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A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
18,126 backers pledged $974,578 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Denis Osipov 4 days ago

      Still waiting on the boxed set...

    2. Missing avatar

      Tony Shore on May 12

      It's almost 2 years past the delivery date and I've seen no mention of this boxed set or physical soundtrack CD since. I'm concerned. Please help. Does anyone with Armikrog/Pencil Test ever read these comments or reply?

    3. Missing avatar

      Lee Smart on May 12

      Where can I find the humble bundle page to get my digital copy?

    4. Missing avatar

      Marci Girling McPeak on May 12

      Really want to play the game - need a hard copy!

    5. Jesse Bayliss on May 12

      Still don't have my digital copy. Should be easy to fulfill that reward since the game is available for sale as a download right?

    6. Guido Vilariño on May 12

      Will this ever be available in 16:10 aspect ratio, or at least 16:9 letterbox? I've been unable to play this game on my home pc because of this so very elemental issue.

    7. MsDemeaner on May 11

      Its safe to say these guys will never make another game. The Kickstarter community wants nothing to do with them after this mess. Old Neverhood fans like me what NOTHING to do with them after the disgusting piece of shit they released.

      This project is defined by whats NOT been done. Things missing:
      QA Testing
      Game length
      Decent Puzzles
      Quality sound work
      Decent control scheme
      Ability to make an adventure game worthy of its legacy.

      This is literally the only Kickstarter project I regret backing. Piss poor game, from a piss poor team.

    8. Ashley W on May 10

      Everyone, they are working on the physical rewards and an update should be coming out soon. I saw it on their Armikrog Facebook page.…

    9. Azghouls on May 10

      @eXoScoriae - I'd like to be able to hit that little check mark off and know that one more ill advised kickstarter project is off my list.

      Me too.

      I haven't been active in Kickstarter now because of this. I'm aware of it's not a sure promise to deliver goods however updating us is for free (less internet fees of course).

    10. eXoScoriae on May 9

      I'm with StueyG. What's the status on the boxed edition. We are going on 8 months of "updates" since the game released. A game which was incredibly short on story and puzzles.

      I'd like to be able to hit that little check mark off and know that one more ill advised kickstarter project is off my list.

      Looking back on it, I'm laughing at the "Terry Taylor Soundtrack" now. I remember one song in the whole game, and it was the backers song. The rest was, what seems to have been, a bunch of 15-30 second loops.

    11. Missing avatar

      StueyG on May 8

      Still waiting on physical copies and goodies and also Wii edition. Any updates? What's going on here?

    12. Filipp Taphos Keks on May 5
      Humble Bundle resender worked for me. I can play now!

    13. Filipp Taphos Keks on May 5

      Hi, I am looking for a way to download the game.
      The game is available to purchase from steam. How can get a code to I activate it?

    14. Collin David on May 3

      @Tue - I know how Kickstarter works. Most reputable Kickstarters offer refunds when things are this late. With the lack of updates, I'm unconvinced that this is a "best effort", especially now that the game system I pledged to may not even be supported by the time this actually comes out. The reputation of everyone involved kinda relies on this being handled fairly.

    15. David Desjardin on April 30

      With Wii U support likely ending around March 2017, I'm left wondering if this game will actually make the Wii U release I paid for or not.

    16. Missing avatar

      Courtney Hilton on April 29

      Hi guys, I emailed you about getting a download/humble link for the game download, and you told me to post here. Could you please organise this - I'm looking forward to finally playing the game!

    17. Tue on April 27

      @Collin David - Kickstarter isn´t a shop, it is an investment in a possible product. As such there is no guarantee the stuff you put money into will be fulfilled, though the people behind have to do their best to do so.
      I do have to agree though, this silence is a bit too much atm.

    18. Missing avatar

      WeXaztor on April 27

      Yes a update on our rewards would be nice guys :) i want to play my wii u version.

    19. Collin David on April 26

      Any word on how we can just get a straight refund for undelivered stuff at this point?

    20. Thomas Phan on April 17

      Seriously guys what's going on. Update please.
      Pencil test studio....big let down.
      Wheres my Physical copy.

    21. Missing avatar

      SEbastian Stott on April 16

      Still don't have any digital rewards :-(

    22. Steve Bowcutt on April 15

      Any update on the Wii U version? I feel like the next Nintendo console will be out before this game is released on the Wii U. This is now officially my oldest Kickstarter campaign that has not been delivered, and that's really saying something!

    23. Nancy Koziol on April 10

      I've never gotten my game... so disappointed in how much we were promised, then the delays and now the absolute lack of updates. Fail.

    24. Collin David on April 9

      @people looking for sketches - Check out the FB page for this game / EWJ / Doug. He's posting updates there - getting his kids to help him with the sketches and stuff, very recently.

    25. Collin David on April 9

      So, how hard is it to actually send out the boxed copies? It's been a few years now, guys, and it looks like no one is even responding anymore. I paid $125 for a too-short, buggy game.

