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BoardUp is a self-folding longboard that fits in your backpack, holds 400 pounds, doesn't fold while riding, and folds up with a kick.
BoardUp is a self-folding longboard that fits in your backpack, holds 400 pounds, doesn't fold while riding, and folds up with a kick.
BoardUp is a self-folding longboard that fits in your backpack, holds 400 pounds, doesn't fold while riding, and folds up with a kick.
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      Joshua Teixeira 1 day ago

      Hey Bin;

      When can we expect another batch to be done?

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      Jonah L 2 days ago

      Hey Bin, how long will the BoardUps take to ship to someone in the US?

    3. Bin Lu Creator 4 days ago

      Hey Christian,

      Busy working on the second batch mass production as we have fixed the problem of cable snap for certain percent of BoardUp. So far we have produced about 60 pcs.
      For the board shaky issue. what speed did you ride at? The durometer of the ring in the truck we use is 92A I think. it is supposed to provide comfort when riding in normal speed.
      I would suggest you to use harder ring for faster speed.

      Let me know if it can solve the wobbling issue. Thank you for letting me know.


    4. Christian Kellner 5 days ago

      Hey Bin,

      do you have a chance to send me the email in the near future?

      Also I noticed that the board is kind of shaky at higher speeds which makes it a bit dangerous when using it with an electric motor. This is due to the trucks that you use. I guess it is not possible to change the trucks as the tuck at the back of the board seems to be a custom one.

    5. Bin Lu Creator on February 16

      Hey Dylan,

      Yes. there is a adjustment ring built to change the tension of the string. Thanks for explaination.

      Hey Christian, I email you a how to picture. But bounced back since I use my email to respond your Kickstarter message. Will do later.

      Hey Brad, Thank you for your touching word and encouragement. We planed to start assemble two days ago. then we found the customized spring which will be embedded under the hinge is not 100% round. there are the factory is remaking, and still not 100% round. then we changed to another factory and wait for the result today. But no matter how. we shall be able to ship next week.

      Thank you for you patience.


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      Dylan Myers on February 16

      Hey Christian,
      I saw your comment today and wanted to just give you a response while you wait for Bin's response...figured it may help you out a bit. In one of his previous comments, I remembered he had made mention of: "( the cable in some board is loose, therefore sometimes it can not be able to unlock, Good thing is that we have a adjustment ring built to handle that)". I'd take a look around the board to see if you can find this adjustment ring that he was speaking of, which may be able to tighten the tension on the cable...I'd imagine it's similar to those of a bike that has front breaks, where there's a small ring at the end of the cable that tightness the tension. Bin may be able to provide you specifics when he gets to your comment, just figured i'd chime in and hope to lend a helping hand.

    7. Christian Kellner on February 16

      Bin, my cable seems to be so loose that I really need to kick hard on the board to fold it. Anything I can do?

    8. Missing avatar

      Brad Paulling on February 13

      I have to agree with Dylan! I've said it in private emails with Bin but this has probably been the best campaign I've contributed to (AND I've even gotten my deliverable!) Bin is passionate about his work and has welcomed the conversations to fine-tune his design to fit practical use. I'm excited to continue offering my support as needed.

    9. Missing avatar

      Dylan Myers on February 13

      Hey Bin,

      Wow, I must say, I am very impressed with how you've handled this entire project. I asked a question today and you provided not only a very informative answer via the comments, but you also ensured that an update was released to prove that the issues reported were fixed...absolutely amazed. Keep it up Bin, I honestly wish I could meet you just to be able to shake your hand. Thank you once more for the quality customer service.

    10. Bin Lu Creator on February 12

      Hey Joshua,

      Yes. we will just add these bag into the box. :-)


    11. Missing avatar

      Joshua Teixeira on February 12

      Hi Bin, if you already have the bags is it possible to get them shipped with BoardUp, at least to have something to put around it? Thank you!

    12. Bin Lu Creator on February 12


      Yes. I spent whole week here in factory trying to understand why the small batch we made 50days ago does not not this issue and passed 6000 times folding-unfolding test. We have found the reason( difficult for me to explain though). and have fixed this issue I believe in a better way. It is not because of the cable quality.

      Any BoardUp backers friend have this cable broken issue in next 6 months. please let me know we will mail you the part for free. Issues found afte 6 month. you may need to pay the shipping fee as shipping to oversea is very expensive.

      We start to assemble tomorrow as we have finished remaking some part. so shall start to ship this weekend.


    13. Missing avatar

      Dylan Myers on February 12

      Hey Bin,

      So out of curiosity, considering the large reports of the wire snapping issue reported by Jessy, Kason, and Dylan, did you have plans of re-enforcing this wire they are talking about before shipping the rest of the boards, or will the production remain the same for the remainder of the boards. If you don't intend on re-enforcing the wire, any advice on how your backers can further re-enforce the wire when they get the board. I intend on looking the board over a bit and seeing what I can do to reinforce the wire that they are talking about, but i'm not sure what to use to do so. Looking forward to receiving my board soon, hope all is well.

