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A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
18,126 backers pledged $974,578 to help bring this project to life.

Q & A with Michael J. Nelson

Before you click on that video, we want to let you know that new Add-Ons are available! If you're interested in some original artwork by Doug TenNapel, or the much requested "Beak-Beak" T-shirt, then go check out the Add-On section on the main page!

But FIRST...sit back, put your feet up, and tell your boss you're taking a quick break to enjoy some Q & A with Michael J. Nelson.

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    1. Alex Lukyanovich on

      Thank you again, Doug! I'll add 10$ to my pledge for internation shipping to get these awesome sketches. :)

    2. TenNapel on

      Alex, The Sketchbook Archives is going to be a separate shipment. I mean, when this funds the first thing I'm doing is mailing those books out ASAP. The sketches and commissions you order won't be drawn until well into next year and will probably ship with all of our other physical objects like boxed games etc.

      And while we're on the subject, these original works of art make great gifts to fellow gaming fans. Surely everyone here knows someone who loves Earthworm Jim or Neverhood and they might have some cartridge in their collection, but they probably don't have a one of a kind work of art from the original team!

    3. Rasmus Jämting (PixelMage) on

      When the game is done, they are going to sacrifice him to the seven-armed baby.

    4. Alex Lukyanovich on

      My new question is: I selected 130$ tier with TenNapel Sketchbook Archives and added 33$ for shipping to Belarus. Now I added 100$ to get 4 physical sketches, how much money I must add for shipping those? Or those sketches will be delivered with TenNapel Sketchbook Archives?

    5. Alex Lukyanovich on

      Wow Mike! Those are amaizing, thank you very much!

    6. Luke Peterson on

      @Mike - Thanks for posting those links! First time seeing much of that work. The first pic with Psy-crow, the cow heads mounted on walls with Jims head inflated, the pic of Jim sitting down on what seems to be boxes or steps looking a bit sad. If only you guys were able to release an art book of Jim as they do with much games these days.

    7. Pencil Test Studios, Inc. Creator on

      @Luke -- Jim is 100% Doug's creation, I merely had the honor of modifying him slightly so he worked best for animation. Doug, Ed and I all animated him for the games, so we're all to blame in that respect.
      Here are some EWJ sketches from one of my old sketchbooks I posted a while ago:


    8. Luke Peterson on

      @Mike - awesome! Love your Jim! (that I unfortunately didnt realise until now that it was you who was behind it all this time).

    9. Pencil Test Studios, Inc. Creator on

      @Luke @Alex -- we have another add-on coming online soon that I think you're going to like...

    10. Luke Peterson on

      @alex @tennapel - wow, I wasn't really all that aware that Mike Dietz had drawn Jim as well, but yeah I just did a Google search and I basically saw Jim straight from the game. Would love a version of Jim from Mike! :)

    11. Inkan - Armikrog.Army$4.96 on

      We´re going up-up-up-up-up u-u-u-uuuuuuuuuup! [Loreen]…

    12. Alex Lukyanovich on

      Thank you! I already backed on 130$ tier, so I'll get Sketchbook Archives with your commission inside. But I deadly want another one from MikeD, he's my animation hero! :) Sadly, I don't have enough money on my card to ask you guys for 100$ commisions from Ed and Mike Koelsch, but if you add cheap (~20$) sketches addon, I'll still be able to back those until my visa will be completely empty.

    13. TenNapel on

      @Alex, anyone who wants to reduce my pile of commissions buy naming Mike or Ed instead are more than welcome! And your commish will still be fantastic!

    14. Alex Lukyanovich on

      I'm a really big fan of Mike Dietz's style and canonic look of Earthworm Jim. Is it possible to get Earthworm Jim "canonic" portrait drawn by MikeD? And how much it will be cost, if it possible?
      What do you think about commissons drawn by other guys from original EAWK\Neverhood team? I think people just love TenNapel portraits, but some of us will be really happy to have another paintings too, like drawn by Mike Dietz, Ed Schofield and Mike Koelsch. Even cheap sketches will be great!

    15. Luke Peterson on

      Oh and really good to see the artwork added as add-ons! I just have to decide who means the most to me out of Jim and Klaymen ( and if I go with Klaymen have to figure out do I just want his head or his body as well). Though I could just get both. Decisions, decisions!

    16. Luke Peterson on

      @julien Fenech - you could also create two accounts. I know that is what some others have done so they could get a physical copy of Armikrog under one account and on another they got the sketchbook.

    17. TenNapel on

      @Julien Fenech, I know this may sound strange, but you should guess at the physical cost of the two rewards combined, then add on whatever you guess as the shipping, and I'm willing to bet that we would honor what you came up with.

      On my own Kickstarter I never cared about special requests as long as when I checked their donation level it reflected the value of the odd combinations.

    18. Missing avatar

      Julien Fenech on

      @TenNapel: is it possible to add a new tier where we could back for both a physical copy of your Sketchbook Archives AND a physical boxed copy of Armikrog please?? :D

    19. TenNapel on

      @Bradson Goldie, every commission will be completely unique... I'm going t be using different poses and maybe even things like sepia ink instead of just black. But you just get to pick the character and I need to do the rest. If I end up doing 200 of these, the freedom to make them how I love to draw them is the key to sanity. You can make a special request and might get lucky... but, you know.

      Here's a pic of all my commissions I did for my Sketchbook Archives. You'll get a similar quality and look with your add-on:

    20. Missing avatar

      Bradson Goldie on

      The add-on art looks great. How much do I have to pledge to get a painting of Earthworm Jim shaking Tommynaut's hand? Or colliding his rocket thing with Tommynaut's ship? Or maybe just wearing Tommynaut's "T"-shirt over the super-suit? Some sort of non-canonical fandom interaction, that's what I'm getting at.

    21. Monika Frendl on

      I can't stand this waiting waiting waiting....!

    22. Ahmed Shaltout on

      Lol that was hilarious :D XD

    23. Vince Vazquez

      If the 7 armed monster baby DOES make it into Armikrog, I hope it's called, "Clokey-Hausen" :D

      WHY ISN'T THIS FUNDED YET!?! It's getting frustrating. I'm really hoping that it's just a lot of people who turned on their reminder and will swoop in during the last 4 days...

    24. VideoVader on

      The Rifftrax forums have only a single thread on Armikrog, and it hasn't been touched in almost a week. Shall we pump it up a bit with news and discussion of this latest video? Take care to leave politics at the door.…

    25. Chris Fern on

      I'm sure the folks on the Rifftrax forums are well aware of Mike's involvement with the project. I'd be kind of shocked if they weren't.

    26. Collyn DeWitt on

      Awesome, I don't know how you snuck in here mike but I am glad that you did! I got a hankering to watch some mst3k now.

    27. Christopher Guest on

      Mike, why do you always get caught up in the schemes of mad inventors who inevitably capture you and force you to do silly things for the enjoyment of everyone?

      Oh... That's why.

    28. S.D. on

      Haha, great!

      Anybody a member of MST3K or RiffTrax forums? Might want to reach out to his fan-base and mention that he's going to be hilarious over here also :-)