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Bike bells generally look and sound a bit ugly. But why? What if they looked sexy and sounded like an angel playing a glockenspiel?
Bike bells generally look and sound a bit ugly. But why? What if they looked sexy and sounded like an angel playing a glockenspiel?
Bike bells generally look and sound a bit ugly. But why? What if they looked sexy and sounded like an angel playing a glockenspiel?
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    1. Missing avatar

      Cosmin Constantinescu 6 days ago

      Never received anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Harold on

      Sorry to revisit a kickstarter that was already delivered. I got 2 black bells and they are barely audible (much like other comments). I am not sure if Knog would do anything for us original kickstarter but, has anyone managed to find a way to make them ring louder? The spring looks and feel very weak and cheap. Probably why the little ring over road vibrations and the hammer is plastic. How loud can hard plastic striking metal make?

      The cheap bells that I got for my kids bikes are louder. I like the design idea and the looks but, I am tempted to take them off because the aren’t really effective.

    3. Lucas on

      Hi Knog,
      my Oi keeps ringing when I am riding my bike, especially on more shaky roads. It cannot be heard by other people around me, but is loud enough for me to hear it and quite irritating especially when I am on longer rides.
      I have tried adjusting the position of my Oi and have played around with the metal part that makes the ringing sound but it doesn’t help.
      Can you advise what to do in order to fix it? Also, when I ring the bell, the volume is rather low and I keep having to ring it several times before other people in front of me notice. I have watched your video in the campaign again of how the bell should ring but feel like it’s dull and nowhere near as loud. Is there anything I can do to fix these two problems? Thanks in advance!

    4. phillip melia on

      Simply not loud enough to be heard by anyone but the rider. Deeply disappointed Knogg.

    5. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Luca D'Addezio: The bells were shipped out to you in October 2016. If you never received your bells then please send us a direct message and we will arrange to have a couple more bells mailed out to you.

    6. Luca D'Addezio on

      why i never ever even received my bells?

    7. Nick on

      same here - no more Knog products for me after the Oi experience.

    8. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Jay Lewis @Esteban Sardera: Sorry to hear that you are not happy with your Kickstarter Oi bells. If you can send us a dm with your address then we'll arrange for a replacement to be mailed out to you, no worries at all.

    9. Jay Lewis on

      The Knog "Oi" Bell was the single worst product I have ever purchased and I unfortunately bought 2 or 3 of them. They're still unopened in my studio, I couldn't even bring myself to give them away. Incredibly poor construction and therefore very little sound. Unusable.

      Nope, not gonna fall for that one again Knog. Shame on you for even trying to take our money again. My advice to backers is to avoid at all costs.

    10. Esteban Sardera on

      Knog - super disappointed with my original kickstart. Love the design and the ring but the hammer feel off after just afew weeks. The plastic and spring design does not work. Should have been a piece of metal will "memory" to bounce back to original position that acts as the ringer.

    11. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      All I can say is that cheaper bells out of China sound better. Friends at work ordered similar ones and they were much louder. The small ones I got (titanium and black) are not loud enough to get people's attention. And those were the second ones that were sent to me, which were better than the first ones that barely rang at all.

    12. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Scott Ferguson: The discount code expired on the 31st Dec 2017.

    13. Scott Ferguson on

      Guessing the discount code we got a while back has expired?

    14. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Murase @Jordan: We can sort this out for you. Send us dm with your details and we'll mail a new part to you.

    15. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Kenji Kusuhashi: Sorry to hear that no one got back to your email. If you can send us a dm with your address then we'll arrange for a replacement to be mailed out to you, no worries at all.

    16. Missing avatar

      MuraseYutaka on

      I lost the operation part of Oi. Is it possible to purchase that part?

    17. Missing avatar

      Kenji Kusuhashi on

      About 1 year ago, I sent a message "I used a titanium bell and used it, but the sound is very small, it does not become usable. Can I exchange it?"
      As you answered "Drop us an email at and we'll fix this for you.", so Is sent e-mail.But no matter how many times I sent it, I just returned an auto answer message.
      When will you send me a reply?

    18. Missing avatar

      jorn k on

      The bell is too quiet, and then the bell hammer lever snapped, I have probably used it 5 times at the most.General quality was terrible

    19. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Hiroki Maeno: If you think you have an issue with your Oi bell then please drop us an email at and we'll fix this for you.

    20. Missing avatar


      The design is good, but the quality is not good. I can not recommend it.

    21. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Phillip melia: If you think you have an issue with your bell then please email us at and we'll replace this for you.

    22. phillip melia on

      Not only does it not look like a bike bell, but it really doesn't sound like one either. It is far too quiet to let anyone hear.
      All style and no substance to this product.

    23. Pa Chi on

      Such a waste of money. Bought two of them, and it’s most useless component ive bought for my bikes ever.
      I’d gladly accept a refund if i could

    24. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Daniel Lim OO: If you can shoot us through an email at then i'm sure we can put this right for you.

    25. Daniel Lim OO on

      Just tried both bells recently. First one the bell didn't sound much and then the metal part came off. I threw it away.

      Second bell installed. Didn't produce any sort of audible ring that is sufficient to be heard. Only a dull thud like sound. Felt so cheated. Threw it away also.

      Hey creators if you read this and felt that you have two working ones you may wish to send them to me.

      Any form of reply would be appreciated.