    26. Pete Lightning on April 4

      Any news on the physical sketches please guys?

    27. Missing avatar

      adam connor on March 26

      Hi, I haven't received any information on how to claim my download of the game or any of the other rewards from my pledge. Could someone please contact me and let me know what I need to do.

    28. Dominic Jarvis on March 13

      Hi guys - I never received my Mac download code as a backer. I emailed almost six months ago, they said send a message here (which I did) and then I never heard anything. Could someone please get in touch? Would love to play the game.

    29. Marie-Andree Poisson on March 4

      Where are the sketches?

    30. Pamela Pelletier on February 29

      We also opted for the Wii version. I feel like due to the fact this has been ongoing for YEARS you should just give us all the PC version and the Wii version when it becomes available. I'm truly dismayed this has taken so long. I've backed many other opportunities and never had such a delay.

    31. Andrea Govoni on February 11

      I have a question regarding the Wii U and other platforms versions.
      Originally I pledged 25$ for the "THE GAME (DIGITAL)" reward and opted for the Wii U version, both months ago in the Kickstarter survey and more recently in the Humble Bundle Armikrog page. As I understood it, I should be entitled to download either the Mac, PC, Linux OR Wii U version of the game. Nevertheless, the Humble Bundle page tells me:

      "Your purchase of Armikrog: The Game Edition gets you:
      Armikrog, cross-platform and DRM-free
      An Armikrog GOG key
      A choice of an Armikrog Steam key (available on 9/30/15) or Wii U key (coming soon)
      Armikrog high rez desktop image"

      So, it appears that choosing the Wii U version precludes only the Steam version of the game but I can still download the DRM-free versions for ALL the other platforms (PC, Mac AND Linux).

      This is not what is written on the reward description:
      "You'll receive a DRM-free digital download of the ARMIKROG game (distributed though Steam and/or other comparable download venues) for PC, MAC OR LINUX."

      What am I missing?

    32. Missing avatar

      Michael Bikovitsky on February 5

      I don't seem to have received a link to download the Astronaut Handbook, although I pledged the correct amount for this add-on.
      Could you look into it?

    33. Missing avatar

      brandon lodge on January 30

      They have showed up now!

    34. Missing avatar

      brandon lodge on January 29

      Same boat as the others, PDF's are'nt visable

    35. Scott on January 28

      I can't say I was ever asked for Humble Bundle info, or that kickstarter needed it or had it on file.
      I, like others, have checked the ebook section of my humble bundle and do not see any pfds to those items from Armikrog


    36. Nick Roberts (the Ranting Thespian) on January 28

      @EVERYONE (I posted this in the updates section, but thought I'd put it here too)

      If you are looking for the Documentaries, they are NOT on Humble Bundle. They are on VIMEO. If you check your messages from PTS on Kickstarter (not e-mail!), there should be a link and a password to access the videos (which you can stream or download).

      If you are wondering where the PDFs are on Humble Bundle, please refer to this picture:

    37. Aaron Shegs Shegrud on January 28

      Humble bundle doesn't have my link to the game...

    38. Fred Hudson III on January 27

      Checked Humble Bundle page and no PDFs are showing up for download. I'm confused.

    39. Zenmaster on January 27

      Based on reviews, I hope the designers are working hard on patches and fixes as well as the physical rewards they owe people. Don't even want to start playing with the UI/glitch issues so many have encountered.

      Unless they can make good on this game a bit more, I think there is no hope for future KS endeavors by this studio. Not trying to be mean, just honest. The reviews are dreadful. Even the somewhat positive ones are very grudgingly given.

    40. Missing avatar

      Leslie S. Carver on January 27

      ( Sorry, I meant v1.05)

    41. Missing avatar

      Leslie S. Carver on January 27

      What is the date of the v1.5 update? My Humble Bundle still shows the November 2015 update version. Thanks!

    42. Nick Roberts (the Ranting Thespian) on January 26




    43. J on January 26

      Can you please release the soundtrack as 320 kbps?
      Currently on humble bumble the songs are 160-256 kbps

    44. J on January 26

      Nevermind I found it. Ebook button was hard to see

    45. J on January 26

      Hi, I went to my claimed page, and no ebooks are available to download.

    46. Missing avatar

      Chris Hunter on January 25

      *coughUPDATETIMEcough* ;)

    47. Peter Meldgaard on January 24

      Hello guys, happy New Years.
      Hope you've all gotten off to a good start. Looking forward to the upcoming news. :)

    48. Scott on January 19

      I haven't received any of the physical rewards the campaign said would be delivered by July 2014. Update?

    49. Missing avatar

      sebarnolds on January 19

      Same as the others below. An update about physical copies status would be great. Informations would be welcome too (project sales, patches...).

    50. Pedro Pereira on January 18

      Has anyone got their physical copies at all ?

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