize what a great job Knog is doing

      @Knog �

    30. Missing avatar

      Brian Smith on

      Worst case of project management even over time over budget and unhappy stakeholders, never again!!!!!

    31. JB Christy on

      To folks complaining about this shipping late: Are you kidding? Estimated delivery was in August 2016, and it sounds like at least some backers will receive their rewards in September 2016. That's phenomenally close for a Kickstarter project. I've backed projects that shipped 18 months late, and even then it was only a partial shipment. I'm still waiting for a key component that was projected to ship in April, 2015. I'm thrilled with how this Oi Oi project has been handled, and how soon they're shipping relative to their estimate. If the actual product is as good as I hope, this will be the best Kickstarter project I've ever backed. Oi Oi!

    32. JB Christy on

      Shipping! Yay! Can't wait to get mine. Maybe this'll actually get me back on my bike.

    33. Jochen on

      @Nick Are you sure that the bell Oi bell was ever actually available from I totally agree with the general gist of your comment, however I've seen some dealers mark products as "sold out" before they ever became available...

    34. Lyle Gogh

      finally i can ring my bell

    35. Nick on

      Hi Knog, you have just updated us stating that backers in the US, Canada and Germany will be served next week, ROW later. YOur're late, but that's not a big deal.
      a very popular German online shop, is offering your Standard Oi at a promotional price of 17.90€ which is a few cents more than backers paid months ago (26 AUD is roughly 17.72€).
      I find this extremely irritating since you seem to serve trade partners prior to shipping to your backers. Not to mention that you've collected over 1 mil AUD from your backers which is basically interest free cash and you allow your trade partners to start price promos weeks before your loyal backers have received their long awaited, delayed products.
      The products are marked "sold out + more supplies in transit".
      Again, not a big deal, but I certainly won't back any Knog projects in future.

    36. John TheKaner Kane on

      Still got to wait even of the world....ain't this been an 'efficient' anticipation has waned totally...ding ding...yawn...

    37. Missing avatar

      Mike Buckley on

      Thanks Knog! I now only need a bit of cooperation from the german customs. I hope the transport costs are included in the price on the documents.

    38. Missing avatar

      ttan on

      So, few more weeks of peace and quiet for the cycling parks around my area

    39. Missing avatar

      Adrian Burton on

      Personally, I'd have looked at global weather maps and sent them to the countries with the shortest decent cycling weather first, i.e the UK and France first, �

    40. Missing avatar


      Yay for the oi bell and my deepest condolences to you Amnon. On the bright side, I'm sure your son will appreciate the brand new bike keke :P

    41. Missing avatar

      Shane Gleeson on

      Preach! Can't wait to get my hands on it

    42. Bill Tavis on

      Yay! I have been eagerly anticipating this... I ride my bike every day and it would have come in handy so many times already. Super excited to finally be getting it!

    43. Amnon Govrin on

      Great to hear. Sadly my son's bike got stolen a few weeks ago, where one of our Ois was supposed to go :-(