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A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
18,126 backers pledged $974,578 to help bring this project to life.

Limited Reward - Doug TenNapel's "Sketchbook Archives"

Hi everyone!

For those of you who have asked, here’s your last chance for a copy of TenNapel’s “Sketchbook Archives!!!”

NOW—we’ve just posted a new $130 tier, where you can get a copy of Doug’s “Sketchbook Archives” with a digital download of the Armikrog game!

Limited to 100.

Good luck! 



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    1. Inkan - Armikrog.Army$4.96 on

      Curious about the Armikrog. Army? Add $4.96: ('96 in honor of The Neverhood release, and 4 hyper-intelligent Earthworm brains all thinking about how awesome Armikrog will be) to your pledge and change your tag line to show you've enlisted. It's a fun way to help the project by putting in a little extra.
      You Got This! Seize the clay!

    2. Hussein Huwaidi on


      Sorry ^_^"

    3. Hussein Huwaidi on

      TenNapel is a big celebrity, what more do we need than dough? What we really need is to spread the word! I don't see people tweeting and posting on Facebook like they do with other projects. I wonder why is that?

    4. Missing avatar

      Itai Strauss on

      Hey guys, you'll need a celebrity to get this project through...

    5. Hussein Huwaidi on

      WOW! Only 15 left!

      what if we add-on this tier $50 to include an actual page of one of your sketch books? and another $50 for a desired character instead of Beak-Beak ?

    6. Grigoriy Maltsev on

      Thanks for the answer, Doug! Already doing this)

    7. Alex Isupov on

      Just backed for this tear. But it would be awesome to include in this tear something like this:…

    8. Joseph MacKie on

      As a backer of that particular Kickstarter, I have to say that the book itself is gorgeous. So if you're looking for another reason to throw a couple dollars into the pot, you could do a lot worse than picking up a copy of this as well.

    9. Elliot | Armikrog. Army - Grunt on

      43 books left people, better jump on them, when they are gone....they are gone!

      also, I agree that some of the updates could use a bit more of an explanation on the front end. some of the tiers may also attract people with a bit more about what they are getting. The box cover art was a good addition. People are more likely to spend money when they have a good idea of what they are getting for that money.

    10. TenNapel on

      Ryan, thanks for the explanation. I just assumed everyone here knew the make up of the book. It's not just any book, it's the best book I've ever made in my life and it would be difficult to top. There are also whole sections featuring rare making of Earthworm Jim and Neverhood art, as well as the mention of a mostly unformed idea called "Armikrog".

      @Luke, out of all the people who considered this book, only one had a problem with the leather so made them an un-leather cover that cost me $200 personally to put together. That was only because the donor came in before the stretch goal of leather was triggered!

      Thanks again to ALL of our donors just for being so generous and thoughtful about this project!

    11. Luke Peterson on

      @Ryan - yeah thanks for the big reply. It was more informative than I found out there myself. Yeah, I'm sure it's good, and I know many people prefer things with leather if they can get it, but I personally would have preferred imitation leather, or some other material if there was an option.

    12. Ryan Huff on

      ANNNND My long winded reply was answered by you already. Sorry. I respect your decision about the cover though. That's pretty top notch in my book.

    13. Ryan Huff on

      @Luke, it's bonded leather with gold foil stamps, and four ribs on the spine. The pages are thick archival quality paper (120 GSM Woodfree paper according to the KS page), with gilded edges on the the 3 visible (non-bound) sides, and it has a purple ribbon bookmark bound into the spine. I happen to collect books and this is a pride. I picked up two copies (one for a friend), and I'd say that this should have cost $125 easily. This book is of ridiculously high quality. Another KS fund was going on at the same time, and it had an option for a similar quality of book (a bit lower quality, but entire book full color) and it was $150 for the bonded leather edition. Not to mention TenNapel ended up losing money on these books. Yup, at the $25 it was "supposed" to be, he lost money on the book after shipping costs. So if he was giving them away at that cost here he'd just continue to lose money on Armikrog, something I'm sure nobody here would want.

      Anyway, I backed at a higher tier on his book campaign (found here: and I honestly would have spent $100 each on these and not batted an eye for multiple reasons. Also if you're really worried about the cost I can promise they'll hold their value. These were extremely limited, and are very desirable. I wouldn't be surprised to see these books selling at $200 within the next year. Even at that I'll be holding on to mine forever, because thse are worth far more than the money they cost. These books are works of art, and every page is amazing, and again the quality is superb. At $100, plus Armikrog you're honestly getting a steal and I'd be amazed if these lasted long even at this price.

      My advice would be start a second account (you can use the same Amazon payment account), and pick one up if you think it's something you may be even slightly interested in, as it will be very worth your time if you're a fan of TenNapel in any way.

    14. Luke Peterson on

      Actually, I'm just replying to myself here. I did a google search on the sketchbook and it seems to be made of leather? So no go for me, unfortunately there even though I'm sure to love what's inside. I guess I'm somewhat like Jim and have some strange obsession with cows.

