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A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
18,126 backers pledged $974,578 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Pencil Test Studios, Inc. about 13 hours ago

      Seems there are a few people having trouble accessing their game download page. If so, please follow these instructions:

      To download your game you'll need to use the Humble Bundle order resender. Here's how it works:

      Go to and enter your email address (the one you use for Kickstarter). You will then receive an email from Humble Bundle that contains your personal link to your download page. From your download page you will be able to get the game and any digital content that is available.

      If you have any problems with accessing your download page, you can click the "contact us" link on the Humble Bundle order resender page for help.

    2. Creator Pencil Test Studios, Inc. about 13 hours ago

      Thank you again to everyone for helping us identify the remaining issues with the game, please know that we are continuing to address them as best we can.

      Just a reminder, going forward if you have any questions or need any support, please contact us at This is the best and most direct way to receive support.

      If you have issues with the game that you would like to report, please visit the community forum at
      This is the best place to report issues to ensure they are seen by the Armikrog support crew.

      Again, thank you for your support and patience.

    3. Creator Bobby Dragulescu about 14 hours ago

      Just wanted to say that I absolutely love the Terry Taylor soundtrack. I was already a big fan of the Neverhood and Skullmonkeys music, but WOW... Mr. Taylor has seriously evolved as a musician in all the right ways. I love the variation of tracks on this album, it ranges from rough and gritty, to simple and silly, to epic and cinematic.

      I have to say, for the life of me, I can't figure out where most of these tracks are used in the game! I wish this music was put to better use.

    4. Creator Jacob Fliss about 16 hours ago

      Still don't have my game.... Are you guys sending them out yet? I wanted the Steam code.

    5. Creator Massimo Vespignani about 21 hours ago


      This is the reply I got from ;)

      "I think the best thing for you to do here is to send us a message on our Kickstarter page. We'll need to confirm some info from you, and to see if this is possible."

    6. Creator Anders Mårtensson about 22 hours ago


      If you need support, use, not this comment section.

    7. Creator Nick Roberts (the Ranting Thespian) 2 days ago


      The additional rewards are not ready yet. The only digital rewards that are ready are the Soundtrack and Wallpapers.

      When the rest is available, it will be announced. They are focusing on the game right now.

    8. Creator Ezra Farber 2 days ago

      Humble bundle tells me i'm entitled to the $60 package, but only gives me the option to download the game, the soundtrack, and the wallpaper.Are the rest still coming?

    9. Creator Ezra Farber 2 days ago



    10. Creator Mike Paradis 2 days ago

      Through the course of the game there were 2 loose ends that I never figured out: First, there is a rotating circle on one of the track car segments with the flame pattern on it that I never figured out where it led (and I finished the game without going there). The second one was in the set of rooms with the 2 fuzz blocks and colored buttons, there is a vacuum tube in the ceiling of one of the rooms that I never used. Also, did the story ever explain what Vognaut's deal was? It seems like he was Tommynaut's friend at one point but he's super evil now.

    11. Creator Matt 2 days ago

      Hi, I'm responding to an email I got to message you guys on Kickstarter. I backed the "Armikrog: The Animator’s Scrap Heap + Full Documentary Edition" but I'm not able to receive any of the digital rewards. I've downloaded the game from the Humble Bundle link, but none of the digital rewards appear as available.



    12. Creator Kim 2 days ago

      Hi, I backed the Armikrog: The Astronaut’s Handbook Edition, but i did not receive the artbook, documentary, animation artwork, comic or handbook. I only got the game and some music. How and when do I receive the rest?

    13. Creator guy simon 3 days ago

      Hey guys, after our fb talk I'm writing to you here. I didn't receive my digital copy of the game.
      Guy sim

    14. Creator Dominic Jarvis 3 days ago

      Hey guys - I didn't receive my Steam access code for the game. Is it possible for you to send it to me? Happy to confirm any details you need.

    15. Creator Inkan - Armikrog.Army$4.96 3 days ago

      @Massimo I have the same question. If I find out, I will let you know.

