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A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
18,126 backers pledged $974,578 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Missing avatar

      Francis Heaney 2 days ago

      Is the PS4 version any better than the Wii U version in terms of bugs, graphics quality? I haven't received my Wii U key yet (although based on comments, maybe it's there and I was just never notified), but having waited this long I'd sure rather play it on a better platform, at least.

    2. eXoScoriae 2 days ago

      Yea, this is weird. I make my post asking about physical rewards, and suddenly I get my ink portrait, but that was it. I had several extras added on when I backed, such as some sketches by Dietz, but none of that showed up.

      I did find it odd that it arrived literally a week after I made a post about it.

    3. Brian Giovanni 6 days ago

      Not sure if I'm early or late to the party with this info, but I got my original artwork in the mail two days ago (ink portrait by Doug, and character sketch by Mike Dietz - and they look fantastic!) - not sure if anyone else out there has received anything yet? No physical comic book or boxed game yet, but I figured any activity on the rewards is worth sharing, should anyone else want to be on the lookout for stuff..

    4. Missing avatar

      Marci Girling McPeak on October 19

      Still waiting on a physical copy of this game. Really feel the promises you made are not being upheld! Very disappointed!

    5. Justin Holmes on October 18

      This campaign's still a disgrace. Flat-out lies about the Wii U, meaningless delays, bargain-bin quality port, zero physical rewards, absolutely no communication whatsoever.

      Nobody will forgive and forget just because you all stick your heads in the sand!

    6. Missing avatar

      Dan on October 16

      It's been two years and still no physical rewards. What were you guys thinking, exactly?

    7. David Desjardin on October 14

      You guys had one job, and you turned this whole thing into a clown show...

    8. Luke Peterson on October 14

      Yeah, still waiting on the physical box, comic book, cd, dvd, character sketches, portrait, and so on here too. Only things I've gotten so far are the t shirt way back, and the digital downloads.

    9. eXoScoriae on October 12

      Gotta love the fact that all the art on the armikrog website is from the intro movie.

      Whats the ETA on printed materials, physical rewards, etc? I dropped around $250 on this campaign, and I'd love to actually recieve some of that.

    10. Steve Bowcutt on October 12

      No Wii-U code here still. Congratulations, you are officially my oldest backed kickstarter that has not delivered, and that's saying something.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jamie Holyoake on October 11

      has anybody received artwork of any kind yet?

    12. Ahenobarbus on October 10

      I`m still waiting the printed comic book. The game was released over a year ago...

    13. Diana on October 5

      NO! Not in Germany.

    14. Tobias Maack
      on October 5

      Did anyone receive the physical Box already?

    15. Inkan - Armikrog.Army$4.96 on October 3

      I´m wondering what happened with the page. It turns out going to ends up in an error message. However directs to a Wiki page:

      What´s going on?

    16. Missing avatar

      ike on September 29

      So did anyone receive the Wii u code yet?

    17. Missing avatar

      James Ruggles on September 28

      @ Nick Roberts, I didn't have the e-mail, but I shot Humble Bundle a support ticket and they linked me to the page that had my Wii-U and GOG key! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

    18. Nick Roberts (the Ranting Thespian) on September 28

      @James Ruggles

      Check your e-mail inbox for an e-mail from Humble Bundle. I did last week, and got my code and downloaded it to my Wii U.

    19. Missing avatar

      James Ruggles on September 27

      Did the WII-U codes go out? I have not received any codes for the game.

    20. Martin Lyngsnes Sæbø on September 20

      Hey, I would like to collect my PS4 key. Since it has been released on it now.

    21. Justin Holmes on September 17

      Hey, remember when you guys asked for all that money and promised a bunch of exclusive Wii U features you never bothered to put in the game?

      I sure do!

    22. Matthew on September 16

      In case anyone was wondering, got my paper comic out of the blue today.

    23. Missing avatar

      Tony Nevel on September 14

      Wait, have people received Wii U codes, because I still have not. Will I ever get one?

    24. Justin Holmes on September 14

      You might think everyone's forgotten about this and your omissions and flat-out lies about this process have gone ignored but I assure you every time I have a conversation about this game, and it is often, I underline the shitty treatment you foisted upon everyone who backed this game for the Wii U.

    25. Joseph P on September 9

      Thanks for the update. Got the game running on an Aussie WiiU. Now we wait for the big box edition, oh yeah.

    26. David Desjardin on September 9

      The entire post-funding of this game has been a complete mess, including and up to the release, bugs and patching. I expected more out of the people who brought us Neverhood and Skullmonkeys. What a disaster.

    27. Joseph P on September 9

      My WiiU code isn't work. Also in Australia. I think Nintendo stooged you guys. Europe codes don't work on Australian and NZ stores.

    28. Erin Waye on September 9

      I got my AU wii U code but it doesn't work :/

    29. Steven Robinson on September 7

      Hi guys, any news on EU WiiU codes?

    30. Steve Bowcutt on September 5

      *No code received

    31. Steve Bowcutt on September 5

      Still Wii-U code received here, and by the sounds of the other people playing it, I probably don't want it.

      Paid more, to get an inferior port of the game, later than release to the general public. Very bummed about this whole thing.

    32. Joseph P on September 4

      Hi, does the EU WiiU code cover people in Australia?

