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A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
18,126 backers pledged $974,578 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Matteo Enrico Neviani just now

      Where are the physical rewards? Last update was 3 months ago and you wrote you were about to ship them!

    2. Jeremy G 1 day ago


    3. Missing avatar

      redrum666 3 days ago

      yes can we get an update on the physical rewards please

    4. Stefan 3 days ago

      physical rewards? still waiting ?

    5. Missing avatar

      redrum666 on September 2

      you might went to check your humble bundle page that is where my PC copy was

    6. Hideo Kuze on September 2

      Just noticed that I don't have any game keys either.
      How does one get his GOG or Steam keys?

    7. Collin David on August 31

      Shipping update, please.

    8. Tue
      on August 26

      While I know it can take - quite - some time for things to arrive, it would be nice to know when it had been shipped. At least Mighty No. 9 did that (when they finally got around to it). :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Bob M on August 24

      Haven't received my physical rewards either. It's getting more and more ridiculous.

    10. Hideo Kuze on August 23

      Just a FYI for other backers: still waiting for my physical rewards.
      Would be good to know about other backers.

    11. Peter Whiting on August 21

      Received my physical (sketch) reward a couple of weeks ago. Thanks guys, it's now one of my very few treasured posessions :)

    12. Missing avatar

      redrum666 on August 18

      any updates on the physical rewards

    13. Alex Bozrov on August 9

      My address was changer right in Jule, how can I change my shipping address now?

    14. Missing avatar

      redrum666 on August 2

      any updates on the physical rewards

    15. Missing avatar

      Rachel H on July 13

      Haven't ever gotten my sketch either. :(

    16. Paskarl (k0SH) on June 29

      "or sending out a big box that only has a steam key like Broken Sword"
      Partly fake news, Overmann ;-)
      After some complained they've offered a DRM free DVD.
      I received mine and put it into the box.

    17. thefunnyguy on June 8

      Any news on the sketches? Still haven’t received mine.

    18. Overmann on May 21

      Well here's some of what they told me:
      "The physical game will be in a big, old school box with a case inside."
      "And yes, the physical game will be DRM free on a DVD."

      I'd much rather they take there time and get it right, instead of sending out a low quality clear case like Obduction. Or sending out a big box that only has a steam key like Broken Sword.

    19. Missing avatar

      KimHyunTai on May 21

      Physical rewards update please~!

    20. Collin David on May 19

      @Bob M - That's the exact same copy/paste response I got back in March. Good to know that there hasn't been one iota of actual progress in two months.

    21. Missing avatar

      Bob M on May 15

      So this is what I got back from Mike Dietz this morning:

      Thanks for the note. As we mentioned in our last update we've had a very
      difficult time finding a manufacturer who is willing to do a small run of the
      big, old-school boxed physical games for us. The good news is that we've found a
      company who is willing to do a small run and we're working on the artwork now.
      We'll be sending out a backer update with more info soon. Ed and I are working
      to get the games to the backers as soon as possible, so we appreciate your
      patience. Thanks.

      BTW, the best place to contact us is directly through Kickstarter. We are
      checking messages there and respond asap.

    22. Missing avatar

      Bob M on May 15

      I found contact info for the owner of Pencil Test, Mike Dietz. There is both an e-mail address and a phone number. I would encourage everyone to reach out in the hopes of him providing an update.

    23. Missing avatar

      Spencer Bodzioch on May 14

      Physical rewards update please :)

    24. Black_Hand on May 12

      Id contact Kickstarter first, preferable en masse. Class action lawsuit takes a little bit more organizing.

    25. Michael Cantwell on May 11

      Since they are legally obligated on this one, I'm just going to keep checking in until we get an update, the physical rewards start getting shipped out, or we sign up for the class action lawsuit. Wonder which one happens first?

    26. Missing avatar

      Corey Brown on May 9

      Also waiting on an update on physical rewards.

    27. Steve Bowcutt on May 5

      So I guess at this point I should expect nothing? I've still not received my Wii-U code, and have no responses to any of the contact attempts. B.S.

    28. Missing avatar

      kevin autenrieth on May 4

      waiting is hard! Please tell us something.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ryan Sztainert on May 4

      Nothing on physical rewards yet.

      Can we please get an update?

    30. Black_Hand on May 2

      Chiming in, I see Im not the only backer who is still waiting for their physical copy.