    14. Bin Lu Creator on February 3

      Hey Yan yan,
      I will make some video after I collect typical problem from you guys. so that it will be more efficient I hope.

      Hey Jessy,
      We migrate our website to a new host server. Did not know that I need to setup new email server as well. Now it works. so please email me the close-up picture to

      Hey Reid,

      Thank you for your understanding and posting this safty warning here, and sorry for the weird issue as we paid good price for the truck vendor. Could you please take a few closeup picture of how the thread worn out or just does not exist on the axle.

      Hey Dylan, I have sent you an email. I will send you good part to solve this issue. to help me understand better about the problem. please take a few close up picture and email to

      Hey Kason, Sorry again for the inconvenience. As I mentioned to you. I will ship you a good one once we find the root cause and fix it.


    15. Missing avatar

      Kason on February 2

      @Joshua: No, I was unable to post as I also experienced the problem that Jessy and Dylan ran into of the wire snapping. I did manage to finally get the wheels off after buying a ratchet/socket set, and with my custom bearings installed it rides *really* smooth. I can try to post a video of some carving or sliding if that would be helpful.

    16. Reid Tomlinson on February 2

      I suggest when you get your board you take off the wheels and check the threading on the axel. Was riding mine home today and a wheel fell of because there was hardly a thread on one of the axels. I understand that the board is still in development so im not mad. But i would appreciate some help on how i can get my board up and going again. Cheers

    17. Dylan Ng on February 2

      Hi bin!

      I have a problem, I loved the board so far, but the retracting wire connected to the switch has snapped and I wanted to ask about how I can have it exchanged. I tried emailing you personally, but I seem to be getting the same error as Jessy. Cheers.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jessy Ayala on February 1

      I've tried emailing you back from my personal email (the one you sent your message to) and my Gmail but I keep receiving this error:

      Your message wasn't delivered to because the address couldn't be found.

      If you have another email, I'd be happy to send you pictures of the board! I highly appreciate your quick and professional response, as another company may not have done so.

    19. Missing avatar

      Yan Yan on February 1

      If it's possible to do self-maintenance or repairs on the board could you make video tutorials for us Bin?

    20. Bin Lu Creator on February 1

      Hey Jessy,

      So sorry to hear that. Could you please take a few picture and email to

      I will ship you a good one if the problem can not be solved. So please don't worry.

      Factory assembly inconsistency could be the reason to that yours is hard to fold up when you receive it. I will fly back to factory to solve this problem.

      Thank you for letting me know.



    21. Missing avatar

      Jessy Ayala on January 31

      It hasn't even been a week and the thread connecting the spring in the nose to the middle part of the board already tore... Now I am not able to fold the board back up when stepping on the front which was already difficult when I first got it.

    22. Bin Lu Creator on January 31

      Thank you Filipe,Kason, Joshua,Dylan,

      I am so glad that you like it. sorry the bag bracket was not attached properly. I do receive a few reports about some issues( the cable in some board is loose, therefore sometimes it can not be able to unlock, Good thing is that we have a adjustment ring built to handle that) which need improve factory quality control. Also most of you have mentioned that that the wheels and bearing are fastened too tight. Certainly we will improve it.

      If any of you have issues with the boardup you recieved, please email me at

      Hey Joshua,

      You may check these 6 video about how to longboard with BoardUp.………………

      One bad news is that the extra bag under the boardup tail may get out during riding. it may cause mingling with the rear wheels which may stop the board, and cause harm. even though I have not received any report like this. and the possibility like this still exist. so please TAKE OUT this bag by uncrewing the 4 screw inside the compartment using screwdriver.

      Sorry for the inconvience.


    23. Christian Kellner on January 30

      Got my BoardUp today, tried it out and it works really good.
      Here's a small video after I got use to the fold and unfold mechanism.

      Next up will be to try to assemble the bigger wheels in preparation for the eon/mellow electric setup.

    24. Missing avatar

      Joshua Teixeira on January 30

      @Kason did you end up posting a video or pictures anywhere?

    25. Missing avatar

      Dylan Myers on January 28

      @Kason: Ah yah know, i didn't even think about the hinge biting while sliding, i'm sure i'll grow accustomed to it lol I do most of my sliding crouched as well, however sometimes at higher speeds I do it standing up. Alright well, really awesome feedback man!