    26. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Eric: It could be that the bell is overtightened, or it may be a faulty unit. Please email us at and we'll sort this for you.

    27. Missing avatar

      Eric Washington on

      Hey I've had two bells (a large and small) from the beginning and have never used them. Why you may ask, no real reason. Well last week I just purchased a new bike and installed the smaller bell. The bell sounds like a thud. I've tried adjusting the bell's location to no avail. Any ideas?

    28. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Brian Lafond: That sucks Brian. Shoot us through an email at and we'll see what we can do.

    29. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Lucas: If you could shoot through an email to then we'll happily resolve this issue for you.

    30. Brian Lafond on

      Well, my bike was stolen last night, and with it, my Oi bell. It was an awesome bell while I had it. Maybe I'll see if I can buy a replacement in the future... RIP

    31. Lucas on

      I have been using my bell (large version) for a good amount of time now. While in the beginning the sound of the bell was crisp and fairly loud, over the past couple of weeks it has deteriorated quite a bit. Now it’s more like a dull chime and not loud at all anymore. I have tried playing with the position of the bell on my handlebar but sadly it doesn’t do anything. The spring on the bell seems intact but I can help but feel that it might not be fully in the right position. I really love this product, especially the minimalist design, but hate that I haven’t been able to use it really for the past few weeks. I’ve tried following most of the tips given in the comments section here but they all don’t work. Is there something else I can try? My friend bought the bell a while ago online and doesn’t seem to have any of these problems, so I am wondering if it’s any flaw with the initial design of the bell? Would really love if you could help me out. Thank you so much!

    32. Philip Pang

      Have you guys seen the new design engraved knogs?? So kewl!!

    33. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Jay Lefebvre: Can you drop us an email at and we'll put this right for you. Also, if you can include a few photos of the bell then that will help us.

    34. Jay Lefebvre on

      Just some feed back. Not quite a year later and bells look nice but didn't survive cool temperatures. Unfortunately, over the winter the guides for the spring on the mounts for both bells snapped. The springs then twisted drastically out of alignment. Now the hammers point to the sky.
      Is it possible to buy replacement mounts?

    35. Missing avatar

      Unum sed Leonem on

      I retract my last comment (can't delete it, it appears); my apologies. The issues I related are being resolved. Herewith I'd like to use the opportunity to commend KNOG on their considerate disposition and the excellent customer relationship management.

    36. Missing avatar

      Unum sed Leonem on

      I have requested a full refund a number of times - KNOG keeps dodging, beating about the bush and attributing the product's failures on user error. This is most certainly the last KNOG product I've wasted money on. I imagine, if one out of 5 of your customers followed suit, you'd end up bankrupt in a year or two. A very, very imprudent move on your part, @KNOG.

    37. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Joe DeBlasio: Thanks for the message. If you can email us at then we can look at replacing these faulty units for you.

    38. Missing avatar

      Joe DeBlasio on

      I backed this Kickstarter project and bought 3 Oi bells. When I got them, I mounted them on my bikes and 2 of the bells did not ring properly and the remaining one could not be mounted because the bike I bought it for was replaced with a new bike (with a different size bar) while waiting for the bell to come to fruition. I mentioned this to the creators and never got the bells replaced with working units. I spent a bunch of money and received useless bells in return that do nothing but sit in my garage taking up space. I would love to get them replaced with real working bells, is that possible? Thanks in advance.

    39. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Sean Field: Sorry to hear that, Sean. We'd be happy to replace this bell for you with one of the latest Oi bells. We will send you a dm to confirm your address and then send out a replacement this week.

    40. Missing avatar

      Sean Field on

      I backed the Oi Kickstarter project last year thinking it would be great: "The bell that doesn't look like a bell" ... indeed, it is a very attractive design. Except the Oi doesn't sound like a bell, either. It's rather weak sounding and pretty pathetic. It kind of rattles forlornly while I'm cycling and then gives the quietest of "dings"when used as an intended warning. Embarrassingly, it makes my bike sound sort of like a child's bike. I can't believe it cost so much to back through Kickstarter and I wish I'd never bothered. The is an honest appraisal - and I'm trying to be respectful and considerate whilst also telling the truth. I hope Knog doesn't delete this and prevent my review. In summary, the Oi is totally disappointing and utterly underwhelming - an item that is not at all befitting of the name given to it ...

    41. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Vedran: Sorry to hear that. Your bell was shipped out to you last year, however, if you did not receive this then we apologise and will resend to you this week.

    42. Vedran Ožir on

      When will I get my Oi?

      I did place an order more than a year ago and still got nothing.

    43. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Franklin E de Menezes Filho: Sorry to hear that. If you can email your address to then we'll have your bell reshipped out to you this week.

    44. Missing avatar

      Franklin E de Menezes Filho on

      For some reason I have never received my order.

    45. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Don: Thaks for the heads-up, Don. We'll pass this over to our IP team.

    46. Knog 3-time creator on

      @techbadger: If you want to order some new Oi bells then you can do through this link >> Let us know if you have any questions.

    47. Missing avatar

      techbadger on

      When can we order the next oi's?

    48. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Richard: If you think you have an issue with your bells then please send us an email at and we'll put this right for you.

    49. Knog 3-time creator on

      @Pei: Sorry to hear that. We will arrange for a replacement to be mailed out to you this week.

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