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BoardUp is a self-folding longboard that fits in your backpack, holds 400 pounds, doesn't fold while riding, and folds up with a kick.
BoardUp is a self-folding longboard that fits in your backpack, holds 400 pounds, doesn't fold while riding, and folds up with a kick.
BoardUp is a self-folding longboard that fits in your backpack, holds 400 pounds, doesn't fold while riding, and folds up with a kick.
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    1. Bin Lu Creator 1 day ago

      Hey Dominic,

      Thank you for sharing this info about the problem. We then can make BoardUp better.

      Yes. We noticed there are certain percentage of BoardUp bearings are not good. I changed the supplier and also upgrade the bearing ABEC-7 to ABEC-9.

      Regarding to the choice of changing the front truck. Our new design can allow user to change to any kind truck as long as it is in normal regular shape.

      The new design is under testing, will be ready to ship in 20-25 days. I will refund $50 for any of you buying the new model. Please place order on then email me at I will then refund you %50 via kickstarter.

      The new kickpad does not compatible with the old board. we changed the board as well.


    2. Missing avatar

      Dominic 2 days ago

      Hey Bin i love board up but id just to say my problems with the product. the wheels are fine i guess but the bearings are terrible, they dont spin and i replaced the bearings and it works fine now, but it shouldnt come with ones that are so bad. also the turning on the board feels flimsy. i love it because it folds up but the quality of the parts shipped with it are bad. I also dont like that i cant fully replace the trucks on my board if i wanted to, the front one is connected to the folding mechanism.

    3. Bin Lu Creator 3 days ago

      Hey Davinci,

      Sorry for the problem. We made improvement in second batch. Please mail it to me. I will email you the return address. I will then repair them. and ship to back. and I refund you USPS priority shipping fee via kickstarter.

      Please do not worry. You will have a good BoardUp.


    4. Davinci 3 days ago

      Hi bin,
      I love the board but the front part to fold it broke, it still works but I'm afraid it will totally come loose after some time. Sometimes the metal part will be inside out once I fold it. I will pm the pictures

    5. Bin Lu Creator 6 days ago

      Dear all,

      The cable replacement video link is here:…

      It is a little bit more then just change cable. some other stuff need to be replaced as well. :-)


    6. Bin Lu Creator 6 days ago

      Hey Jonah,

      We made the front board opening width 6mm wider as well to make the folding easier(kickpad metal bar is 6mm wider as well). So it is almost impossible for you to just replace the kickpad. The main benifit is that you then can change to any kind of trucks you want with this new design. Also the kicking/folding will be easier.

      This new design is under testing now. plan to mass production 20-30 days later.

      If you still need the new design. I would suggest you to place order on 25days later. and then email me at I will refund you $50 via


    7. Missing avatar

      Jonah L 7 days ago

      Hey Bin, is it possible for Backers to get the redesigned kickpad or no?

    8. Bin Lu Creator on March 22

      Hey Christian,

      I have mailed it out this morning. Sorry for the problem happens to some of first 99 backers.

      Hey Kason,

      I will email you and others the how-to replace cable video link either tonight or tomorrow.
      If you feel it is too much for you to replace the cable and others. Please then mail the BoardUp back to me.


    9. Missing avatar

      Kason on March 22

      Got my repair kit today. Thanks Bin!

    10. Missing avatar

      Kason on March 22

      @Josh: I had the same problem with the wheels. I think the factory might have put thread lock glue on them not realizing that the wheel nuts are meant to be adjustable. I ended up pulling the 1/4 socket out of the plastic skate tool and had to use a ratchet instead.

    11. Christian Kellner on March 22

      As I have one of the very first board and I notice the cable makes strange noises, I'm a bit worried, it could snap right during my upcoming world trip. I'll be away from home like one year. Would it be possible to send me the cable replacement kit in advance @bin?

    12. Bin Lu Creator on March 21

      Hey Josh,

      Please try to adjust the cable tension by loosing one nut on the hinge, then turn one metal ring counter-close wise, until the cable is tight enough to fold/unfold easily. and then tighten the nut back.
      Please check the instruction details picture here:

      Let us know if it works good.


