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A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
18,126 backers pledged $974,578 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Fien about 19 hours ago

      Thanks for the beautiful box I received today! Going to watch the making of this weekend. :)

    2. Seba 2 days ago

      Another happy box-owner signing in, and it's indeed a beauty, thanks for not cutting any corners and/or costs on them!

    3. Missing avatar

      tarax 2 days ago

      Got my physical box today! Looks great, but no wii u code :(

    4. roie 3 days ago

      Got my box to day!! Amazing work guys and girls!!! Love from Israel !

    5. Nealon 3 days ago

      Got my box! Thank you so much!

    6. Tue
      5 days ago

      Thank you, got the coll. box today.

    7. Tristan Davis-Keaveny 6 days ago

      Got my 125 USD level box today, i given up ages ago so a nice surprise :) They did a good job in the end with the box and comic

      (though really not good enough in the communication department)

    8. Luke Peterson on November 11

      Just got my collectors box from the $200 pledge here in Australia after thinking it was never going to show.

    9. PR Taylor
      on November 11

      Well a box turned up at my door today (UK) and was very surprised and pleased that I've finally got the Collectors box after all these years. Now I may actually go and play the game knowing the project is completed (for me).

      Though I must add, even though its been years, its a positive thing the creators stuck through to the end as its a rare thing on KS for that to happen even with the lack of communication over the years of the project and most would have disappeared completely.

    10. J
      on November 11

      Got my physical box but never got my art book!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Jonathon Tongue on November 11

      Got my game box last week and it looks great. Just watching the documentary footage now. Interested to see what other work comes out of Pencil Test Studies. Thanks.

    12. Tobias Maack
      on November 11

      Just got my Collectors Edition and the Comic. Looks really great. Thank you :)

    13. Giuseppe Pantaleo on November 10

      All good - finally great to receive this! So happy you got another ride in the rodeo, Greg and team. Hope there's more games on the horizon.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sean Lane on November 10

      So for $125 I received the same boxset as people who gave $90? What? Why?

    15. Josh Krady on November 10

      The soundtrack and making of DVD are included in the boxset!
      My only issue was I did not get my second Add On unsigned comic book.

      Steve Bowcutt, I have contacted them a few times through direct message on Kickstarter and they have gotten back to me. I got my Wii U Code back on 09/01/16.
      Email Subject Line: Armikrog Wii U Codes | North America
      from email address

      Try checking your Spam folder if it would still be in there after all this time.

    16. Missing avatar

      Patrick Longworth on November 9

      Got my physical copy today!

    17. Jonathan Hoyt on November 9

      received my physical copy of the game- any word on the other physical bits? CD, Book, etc?

    18. Steve Bowcutt on November 9

      Here for my monthly complaint that I still have not received my Wii U code, and have had no response to inquiries.

    19. Sean McCormick
      on November 9

      got my collector’s edition today, it looks great!

    20. Missing avatar

      redrum666 on November 8

      I got my collectors edition box today thank you it looks nice better then I thought it was going to be

    21. Overmann on November 7

      I got my box today, and it's great! I wish other Kickstarters did even close the this good a job.

      Thank you!

    22. Angela Reyburn on November 7

      Received my physical copy!!! :)
      How does one get their steam key though? I'm super behind and haven't used the steam key yet lol. I can't figure out where I'd get it.

    23. Carl B. on November 7

      My box arrived today.

    24. Jeremy G on November 7

      Oh shi... some boxes are actually shipping? I hope they have my right address off the updated survey. I've moved twice, changed the delivery address to my mom's house... then SHE moved, since we started this.

    25. Anthony on November 6

      Well, got my box. Looks very nice! Can't wait to check out the CDs.

      It was a trip and I wish everything went together more smoothly, but I think I can finally call this one done.

    26. J
      on October 30

      where are my physical rewards?

    27. Roi Natan Zukerman on October 27

      So... no updates? it seems nobody got anything.
      after so so so much time... I think you really don't care anymore.
      I am very disappointed. I really wanted to help you 5 years ago back after Neverhood was my childhood fav game... and all I got from you was a disappointment after I spent a lot of money to help you...
      I expected more of you, but in life, I guess when there are people like you?
      I'll stay with Neverhood memories.

    28. Missing avatar

      Joy And Shishkebab on October 17

      There is no reason that the devs need to be so silent. If they are hard at work (or at work at all), they can share with us the difficulties that they are facing. At least keep us updated on the reasons for delays.

      Clearly they couldn't care less. It's bad enough that the game was terrible, but I had hoped to at least get my few hundred dollars worth in the physical rewards.

    29. STooGE$$$$ on October 13

      I'm sorry, I should have said business-people.

    30. STooGE$$$$ on October 9

      As much as I was excited 4 years ago to back this, little did I know projects like this would be the downfall of KS. I stopped backing most projects over a year ago because I was waiting for YEARS for so many projects to deliver (at this point around 8). It has been 4 years since this was funded.

      Might be creative artists, no doubt, but horrendous businessmen. When I am I going to get my stuff?

    31. Missing avatar

      Marci Girling McPeak on October 2

      Where is my stuff???? Just one day I would like to be able to play the game I PAID for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    32. Overmann on September 30

      Thanks for sharing redrum666!

    33. Missing avatar

      redrum666 on September 30

      I sent them a message a few days ago and this is what they told me

      Thanks for the note. Not a whole lot of new info other than we're getting oh-so-close to a ship date. The packing/shipping company is not moving quite as fast as we had hoped, but the good news is that they just sent us the final packing list for approval.

      We really appreciate your patience, and we'll send out an update once we have the firm ship dates

    34. Matteo Enrico Neviani on September 23

      Where are the physical rewards? Last update was 3 months ago and you wrote you were about to ship them!

    35. Jeremy G on September 22


    36. Missing avatar

      redrum666 on September 20

      yes can we get an update on the physical rewards please

    37. Stefan on September 20

      physical rewards? still waiting ?

    38. Missing avatar

      redrum666 on September 2

      you might went to check your humble bundle page that is where my PC copy was

    39. Hideo Kuze on September 2

      Just noticed that I don't have any game keys either.
      How does one get his GOG or Steam keys?

    40. Collin David on August 31

      Shipping update, please.

    41. Tue
      on August 26

      While I know it can take - quite - some time for things to arrive, it would be nice to know when it had been shipped. At least Mighty No. 9 did that (when they finally got around to it). :)

    42. Missing avatar

      Bob M on August 24

      Haven't received my physical rewards either. It's getting more and more ridiculous.

    43. Hideo Kuze on August 23

      Just a FYI for other backers: still waiting for my physical rewards.
      Would be good to know about other backers.

    44. Peter Whiting on August 21

      Received my physical (sketch) reward a couple of weeks ago. Thanks guys, it's now one of my very few treasured posessions :)

    45. Missing avatar

      redrum666 on August 18

      any updates on the physical rewards

    46. Alex Bozrov on August 9

      My address was changer right in Jule, how can I change my shipping address now?

    47. Missing avatar

      redrum666 on August 2

      any updates on the physical rewards

    48. Missing avatar

      Rachel H on July 13

      Haven't ever gotten my sketch either. :(

    49. Paskarl (k0SH) on June 29

      "or sending out a big box that only has a steam key like Broken Sword"
      Partly fake news, Overmann ;-)
      After some complained they've offered a DRM free DVD.
      I received mine and put it into the box.

    50. thefunnyguy on June 8

      Any news on the sketches? Still haven’t received mine.

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