    26. Missing avatar

      Kason on January 28

      @Dylan: I do most of my sliding crouched, one hand grabbing rail and the other one (gloved) on the ground. It took me a few times to figure out a new grab, because I usually grab the middle of the board while sliding. First time I did that with the BoardUp, the hinge bit me. Now I grab just in front of the hinge and lean hard on the front wheel, and kick just in front of the rear cutout. Also, you probably already know this, but try not to kick out on the rear wheels themselves, or you'll lock them and wipeout (ask me how I know...)

      It is definitely possible to slide it standing because the bushings are so squishy. When you do the set-up carve for the slide, the board tilts about 45 degrees (compared to the measly 20-ish of my other board), so your feet have a really solid surface to push against. Honestly it feels kinda like pushing off of a starting block--really solid--and my feet have yet to slip off during a slide on this board.

    27. Missing avatar

      Dylan Myers on January 28

      Reading all the reviews I must say, I'm super excited to receive my BoardUp. @Kason: Thanks especially for your review, I'm big into down hill longboarding at around 20 mph and one of my concerns was whether the board would perform well at high speeds. Good to hear that you were able to tighten the trucks and loosen the wheels. When sliding, do you slide standing or crouched with a hand on the board? Reason I ask is because you mentioned the wheels are good with sliding, but just curious as to the force that you put in when sliding. It's easier sliding crouched only because you have your entire body to pull back in the board and slide but standing up is different because you've got to use your feet mostly to slide the board which requires a bit more effort. The bag idea, I think that was perfect idea, not only does it protect your belongings from the grip tape, but seems like it has potential to protect your bearings, trucks, and grip tape from weather damage when folded. Also, say you carry the board into a mall or something, you're likely to get less staring because it almost looks like a shopping bag with some wheels inside...I'll definitely be showing this off but I'd rather not have every single person look at me as I carry a folded longboard into the mall lol so this should help. Gotta say Bin, I've only used kickstarter for your project alone, and it has been a very enjoyable experience.

    28. Missing avatar

      Kason on January 27

      I got mine today! I will hopefully post pictures and/or video tomorrow evening. I showed it to my longboarding buddies around campus today, and they were all blown away. I can say so far that I removed the bag from mine (just take out the four screws--it doesn't damage the tail) so that I could bomb a hill. I reached 25 mph (40 kmh) easily--this board is the real deal.

      Even though the deck itself is pretty short, the trucks are positioned so that the board has the same effective deck length of my 44" super-cruiser deck. I tightened the kingpins about one full turn so that I could downhill, but personally I *love* the "surf-y" feel of these trucks and bushings. The deck rides nice and low to make pushing and carving easy, but it's also pretty springy to make it ride really smooth. It absorbs almost any kind of crack or bump like it's not even there.

      Two notes: 1) At high speeds (15+ mph) the metal kick-pad starts to vibrate a little. Nothing dangerous and certainly not enough to damage the mechanism, but kinda noisy. 2) The nuts on the wheels are super-duper tight (or thread-locked?) to the point that I almost broke my skate tool trying to swap the current bearings for some Zealous built-ins. Since the current bearings are above average, it's ok, but you'll need a socket set and a ratchet if you plan on swapping wheels or bearings.

      Oh, and did I mention the sliding? Even with stock wheels, this thing breaks really cleanly and slides like a dream. I'm so glad I backed this project. This has been by far my most enjoyable and rewarding Kickstarter experience. I think I got more than my money's worth out of this one. Thanks a million, Bin!

    29. Huy on January 27

      Agree with Filipe, trucks are too loose for me (but I guess that's normal for longboards), and wheels are really tight, it could only free-spin a couple seconds. Bag holding compartment is crooked on my board, but that's just aesthetics. I wonder how long that bag will last rubbing against the grip tape. I'm a noob at longboards so I'll let the experts analyze it more. :)
      Here're some pics:

    30. Filipe Uva on January 27

      If I see a project with real potential I think it's a waste not to try and make it happen :) Wasn't aware you had paid for the shipping fee, thanks a lot ! Rode today only a little bit from work, can say that the bushing is too loose for my taste, beginners tend tighten it up by a lot otherwise it depends on taste and weight, also the wheels were too tight, I tend to tighten them until I can't tighten any more and then do one twist to loosen it up so the resistance is reduced. Will try to ride a bit this weekend so I can give more feedback. Again, thanks for the hard work and communication, this has been my best Kickstarter experience to date :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Joshua Teixeira on January 27

      @Dylan Thanks for that link! Great to see the unboxing.

      I do have to say that I had not considered the grip tape and wheels soiling / damaging the inside of the backpack, but I am glad other people did as this seems obvious now...

      Thanks Bin for the addition of the bag!

    32. Bin Lu Creator on January 27

      Hey Brad Pauling,

      Sorry to hear that. Could you please send me picture of how the damage looks like to we will make improvement based on your feedback in next batch.