    13. Missing avatar

      Josh on March 21

      The board is hard to fold. The bolts on the wheels were very tight and bent the tool, but I believe it was my mistake.

    14. Bin Lu Creator on March 20

      Hey Jonah,

      I will email you the replacement video link 2 days later as we need to edit the video and fine tune.

      Hey Josh,

      You meant the bolt to the wheels is too tight? and is your skate tool not able to fold up or BoardUp can't fold up? I think if you loose the bolt a lit. the bearing can spin a little longer. I paid good price for the bearing as I was told it is good quality. :-)

      Please email me at binlu@goboardup,com if you have any issue in the future. I will try to support.


    15. Missing avatar

      Josh on March 20

      Hey, got my Boardup and I'm very pleased! Only problems I have had are the bolts being to tight (broke my skate tool) and it not folding up. Other than that it has been a great purchase. I was thinking about putting new bearings in it because it kills me to push every few seconds, has anyone tried new bearings?

    16. Missing avatar

      Jonah L on March 20

      Hey Bin, can we get a video demonstration of adjust cable tension sometime? There's a lot of small parts and visually it's hard to figure out what to do what you're saying.

    17. Bin Lu Creator on March 19

      Dear all,

      Please do NOT apply force more then 400LBS onto the deck including jumping too hard from more then 2 feet above. as I show Lx's boardup was bent near the hinge side.( we have tested applying with 400LBS onto boardup. The hinge touches the ground a little. But did not break)

      In the future. I will work with deck manufacture to see if there is any way to make it stronger such as add bamboo or carbon fiber. maybe just another layer of Canadian maple.

      Hey Lx,

      Thank you for your picture. I wonder if there is a very large force applied to BoardUp. Please mail it to my address. I will make a replacement.

      Hey Jonah,

      Yes. the metal L shape piece under the black tube end is the ring to adjust the cable tension. turn the L shape ring until the cable tension is proper to make the latch works properly. then tighten the nuts on the ring.

      For the bag. Because one backer reported that the bag may drop off during riding if it is attached under the rear end of the board. so you might want to just use it only when you need to put it into your backpack to protect other things from scratching by grip tape.

      We should have adjusted the cable tension better before ship. One reason is that if we set the cable tension too much, BoardUp may not be able to lock up. :-(


    18. Missing avatar

      Jonah L on March 19

      @Miggy, Yes, I feel like it did. I did a couple turns to loosen it, and it felt waaaay easier, especially because the BoardUp initially was super difficult and I would struggle to fold it instead of stomping up into my leg.

    19. Missing avatar

      Miggy Escobar on March 19

      @Jonah L

      Have you tried it yet? has it made it easier to fold the board?

    20. Missing avatar

      Jonah L on March 19

      CABLE TENSION ADJUSTMENT: For anyone trying to find the ring for it, I think I did.

      Use a screwdriver and test it incrementally.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jonah L on March 19

      Is there a way to properly put the bag on the board? Or do you just keep it separate?

    22. Lx Stocki on March 18

      This is the best board I've owned in the last week 18 years. Good work, I have one problem, after 3 days the board is starting sag and grind the road. Is there anyway to tighten it up?

    23. Clay Soelberg
      on March 18

      Yep, that's how BackerClub asked members to pledge. Thanks for clearing this up, Bin. Everyone, I know it's been said many times before, but Bin is outstanding about customer service. Hopefully the board is as great as Bin is.

    24. Bin Lu Creator on March 18

      Hey Clay,

      You pledged us using "$1 tier pledge"( but you changed the amount to 159,Thank you), Not "Pledge of $159". and Kickstarter does not even provide shipping address to me for "$1 get it rolling" tie backers. Haha.


    25. Bin Lu Creator on March 18

      Hey Clay,

      I checked the list again. Your name is not there. However I then check Kickstarter website Backer report list. I see your name. weird. Anyway, Please email me your shipping info with your contact phone number. I will arrange the shipping coming Monday.