    16. Creator Massimo Vespignani 3 days ago

      Hi, first of all congrats for the release of the game!
      During the Kickstarter campaign I added to my initial $25 pledge a $20 add-on to have an additional game copy. How should I proceed to redeem my second copy of the game?

    17. Creator Paskarl (k0SH) 3 days ago

      Like the game so far.
      But i HATE, H A T E !, the mini game with the planets and statues.
      Doing it for over 30mins now and I'm so bored of it!
      You should have implemented a skip button for these puzzles.
      Or a timer that offers to skip it after 15mins or so..

    18. Creator Magnus Olsson 4 days ago

      @Elisey, to get to a dowload page for the art book and music, follow the link that you got in a Kickstarter mail, to HumbleBundle. There you can claim your digital backer content.

    19. Creator Elisey Rodriguez 4 days ago

      Guys, where I can get my Backer content (art-book and music)?

    20. Creator Bledcarrot 4 days ago

      Sami, no offence mate, but if you think A MILLION DOLLARS is a lot for a video game in this day and age, then you're a little bit naive. It's nothing. In fact, I bet the original Neverhood cost a lot more. Remember it had the backing of Dreamworks. Claymation is notoriously expensive. Look, there's no doubt it'd be nice of the game was longer, but if you think this isn't more than two years and a million dollars worth of work then you're underestimating how difficult it actually is to make a game like this.

    21. Creator Marin 5 days ago

      Beat the game today. I enjoyed the game and it was very nice to have a game with claymation after such a long time. Unfortunately it felt rather short. Still it's a nice hommage/tribute to the neverhood in itself.

    22. Creator Sami Hamouri 5 days ago

      Seriously ? is this game a joke ? or is it meant to be episodical / chapters or something ? a Million USD for THIS !? 2.5 Years for THIS !?!? no way .. you really should be ashamed of yourselves , Doug TenNapel , I backed all your projects on kickstarter .. you wont be seeing anymore pledges from me mate.

    23. Creator Sami Hamouri 5 days ago

      Played Neverhood , waited 19 years for Armikrog , and I was really disappointed how short this game was , You guys raised almost a million $ ! , over 2 years since I pledged .. and I end up with a game that I managed to finish in less than two hours ? Disappointing ....

    24. Creator Antidote 5 days ago

      Thank you very much, I'm really enjoying this game! It's exactly what you promised, a spiritual successor to The Neverhood, which looks and feels gorgeous! Please just give it a little more polish, before realising the physical copy. I'm really looking forward to reveive my edition, but please don't hurry and take your time. I'm also hoping for a sequel and another campaign in the future, which I'd really like to support again. Thank you guys for this awesome experience!

    25. Creator Anders Mårtensson 5 days ago

      Here's my review:

      It was a pretty fun but short game. It has, as of writing this review, lots of bugs (missing menu buttons, misaligned subtitles, graphics glitches, which hopefully will be solved by the time it's on sale. First then you should buy it.

      Many puzzles are hard due to bad design of the game itself. What I mean is that often you don't know what's possible to interact with. Often you find out by accicent and lots of "ooooh wtf I can do that?" moments. Can't tell to much without spoiling it for new players.

      Also, video and sound is heavily compressed and very distorted at times.

      It seems like 95% of the budget and time was spent on modeling, which looks great, but that leaves very little left to the actual game.

    26. Creator Goncharov Pavel 5 days ago

      So.. Just finish the game and it is really disappoint. It is like trow my 50$ in the garbage can. 2,5 years and one million dollars for this shit full of bugs and stupid puzzles?

    27. Creator CHAnga 5 days ago

      As an addendum to what I said before, I think replacing most of the rail car segments with first-person exploration would've improved things quite a bit.

    28. Creator CHAnga 5 days ago

      Finished the game yesterday, just thought I'd post my thoughts.

      I can't honestly say I wasn't disappointed.

