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A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
18,126 backers pledged $974,578 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator KSimms ✵ ✵ on May 3

      At a time when many Kickstarters are failing to deliver on their promises, it's nice to see one that is a success. The Armikrog game looks gorgeous and fun. Bravo to every person in this incredibly talented Armikrog team. You have been true professionals. I appreciate, and am inspired by, all your hard work.

    2. Creator charles decena on April 30

      any idea when we're getting the doug tennapel drawings?

    3. Creator Andrew - Armikrog Army on April 4

      Beta Test Access is add-on, it is not listed in any of rewards. So unless you've additionally paid for it, you are not getting it.

    4. Creator David Hilton on April 1

      Hello, I signed up for the $50 tier that's supposed to include all previous rewards, but I never received a beta invite via email from Pencil Test. Can you please contact me about accessing the beta when you get the chance? I would love to test the game out. Thanks!

    5. Creator Bedazzle on March 29

      No news today, my game has gone away
      Kickstarter stands forlorn, a symbol of the dawn
      No news today, it seems a common sight
      But people passing by don't know the reason why.

    6. Creator Johnny Vila on March 23

      UPDATE! pleaseeee!!!!

    7. Creator KSimms ✵ ✵ on February 28

      The game is looking great!

    8. Creator Luke Peterson on February 25

      Not sure how many others here are aware of ToeJam & Earl (first came out when Sonic and Earthworm Jim had their games on the Mega Drive/Genesis) but if anyone else is interested they have a kickstarter now which you can see here:

      @Andy Matthews - Tired of updates? They're what is telling us how things are moving along. :) Recent one had news of the beta release.

    9. Creator Kyle Miller on February 25

      It sounds like they are saying Spring for a release date (in an interview with Gaming Bolt on 2/25). I'll fire up my laptop to play this, and would happily buy it again on consoles. The latest updates look great! Thanks for the constant communication... this is a great example of a good Kickstarter project.

    10. Creator Andy Matthews on February 25

      I'm sure this has been asked before, but I'm getting tired of updates. This project was funded almost 2 years ago. When will this game finally be released?

    11. Creator KSimms ✵ ✵ on February 22

      Any info about a possible iOS version of Armikrog? I hope so, as this project looks terrific.

    12. Creator Rachel H on February 17


      I got my Armikrog t shirt this summer but none of the other physical rewards. Very excited to get a signed sketch!

    13. Creator Niki ES on February 16

      I haven't checked on this project in a while. I just want to make sure, no rewards (physical or digital) have been sent out for this yet right? I know that the game was pushed back (which I am totally cool with), I just want to make sure I keep in mind the time frame for all additional rewards. I didn't miss anything, did I?

    14. Creator Michael clinger on February 13

      Sure wish I could get the PS4 version instead of the PC version. I'm not sure I'll ever even get around to downloading my PC copy, whereas a PS4 version would be played on release day.

    15. Creator Josh Jackson on February 3

      Summer 2015? :D

    16. Creator Thomas Phan on January 22

      UPDATE! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

    17. Creator Matt Lachesky on December 28

      It seems the forums are (still) down - I've been getting a 404 error for about a week now. Anyone know anything about what's up? Hopefully tomorrow (Monday) it will get sorted out.

    18. Creator Nick Roberts (the Ranting Thespian) on December 27

      When will the forums be back up?

    19. Creator KSimms ✵ ✵ on December 23

      Armikrog Kickstarter has been run so well. And the game looks and sounds beautiful... even from the bits we've been shown. You guys are true pros, and I'm happy I backed!

    20. Creator polsensesovar7 on November 29

      Armikrog will become so a great game! But I would have prefered a sequel of the Neverhood and Klaymen in HD. Perhaps that Klaymen would appear as an easter egg...

    21. Creator Marin on November 24, 2014

      Waiting patiently for Armikrog. Just remembered I still have a song I played from Skullmonkeys on the guitar on youtube. The video is like 6 years old.

    22. Creator Peter Arentsen on November 20, 2014

      @Alba Leone Have you even tried reading any of the updates of this project. Yeah update 59 with them saying it will be somewhere next year.