      Sorry for this weird situation. The delivery time is usually 3-7 days.


    26. Clay Soelberg
      on March 18

      Hi Bin, I sent you a couple emails and am posting here as a backup. I'm baker #274. I am worried this means you didn't make the board I paid for. :( Please let me know what's going on via email.

    27. Bin Lu Creator on March 17

      Hey Clay,

      I could not find your name in the shipping lnfo list given by Kickstarter. Please email me your backer no. with your email used in Kickstarter at I will check.

      Hey Philipp,

      8 extra bearings is a gift for achieving a stretch goal of $70K. We did not achieve that goal. I will refund you right away.

      Since a lot of people asking if BoardUp( they may think BoardUp is deck only) includes wheels and bearings. that is why we mention that BoardUp includes 4 wheels and 8 bearings on Kickstarter page. Sorry for misunderstanding.


    28. Clay Soelberg
      on March 16

      Hi Bin, should I have received a tracking # by now? Looking forward to trying the board. :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Philipp P on March 15

      Hey Bin,

      i noticed also the 8 bearings were also missing. The partial refund is fine with me, the shipping cos would be a little bit to high for a bag ;-)

    30. Missing avatar

      Michal Dzieciolowski on March 15

      Got my board Monday but have been unable to test due to the snowstorm that hit. Has anyone tested with larger wheels yet? Already ordered some bones and was curious if anyone swapped out the wheels and their experience with that. With the way the board folds it seems that larger wheels might get in the way of a full fold.

    31. Bin Lu Creator on March 15

      Hey Victor,

      It is made of aluminum alloy. I do not think it will rust. and the hinge was processed and then is coated.

      Hey Philipp

      The worker did not put bag for those orders with extra 4 wheels, because they thought that 4 wheels are bonus. :-). Can I do partial refund of $5?

      Thank you Christian for sharing your info. but the wheel manufactory told me 75mm is more popular in their customer base.

      Thank you Joshua for such nice words.


    32. Victor Heid Kunamitsu Mikó on March 15


      I live in ireland, is there something that I need to use in the hinge to avoid corrosion? Any maintanance procedure you'd advise?


    33. Missing avatar

      Philipp P on March 15

      Received my board and the extra wheels today. It's really nice looking! Sadly I'm missing the extra griptape and the bag. Nevermind the griptape, but the bag would have been nice since it protects a backbag from potential damage.

    34. Christian Kellner on March 15


      Mellow has 80mm wheel size while eon has 81mm. Thing is they need bigger wheel sizes as they need to put the motor in it.

      Anyways, all my longboards have wheels at 80mm, so I don't know if 75 mm is the most famous size.

    35. Missing avatar

      Joshua Karp on March 14

      My BoardUp showed up today and so far I'm very happy with it. I think Bin did an excellent job with the mechanism making it intuitive and easy to both fold up and unfold. I have to say Bin has done an excellent job and I've been very impressed throughout this whole project with his design, communication, and commitment to making BoardUp everything it should be.

    36. Bin Lu Creator on March 14

      Hey Ian,

      Woops. the worker did not put the bag for all the package with extra 4 wheels. Can we do partial refund of say $5? since shipping fee for this bag to you is very expensive.

      As for the extra bearing bonus, that is for achieving the stretch goal of $70K. We did not get the goal. I should have included bearings, just did not have enough energy to make another part order ect. sorry.

      Hey Joshua.

      Thank you for your review. I talked to the bearing supply. They claim the quality is good, the problem is the way we tighten the nuts to the wheels. You might want to adjust. We start to order ABEC-9 bearings instead of ABEC-7 in the future.

      Thank you John for the encouragement. Please feel free to let me know in the future if there is any issue.

      Hey Christian,

      Is it 83mm wheels or 80mm? I was told the most popular wheel size for longboard is 75mm. some are 70mm, a few are 83mm. Please let me know what you find.