      It's not that the game is really bad at all. There's a lot of creativity, the backstory's neat, some of the puzzles are fun and unique, and the artistry on display is incredible.
      It's just that the product as a whole is severely lacking compared to The Neverhood.
      There aren't any standout moments like the belching fruit tree or the radio, there are shockingly few cutscenes, several puzzles repeat themselves far too often, the villain doesn't have much of a presence, Tommynaut, while likable enough, doesn't go through any kind of character development like Klaymen, and the game managed to not only be way too short, but also leave me feeling somewhat unfulfilled and hollow when I was done.

      One of the biggest disappointments to me though was the music. Terry Taylor crafted a totally unique, captivating and delightfully weird soundtrack to The Neverhood, so I had high hopes here. The preview tracks also seemed to justify said hopes. However, for the most part, the songs here are much more contemporary and mundane-sounding by comparison. The closest Taylor gets to recapturing his Neverhood/Skullmonkeys glory here imo is the Kickstarter names song. What happened to Boo Hoo Ha?!

      To be fair, most of my criticisms toward this title stem from playing the Neverhood before. If I hadn't experienced that before, I have a feeling I'd be a lot more positive towards this game, although the length would likely still be an issue. And at least one major improvement was made in Armikrog; the big wall of text which details the backstory is contained in one room instead of a really long hallway. THANK YOU.

      On a final note, despite my gripes, I really hope Armikrog does well. It's still a really unique title, and if Pencil Test receives enough funding from sales, maybe you could possibly give it another go-round with an Armikrog 2 that's a true successor to The Neverhhod, instead of merely being Neverhood Lite? The ending certainly seemed to hint at a follow-up.

    29. Creator Alex 5 days ago

      This post at the steam forums details various problems and issues with the game right now in great detail.

    30. Creator Marin 5 days ago

      So far I'm enjoying it. It's a bit bare bones with the occasional glitch, but thus far enjoyable. Then again I've always seen this project more of a piece of art than a game.

    31. Creator Pencil Test Studios, Inc. 5 days ago

      Thank you to everyone for helping us identify the remaining issues with the game, please know that we are working hard to address them as best we can.

      Going forward, if you have any questions or need any support, please contact us at This is the best and most direct way to receive support.

      If you have issues with the game that you would like to report, please visit the community forum at
      This is the best place to report issues to ensure they are seen by the Armikrog support crew.

      Again, thank you for your support and patience.

    32. Creator Julien 6 days ago

      @Yury Rakhmanov
      "The Order 1886" costs MUCH more - and still can be completed in 5-6 hours.
      "Dragon Age Inquisition" is MUCH longer game - but uninteresting, boring and routine.
      Game lenth is really main (or one of main) criteria in game's price?

      Sorry, but I have more than 200 hours registered on Dragon Age Inquisition, and even the three most boring hours of that (great) game were more interesting than the full Armikrog experience.
      Complete letdown.

    33. Creator George Rossinskiy 6 days ago

      In fact the game a way far from Neverhood :(
      And a lot, lots of bugs.


    34. Creator Kyle Gratien 6 days ago

      Got close to the end, didn't know I had to get a green gem shard (with no way back to the area), so after reloading I can't get Tommynaut to insert a lever. Guess it's over.

    35. Creator Charlie Chai 6 days ago

      Any chance of game updates to fix the bugs? Is there any bug tracking system in place? Was hoping some of the issues would have been fixed in beta testing. I am enjoying the came despite the issues though.

    36. Creator Hussein Huwaidi 6 days ago

      Loved the game, the music, the way this campaign was run by being transparent with what's happening without spoiling the game. Yes, there are still a lot, A LOT of bugs that need to be fixed before releasing a physical release of this beautiful game, but I'm a software engineer and I do understand this kind of deadlines with a project demanding a lot of hand crafting along with programming can and will have these issues.

