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Godslayer is a mythology-based fantasy skirmish tabletop in which you take on the role of a warlord to lead your warband into battle!
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German Rulebooks and Godslayer Omeganauts

Posted by Megalith Games (Creator)
Dear Backers, 

German Rulebook Printing 

We have nearly reached the end of the long death-march to release the German Rulebook. The samples have been reviewed and printing is scheduled to be done on 16 June. The print process etc. will most likely take a few working days and on top of that we have to calculate the shipping but soon it should all be here! Once we receive them we will immediately start to ship them to you! 

German language customers who have waited so patiently will also receive their free unit box with the rulebook. That then finally concludes the Kickstarter. Hurray! Thanks again for all of you who endured this torment! 

But what’s next? 

As we continue to release the last 30% of Wave-1 models, we are already engaged in preparing Wave-2. And on 1 August we will be launching our player support program called “The Godslayer Omeganauts”. 

The Omeganauts

The Omeganauts are players who are strongly interested in Godslayer and eager to convert their friends can become a Godslayer Omeganaut. These heroes can gain credit for Godslayer products by making demo games, making battle-reports and un-boxings, running tournaments and demo days and representing us at small conventions etc. Omeganauts will also benefit from special events and insights in Godslayer! 

What does that have to do with Kickstarter backers? 

As a final thankyou, we want to offer Kickstarter backers the opportunity to get in first. There will be a limited number of positions open depending on geographical area, and there may well be completion for some locations, but Kickstarter backers will have priority in the selection

That’s because you guys have been fantastic champions of the game already and believed in us all the way! All applications received before 30th September will be registered as priority applicants. 

To qualify, players will need: 

• A Godslayer rulebook and two painted warband of 300+ points 

• Good knowledge of the rules 

• Lots of enthusiasm for playing Godslayer! 

Further details regarding the Omeganauts program will be available soon at

 To apply now, email  for an application form and please send in some pictures of your painted warbands!

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