      The main concern for using 83mm wheels is that the BoardUp will be heavier and larger.

      Hey Davinci,

      Please email me in the future if you need any parts for maintenance. I am making a improved different kickpad design so that it will fit any truck to the front. does not require cutting on normal truck to fit in BoardUp since everybody seems to have his/her preference on trucks.


    37. Davinci on March 14

      Bin it's awesome i love it, but are there any ways to maintain the board ? Besides the usual things you have to on a normale board?

    38. Christian Kellner on March 13


      a suggestion from my side: I would rather go with 80mm wheels. Most of the electric mounts like eon / mellow comes with this wheel size, but beside of that, I like the bigger wheels more.

      I need to cut out a few small things to prevent board bites, so at least I would suggest to adjust the board itself to those kind of wheels.

    39. Missing avatar

      john on March 13

      Got mine a couple of days ago and LOVE. IT. Cant believe its not on shelves or Shark Tank already. Amazed by Bin Lu's ingenuity every time I fold it up. Sitting right here next to me on the train. I feel lucky to have gotten one. Well done.

    40. Missing avatar

      Joshua Teixeira on March 13

      Received my board today, a day earlier than expected, and for the TLDR: 9/10

      Like one backer said, the wheels are on a bit tight I think (haven't had a chance to adjust yet) so the board doesn't roll quite as far on a push despite being lighter weight than my current board. That being said I haven't had trouble with turning or the trucks being too tight or loose on the bushings.

      Although the board has trouble rolling now (due to the wheels of bearings, have not been able to see) it is not so serious that you can't use and enjoy the board. With the assistance of a VERY slight hill the board was able to roll very smoothly and turn well using the tail or leaning.

      The added bonus would be that the board seems to amaze people as it folds and unfolds (amaze people and scare my dog haha).

      Overall 9/10 as said above, can't wait to get it fine tuned :)

    41. Ian Van Voris on March 13

      Received my board and extra wheels today but I'm missing part of my backer reward, the extra bearings that where suppose to be included. I also didn't receive the bag that you said was going to be included but not attached to the board. Looking forward to hearing from you soon, thank you for your time in advance!

    42. Bin Lu Creator on March 13

      Hey Matt,

      Your DHL tracking is 1544751272. it shall be on the way already. The shipping company has not given me all the tracking no yet. waiting for the last 5


    43. Missing avatar

      Matt Le Brocq on March 13

      Hi Bin, really looking forward to receiving the board! I was one of the later backers, but haven't received a tracking number yet.. when can I expect to receive the board?

    44. Bin Lu Creator on March 12

      Dear all,

      Just came back from factory this morning. shipped all BoardUp packages. Thank you Dylan for sharing your review. Based on your feedback and others. here is the things that I am thinking to improve.
      1. Making BoardUp 1inch longer. from 32" to 33". shall still fit in backpack.
      2. change the wheels from 70mm to 75mm.
      3. Make the kickpad on the nose more easy to push. However on the other hand, we do not want it to be so responsive during riding.
      4. Improve the tail shape design to make it look better.

      Please share with me your thoughts.

      Regarding the ring that I mentioned before. it is actually the plastic bushing. it is a standard part in a truck. We use 92A. you might want to change to harder ones.

      If your friends like BoardUp too and interested to buy. Then I will start to make other model. :-)

      BTW. we start to sell on Shipping fee for domestic is $19.99 now comparing with free shipping in KS as we later realize the shipping fee is about $47. :-(



    45. Missing avatar

      Dylan Myers on March 11


      So I got my BoardUp today, and as an upfront "Star Ranking" type review, I give BoardUp 8 out of 10 stars.