      I'm in Australia...


    33. Missing avatar

      Philipp Koschker on September 4

      still haven't gotten my wiiu code, what's up with that?

    34. Missing avatar

      redrum666 on September 4

      the last 2 days I have been playing the WiiU port and man the game is a buggy mess it crashed and locked up on me 5 times at one point I got stuck in a room I could not got out of I had to start a new game and this was after playing the game for over 2 hours and the controls are very unresponsive at times and have a really bad delay did any one at Pencil Test Studios, Inc. test this game before sending it to Nintendo

    35. Justin Holmes on September 3

      So finally playing the game, this is a very bittersweet moment because while I really do like the game, and I'm reminded why I had faith in it in the first place, I backed this because of the priority placed on the Wii U port, which turned out to be bare-bones, broken and sloppily made. (And we paid extra to get it late, let's not forget.)

      Not only did Pencil Test go back on its promises for exclusive content (and never, not even once, tell us about this) but we didn't even get a passable port. The jerry-rigged controls suggest this was only ever treated as an afterthought, especially given that Pencil Test promised the second screen wouldn't just mirror the TV. The game locked up on me twice, which is something I've only seen in one other game since shortly after the system launched. Meanwhile very basic things are missing. Really, Pencil Test, you couldn't spend five minutes writing a digital manual for this game? You can write an entire fictional language but your Wii U backers aren't worth "Welcome to the fortress Armikrog, the stick does this, the B button does that"?

      I paid a premium to get a premium product on Wii U. This in no way was what I agreed to, or what Pencil Test promised we would get.

    36. Missing avatar

      Philipp Jensen on September 3

      Wait the funny WiiU controls with the onscreen inventory and all that aren't in there? Scratch that then! I want a PC Code instead!

      What a bummer, I was patiently holding out for the WiiU Version because of the funny stuff you outlined with the controller.

    37. Lewis on September 2

      I got my code. While the game itself is enjoyable, the features that got me to shell out my money for the Wii U version aren't present at all, and that's frustrating. Plus it's hard-locked on me twice.

    38. Missing avatar

      Chris Hunter on September 2

      @ David Desjardin That is super frustrating... Literally the only reasons I opted for the Wii U version is because I thought it would get some nice exclusive treatment. Sad to see this isn't the case. And of course, it's also not surprising. :(

    39. David Desjardin on September 1

      Corrected version of the post below:

      I just took a short trip back to the Campaign tab to refresh my memory of the Wii U features, and they're literally nowhere to be found in the actual game! There's NO second screen inventory management, no beak-beak camera (at least not right away?), and I didn't make it far enough to find out if the drawing feature is there but I doubt it. The game plays horrible.

    40. David Desjardin on September 1

      I just took a short trip back to the Campaign tab to refresh my memory of the Wii U features, and they're literally nowhere to be found! There's in second screen inventory management, no beak-beak camera (at least not right away?), and I didn't make it far enought o find out if the drawing feature is there but I doubt it.

    41. Justin Holmes on September 1

      David, very very disappointed to hear that. I'd be lying if I said I was surprised though.

      These guys need to do the honest thing, admit they half-assed and bungled this and give refunds for everyone who backed this to play it on Wii U.

    42. David Desjardin on September 1

      Ugh no. The Wii U version is awful. It's not optimized at all for Wii U. The controls are unresponsive and atrocious. You're expected to still use a mouse cursor to point and click, and you have to drag and hold the cursor to move the character. Clicking on an object doesn't respond without moving the cursor over it first. The first puzzle where you have to change a slot-machine-like puzzle piece doesn't respond well at all. Even with the cursor over the arrows on that puzzle, it won't "click" when you touch the screen. I had to resort to moving the cursor over it and hitting the A button on the controller. It's practically unplayable, control-wise. Frustrating.

      And to top it off, the game isn't even in HD. The gameplay is blurry, and the FMV is pixelated. I haven't played this game on PC to compare, but this is sad and disappointing.

    43. Missing avatar

      Chris Hunter on September 1

      Anyone actually played the U version yet? Did PTS deliver on the Wii U exclusive content like gamepad functionality/features?

    44. Ryan Curtis on September 1

      I just got my wii u code in my email... but I had changed it to a steam code a long time ago and redeemed said steam code. I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to get both, so it looks like it's sending codes to anyone who said yes for a wii u version regardless of whether they changed it later

    45. Hemisphere Ormsby on September 1

      Oh wait, just saw the other email saying the code is only for america....
      *waves fist towards the sky as waiting continues*

    46. Zane
      on September 1

      I just checked my humble bundle and the Wii U key was there. So for anyone who hasn't got there's yet it maybe worth seeing if they have the chance to claim it now.

    47. Lewis on August 30

      I'm with you Justin...frustrated. This shouldn't have taken a week. I'd have bought the game on the eShop if I hadn't backed it by now. I just wish PTS would make a comment about it.

    48. Justin Holmes on August 30

      No codes and no comment for a whole week. An utter disgrace.

    49. Lewis on August 26

      Not yet, and it's a little frustrating...Tadpole Treble went off without issue, as did Shovel Knight and Mighty No. 9. I'm not sure what the hold-up is, but it's been three days. I'm tempted to ask for a PS4 key instead, even though I want to play this on Wii U.

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