    31. James on April 27

      Well, it is possible to take this to the next level. They are legally obligated to fulfill their promises.

      No public announcements for a while. And the game has been released for nearly 2 years now. I am not happy. At this point I don't even want my rewards, I would much rather have my money back. This whole thing has soured my experience for the most part with crowd funding.

    32. Missing avatar

      Marek Jaroš on April 22

      Asked for a partial refund and they replied something along the lines it is getting made, same PR speak someone else posted here about half a year ago.

      Asked again and they are just ignoring me. At this point it is obvious they are either bankrupt and got no money to produce the rewards or are just scamming people.

      Either way I wonder if there is something besides litigation that can be done here, otherwise I guess my 125$ is gone.

    33. Thedude3445 on April 15

      I got the Wii U copy way back in September, but since I moved to Japan for a year and didn't take the console with me, I haven't been able to play it this whole time... :( This game looks really good and hopefully I'll be able to play it whenever I get back!

    34. Ross Elliott on April 15

      This is just silly now. Radio silence and nothing to show for the money I pledged. I'm beyond angry and upset that this is the way you think we can be treated. We at least want answers or our money back. Because I seriously am starting to think that these promises are not going to be made

    35. Luke Peterson on April 14

      Hmm.. yeah all a bit sad. Hopefully they're getting things together so we can get our boxed copies with CD soundtracks, DVDs and printed manuals. Would be good if we had another update.

    36. Missing avatar

      Bob M on April 10

      Are these guys even still in business? Their Pencil Test website hasn't been updated in years and their last tweet on their business Twitter was December 2015.

    37. J
      on April 8

      Where is my physical copy?

    38. Collin David on March 28

      @Michael Cohen - I'm not even convinced that the actual game discs are being made at this point. As of March 16th, I was told that they'd "finally been able to find a manufacturer who is willing to do a small run".

      Not WAS willing. Is willing, potentially, in the future tense, at some undisclosed time. The games haven't been made, the box art (which should have been done years ago) was not done. The other rewards (manual, documentary DVD, soundtrack CD, comic) - I don't even know where they stand at this point.

      And still... no updates.

    39. Missing avatar

      Michael Cohen on March 26, 2017

      So from what I gather everything is done except the boxes to put them in? The comics are done, sketches are done and so on. just throw it all in a box and do some doodles on it. It would be better than nothing.

    40. Michael Cantwell on March 24, 2017

      Welp, if this has taught me anything, never back crowdfunding projects. Nice 1500 dollar lesson on this one. I've given up hope on any box set, but for expletives sake I would hope they would have the decency to give people some answers, and make good on the promises of physical artwork.

    41. Tue
      on March 24, 2017

      Please don´t make this another case like Mighty No. 9 - game might have been made but people not getting their physical stuff, and not updating on the matter.

    42. James on March 23, 2017

      It has been years. Where is my physical copy?

    43. Missing avatar

      Spencer Bodzioch on March 18, 2017

      Hmmm it will be a miracle when the physical edition arrives...

    44. Collin David on March 17, 2017

      They won't give refunds. They've said that being completely unable to plan for printing physical copies was "out of their control", and the box art wasn't even done yet when I contacted them a day ago.

      The whole thing is gross at this point. Hiding for months on end is childish.
      I don't even know where to start with these guys anymore. I don't know how you don't actively source and start work with a solution before you even offer it as a reward, along with a backup plan for producing said reward. It's common sense.

    45. eXoScoriae on March 14, 2017

      Pledged $240
      Backer # 2,008
      All I have received is a steam key.
      $125 of that was for a physical boxed edition of the game.
      The other $115 was to be for
      $100 - Small PORTRAIT #4
      $25 - (8.5" x 11") SKETCH #4 by Mike Dietz

      It appears I was $10 short in my pledge. I would be happy to paypal that $10 to you in order to receive my sketches.

      On the other hand, I'd also like to receive the boxed game you guys have owed me for 2 years now.

    46. Missing avatar

      KimHyunTai on March 13, 2017

      Backer number

    47. Missing avatar

      KimHyunTai on March 13, 2017

      i am still waiting my physical rewards box edition...

    48. Pablo Mera on March 6, 2017

      Hey, guys. Any news on the physical rewards? Thanks!

    49. Steve Bowcutt on March 2, 2017

      Any news on the stranded Wii U users yet?

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