      Bit more detail:
      So to start, the board was very well packaged and delivered, won't dive into that too much but I did in fact appreciate the packaging of BoardUp as it was very professionally done. With that said, moving onto the board. The design and shape of the board is it's own thats for sure, it's got a nice sized tail to it and a very stubby nose, but the shape leaves 0 worry of wheel bite while riding, so that's good. It's extended size is a bit smaller than an average longboard, but larger than your average cruiser. Now although my personal preference is a longer board, as it provides a more comfortable platform for downhill riding at fast speeds, the boards size is for a purpose and does what it's meant to do. It's size provides a very nice cruising experience, whether it be at school or along the sidewalk, BoardUp is very convenient for cruising. Now, folded up, it's size also serves the purpose of being just the right size for just about any backpack. I have a rather small backpack, and it fit just nicely even with the blue bag wrapped around the board. Now though it was snug, fact is, it fit and it was awesome to see. As we've seen, when the board is folded up, it stands perfectly on it's own. You won't have to worry about leaning the board up against something or finding the perfect position for the board to lay down, BoardUp simply stands there in a nice compact area while it's folded. On slopes, I did notice that while standing up and folded, the board may attempt to roll down the slope on it's own, so just make sure it's stationary if you set it down while folded. The peddle on the nose of the board as we know is used to fold the board up. It is true that the peddle is sometimes hard to push down just the right way to get it to fold up, though this is a struggle that I only experienced in the beginning. I then road around a bit, hoping off periodically to attempt to fold the board as quickly as possibles with my heel, and with practice it just started getting more comfortable and fluent with my riding. I can now easily jump off and fold the board up with ease, so just keep practicing. There was mention of a "ring" on the board that helps adjust the tension of the cable, but unfortunately I wasn't able to really decipher where or what this ring I may need some imagery to demonstrate this adjustable tension ring. One other thing about the peddle is, due to it being medal, if the bottom of your shoe is wet, then it may slip when attempting to fold the board. I personally think I can make adjustments to help with that on my own board, but we'll see. Maybe if there was some grip tape, even just a small bit of grip tape on the peddle itself, then it may be a bit easier to push down with wet feet. However, with dry feet, it's not a problem. The trucks and wheels are very nice, the quality which was expressed by Bin in prior comments, definitely shows in the product itself. The trucks were a bit loose when first opened, so make sure to adjust them to your comfort zone with just your average skate tool. BoardUp overall is a great board, amazing concept, and beautifully executed. If it's the first and last of it's kind, then well done and I'm happy I participated in it's success, however if there is more to see in BoardUp's future, whether it be different deck styles or different models, I personally see this product as an amazing advancement in Longboard/Cruiser decks which could be retailed as it's own deck type, alongside the various other types that are sold in retail.

    46. Missing avatar

      SUZUNO LIAH on March 10

      I got my BoardUp today!
      THANK YOU!!
      THANK YOU!!
      THANK YOU!!

    47. Missing avatar

      Dylan Myers on March 9

      So I've received my tracking number by text just yesterday, and it says the expected deliver is today...So we'll see and I'm super stoked to see the board! Thanks Bin

    48. Missing avatar

      Timothee guyot on March 9

      Don't worry Bin I'm not unhappy about the grip tape.

    49. Christian Kellner on March 9

      Nice. Looking forward to that video :D

    50. Bin Lu Creator on March 9

      Hey Christian,

      I will mail to all the first 99 backers a improvement set including cable, cable tube, ect. once your BoardUp cable is snapped. I will make a video showing how to replace the old cable. For those who feel replacement is a bit of too much for him/her. Please let me know I will email you the shipping label, please mail to me, We will then make improvement, and then mail it back. So just email me at once you have issues with your BoardUp. I will take care of it.

      Hey Josh,

      Yes, we have given all the packages to shipping company yesterday. they may take a few days to give me the tracking no. actually two backers emailed me indicating that they have received them.

      Hey Timothee

      Shoot. sorry we forgot it. However we have put a free bag into the package. Hope you are not very unhappy. :-)

      Hey Mark, Ian,Dylan

      Thank you for your understanding and support. Sorry I finally realized that the way we tested at early stage is not destructive enough to make a solid product. Lesson learned.

      Enjoy your longboarding with BoardUp. Hope someday we can meet somewhere in the world. :-)


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