    33. Bin Lu Creator on January 27

      Hey Filipe,

      So glad that you like it. All the hardwork and extra 50-90USD of DHL oversea shipping fee worth it finally. You guys trust me enough to give me your money even before see the real final product. it is my responsibility at my best effort to make a good product for you.

      With that being said. Please do not hesitate to let me know what can be/need to be improved. I will work on that on next batch.

      Hey Brad,

      I did not announce the protecting bag add-on at the end of boardUp to make it a little secret surprise:-). we add this design based on a lot suggestions in survey that backers worrry the grap tape may cause damage on things in backpack once BoardUp is put in. I recommend you to reconsider if you may need to put the boardup into your backpack sometime in the future. If you decide not to need it. either you can remove it by uncrewing 4 crews or we will remove it before shipping it to you. it will be very difficult for us to keep tracking which one is for who. but we shall be able to do that for you I think. it may slow your shipment a bit though.

      One thing I worry about the most is the performance of the truck since everyone has different preference, and I am not a good longboarder to judge. So Please share your experience with the truck and wheels. I will look into better solution if there is any. Please be aware that the truck has to be low and 6 inches long so that it can keep the whole folded BoardUp more compact.


    34. Missing avatar

      Brad Paulling on January 27

      Both of my boards arrived today and look great!

      Bin, my one critique so far would be the packaging itself as there is no additional padding within, so whatever DHL did to my second box (a big smashed) translated straight through to the board itself (minor scuffs on the grip tape and deck wood.) Nothing major and they're sure to see more wear through use but it was a mild disappointment for a new item.

      This has been one of the best campaigns I've had the pleasure in which to participate!

    35. Filipe Uva on January 27

      Got my Board Up ! Fantastic work, the board looks really solid, the hinge mechanism is top notch, the attention to details is really good, the bag is a nice detail that is more than welcomed for me as I've investigated resorting to a similar solution to pack it in my backpack. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with it, nice job !

    36. Missing avatar

      Yan Yan on January 27

      It's probably a good addition for when you want to store your board in a bag. The grip tape might be a bit rough on the bag.

    37. Missing avatar

      Brad on January 27

      I am not one of the 99 first to get their board by I just watched the unboxing video. Everything looks great but I'm not into that storage bag attachment. Since that was never mentioned I'm a bit surprised that it was added. Is there any way we can request a board without it? I'd hate to have to remove it and damage the board.

    38. Huy on January 27

      Package arrived today, but I was not home at time for delivery, so have to wait until Monday. :(
      That holding bag attached to the tail of the board is an interesting concept, hopefully it doesn't get torn off easily during the rides.

    39. Missing avatar

      Dylan Myers on January 26

      And for those that are interested in viewing a unboxing, shoutout to JustDaggers for the youtube video located:

    40. Missing avatar

      Dylan Myers on January 26

      Those that received their board up, If you create a video of some sort, please link in the comments for other's viewing...Theres only been a few videos out there about BoardUp and I'm definitely interested in seeing more

    41. Nicholas on January 26

      Yea I got it XD

    42. Missing avatar

      Pravus on January 26

      Expect to clean up a bit of styrofoam, because it will be all over the place.

    43. Bruce Croft on January 26

      just got mine so excited to try ride it but lots snow out here so cant till thaws. only thing is they attached some weird bag thing on tail that has to go tbh

    44. Missing avatar

      Joshua Teixeira on January 26

      People with BoardUp, please post an unboxing or just pictures, would love to know what to expect / look forward to!!

    45. Dylan Ng on January 26

      I've just got my BoardUp! And i'm excited to take it out for a spin ASAP. Thanks Bin for the effort! I love it!

    46. Missing avatar

      Yan Yan on January 26

      Update: I've received my BoardUp! Haven't had the chance to open it up and check it out though, but I have indeed received it. Thanks a lot Bin for putting in all the time and energy to get it to us as fast as possible.

    47. Daniel on January 24

      Hi bin, I have sent you a pm

    48. Huy on January 24

      Lucky me, I just barely squeezed in the first 99 thanks to those 20 people who didn't fill out their form properly. :D

      DHL express is pretty fast so hopefully the board will be here this week. Thanks Bin for all the updates and hard work!

    49. Bin Lu Creator on January 24

      Thanks you. Daniel, Dylan,Yan yan, and Christian.

      So far. 99 packages have been shipped out. I have sent the tracking number email.

      Just want to clarify.
      1. Some country like Russia, Norway,Canada, Israel, Hongkong, DHL stops taking package earlier. Weird to me though.
      2. We could only ship to the backers who provide address and mobile number before Jan 21th.

      For those have not receive my tracking no. email, please do not worry. we whill start to assemble the rest at Feb 8th. shall be able to ship around Feb 12th. Still meet the Kickstarter deadline of end of Feb. 2017.


    50. Daniel on January 23

      Agree with What the previous 3 person are saying! :)

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