    15. Elliot | Armikrog. Army - Grunt on

      I commend doug for doing this, in my eyes its genius and a great way of generating a good amount of money for the cause. He gets closer to making the game he wants to make, we get closer to getting the game we want to play. Plus, some people will get the book who otherwise had missed out on it. This seems like a win for everyone. great work Doug!

    16. Luke Peterson on

      I might make another account to get this ( as I still want the $200 tier with box, etc) but can anyone tell me what the cover is? Trade cloth, hardback? Vinyl?

    17. Missing avatar

      Alex Boudreau on

      Until now, the "Update #12" is my favorite one :)

    18. TenNapel on

      If you'll indulge me, let me clarify some things about this reward tier. I have just 100 sketchbooks left and I was going to sell them on the internet for $110 each. I just sold ten of the books at Denver Comicon for $100 each and that's how I protect the value of donating to Kickstarter.

      I know there's at least 100 people who will go for this tier, but my motive is to bring $13k into Armikrog so that the game gets made. That's why I didn't take the money myself off the internet sales, but donated it to Armikrog. It defeats the point if you defund a higher tier to get a book. I wouldn't stop you from doing that, but if you want the book that bad then use a friend's account to buy or create a second account.

      I guess I'm saying all of this to ask our donors to please try to honor that final goal we're all trying to hit. We need everyone pulling together, and I never would have offered these books if I thought it would end up injuring that final goal. I'm honored that so many of you want the book, so thanks for that, but lets work toward that final goal. The book exists, so it would be mean if the existence of the book kept Armikrog from seeing the light of day.

    19. Grigoriy Maltsev on

      Alright, guys, what if I made a $200 choice on the second day of this here project? (Just asking.)

    20. Tom Kronewitter on

      Still waiting on my copy of that book from earlier this year...

    21. James Richards on

      Awesome. I was just scouring the internets for one last month.

    22. Antonio Garcia

      @Christian: It was $25 in the original Kickstarter... which ended in October. If someone didn't back it last year, this is the only way to get a copy. It's a gorgeous book that is well worth the $100, and you have to remember that part of that $100 goes to Amazon and Kickstarter (around $15) and another part has to go into US Shipping, and ANOTHER part has to go into actually funding development of the game.

      As I said in the regular comments, you can just create a second account ot pledge for the Sketchbook and keep your main account for backing at your current level. Win-win for everyone.

    23. Hussein Huwaidi on should support add-ons option :\

    24. Missing avatar

      Nick Potje on

      @Hussein - I did it too.

    25. Missing avatar

      Hussein A. Huwaidi on

      I guess the best way to go with this, just to make sure, is creating a second account.

      Thanks guys :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Alex Boudreau on

      Just saw the answer to my question XD! Sorry! I'm from Canada and I'm forced tu add 33$ (but the right amount is 23$)... :/

    27. Christian Keur on

      It shouldn't be an add-on, but it shouldn't only include digital items at that tier. In the original Kickstarter, it cost $25 to get the physical book. Having the tier be $130 with no physical goods is a bit silly. I'd be willing to pay more for everything in the $90 or $125 tier + the book.

    28. Missing avatar

      Alex Boudreau on

      Will you ship the book at the end of the Kickstarter (in 20 days)? :)

    29. DredPirateStorm on

      The best way to do it is create a second Kickstarter account and pledge your $130 through that. It can't be done as an add-on because there are only 100 of them. If 1000 people pledge the extra $130 for the add-on then there will be 900 very angry people ;)

    30. Christian Keur on

      Due to the limited nature of the sketchbooks, being physical items that are probably in low quantity, I do /not/ think adding $130 to your tier will get you the sketchbook. You must sign up for the $130 tier to receive it.

    31. Matthew Sample II - Armikrog. Army $4.96 on

      Hussein, I believe it's a separate award tier. You can find it on the left. I'm sure you can get it straightened out! :)

    32. Christian Keur on

      This is done very poorly, in my opinion. I want the $125 rewards + the sketchbook. Impossible to do with the current structure. Please re-think how you've done this.

    33. Matthew Sample II - Armikrog. Army $4.96 on

      Wow! Is that two updates in one day? Two phen-om-en-al updates, might I add. I wonder what surprises lay in store in the future....

    34. Missing avatar

      Nick P. on

      @Hussein - looks like we've got two options

      1) drop your pledge down to $130

      2) create a separate kickstarter account and pledge an additional $130 for the book.


    35. Hussein Huwaidi on

      I hope that's the correct way :/ now I'w worried :(

    36. Greg Zinn on

      @Hussein @Nicholas $130 gets you a sketchbook, a digital copy of the game, and absolutely nothing else (no physical goods, no digital goods other than the game).

      It's basically a completely separate purchase, so you may as well make a separate kickstarter account to buy the book in addition to your original pledge if you are interested in buying the book. Yeah it's $130 extra for a book, but that's true no matter how you slice it.

    37. Hussein Huwaidi on

      Just add more $130 to your current tier! I grabbed mine!!!! I'm so lucky today :))))

    38. Missing avatar

      Nick P. on

      How can I get it if I am already at a higher tier? It will only let me pledge 1 tier...

    39. Hussein Huwaidi on

      Add-On? or do I need to change from $1K to $130?