    23. Creator Alba Leone on November 20, 2014

      I have been one of your earliest of backers and still waiting patiently for my game download. Any release date yet? Thanks!

    24. Creator KSimms ✵ ✵ on November 13, 2014

      This has been a classy operation from the start. Love what I am seeing in the updates. I'm proud to have backed this.

    25. Creator Linda Ward on November 12, 2014

      Hi Mike and Ed, just finished watching the trailer... loved it! Looking forward to trying to play the game. You may have to provide a tutorial for the gaming inept folks, such as myself! All the best!!! Linda

    26. Creator Cordis on November 12, 2014

      @Speedster. 13 million users and growing every month...that's why.

    27. Creator speedster -Armikrog Army Annelid- $4.96 on November 12, 2014

      Adding on the PS4 port at this point, I don't see how it could become the primary port, nor why anyone would want to neglect the PC and Wii U in favor of PS4.

    28. Creator Justin Holmes on November 11, 2014

      So, not thrilled to hear about a PS4 port somewhere else first. Are the PC and Wii U builds still the priority? Because if not, consider me more than not thrilled.

    29. Creator Cordis on November 11, 2014

      I also want to change my PC key to a PS4. Consider this a petition.

    30. Creator Jito463 - WoOS, LofUT on November 10, 2014

      I highly doubt it, Lucreto. When RTG opted to port Dreamfall: Chapters to the PS4, the same question was posed to them. Sony doesn't allow keys to be handed out by the devs, so they would have had to purchase them full price for the backers. It's not feasible, financially.

    31. Creator Lucreto on November 10, 2014

      Hi, I see the game is coming to PS4 now. Can my PC version of the game be changed to PS4 instead?

    32. Creator Alexei Vassiliev on November 7, 2014

      Take your time, please. If that's what it takes to see a great Neverhood successor than so it shall be.

    33. Creator Andrei Kornienko on October 31, 2014

      OK guys, we'll wait. Just do what you have to do and good luck :)

    34. Creator Donald Bradley on October 30, 2014

      I appreciate the update, everything is looking incredible. Don't mind the wait, take your time and make it as long as possible.

      I was wondering if your pushing to release all versions together? If any one version holds you up would you consider releasing one before the other?

    35. Creator Mike Paradis on October 30, 2014

      I just want to say great job so far, and I can't wait to sit down and play this game! In the latest update, Mike expressed the fear of falling into the kickstarter "trap" of a delayed release. I feel that the real "trap" is falling behind without any communication to the backers. You guys have been awesome at keeping us informed since the very beginning, so don't sweat it!

    36. Creator Riggo 2x - AGL 589 on October 2, 2014

      Any Lovecraft fans here ought to search KS for Charles Ward

    37. Creator Cordis on October 1, 2014

      Looking *good*

    38. Creator Cordis on October 1, 2014

      Looking guy. Though I wish you had released it on PS4 instead. Wii U is a dead console.

    39. Creator Darlene McCullough on September 25, 2014

      Can't wait! What's the latest!?

    40. Creator Mark Glenn Jespersen on September 24, 2014

      Hope it will be out soon ;)

    41. Creator Scott MacDonald on August 29, 2014

      Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' bout! That video clip confirms exactly why I wanted to back this project! Me am happy! :)

    42. Creator Meike Thomas on August 29, 2014

      Watching the video leaves me excited, inspired and brought back to everything that was great about the Neverhood. This is going to be amazing!

    43. Creator Corey on August 27, 2014

      Thanks for the reply!

    44. Creator Elliot | Armikrog. Army - Grunt on August 27, 2014

      @Corey - none of the extras will be done till after the game is finished. The game is taking the precedence currently.

    45. Creator Corey on August 26, 2014

      Do we know when we should expect the paintings/sketches to arrive?

    46. Creator Felipe Manzur | Armikrog Army | $4.96 on August 23, 2014

      Only a few more months, army! =D

    47. Creator Shmerl on August 21, 2014

      @Frogacuda: You can vote for GOG to ask EA to allow selling the Neverhood, since ScummVM supports it now:

    48. Creator Frogacuda on August 20, 2014

      The Scummvm support is very nice. I played through the whole game on my phone. Feeling very hyped up for Armikrog now.

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