      Thanks for the game "Pencil Studio" and we are waiting for your next game, be it on Kickstarter or on your own, I'm definitely getting it. Good luck!

      by the way "Haters are gonna hate ..." ;)

    37. Creator Collin David 6 days ago

      Beautiful game, well animated, only hit one bug... but it feels terribly unfinished. All of the characters and mechanics are exactly the same as Neverhood without any innovation, severely underused music and voice actors... it just feels like the same with barely different characters. Kinda bummed.

    38. Creator Seth Kearsley 6 days ago

      Every time I get to the POV in the green room with the thing under glass, the whole game gets stuck. It won't come out of that view.

    39. Creator Porcupine 6 days ago

      Thank you guys for the GOG option - MUCH appreciated!

    40. Creator Marin 6 days ago

      Good thing you found your steam key. I find gog to be a comparable download venue fo sho'.

    41. Creator Richard "AvatarIII" Barclay 6 days ago

      never mind, i worked out how to get the Steam Key

    42. Creator Richard "AvatarIII" Barclay 6 days ago

      I haven't had my steam key come through on Humble yet, only a GOG key, I paid for the game "distributed though Steam and/or other comparable download venues", I don't consider GOG a "comparable download venue"

    43. Creator Evan 7 days ago

      ... so I liked the game a lot. Growing up, the Neverhood was my absolute favorite game, and the style of play and art in Armikrog felt as it should. I don't really understand all the complaints going around about gameplay (aside from bugs) - I did replay the Neverhood recently and it wasn't that different. It would have been nice to have the music playing more often though. It also would be nice to see where the story was going next after the ending.

    44. Creator Lara Kinne 7 days ago

      Hello! I just tweeted you from my handle @dangerboobs, regarding my download problem. I need the download link sent to my current email Thank you!

    45. Creator Shmerl 7 days ago

      With the game out, do you plan to open Armikrog forum to the public?

      It would be a better platform for communication than KS comments.

    46. Creator Jeremie Lariviere 7 days ago

      got my GOG key, and I'm looking forward to downloading and playing!

    47. Creator Alon Tako Hacohen 7 days ago

      Was sad to see how short the game turned out to be, and I do feel like the puzzles and game in general are quite lacking in engagement and sophistication.

      But The art and animation are fantastic, and the sound is great (would have loved more tracks).

      This is understandable to me, given the money raised and the time this was in production.
      I enjoyed the game as a major, major Neverhood fan, but I was really hoping this would be the gate for a new generation of gamers to see the magic of what your style is and how fun a game like this could be, which this game probably won't do in a major way.

      I do hope it'll pay up for you and allow you to create another project, which I probably will support again, because I have full faith in the team's ability.

      Good luck, Pencil Test!

    48. Creator BigFatObeliX 7 days ago

      This game is a massive disappointment, you should have used the money to buy rights to The Neverhood and release that on instead. Would make me happy to see more people have legitimate access to that gem and would have saved me from this bitter taste in my mouth after playing your uninspired, repetitive "game". It's NOWHERE near the quality or fun of The Neverhood... Good luck getting more money from people after this, that's all I have to say.

    49. Creator Roland Boshnack 7 days ago

      What energy? This was funded in 2013. Planned ship date was 2014. Actual ship date was Sep. 2015...for THREE HOURS of gameplay. All the effort went into the art - which, I'll grant, is great - but there's barely a game underneath. It's a gussied-up mini-collection of fetch quests ("find three symbols, then input them here!") and filler. There's no narrative flow, there's no character development, there's nothing to this beyond $20 and two years of waiting for three hours of play. This was a worse money-to-entertainment ratio than the movies, and that's saying something.

      There's no replay value, so yes, its shortness is a serious problem. Since most of the three hours I spent playing were just trying solutions to trial-and-error puzzles, I bet a "speed run" would be under an hour. I'd try, but I'm too damn furious at this game.

      I will not support another project by Pencil Test Studios, nor anything produced by the primary people involved. Not worth the money, not worth the wait.

    50. Creator Paskarl (k0SH) 7 days ago

      "What about the physical goods?"
      have you read the last updates?
      it will take a while because they've concentrated all energy on the game itself.

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