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Godslayer is a mythology-based fantasy skirmish tabletop in which you take on the role of a warlord to lead your warband into battle!
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Godslayer - Grondah Filthling

Posted by Megalith Games (Creator)

Like prolific vermin, Gnolls spread inexorably across the countryside beyond the borders of the Trolloth and Shadow-Troll lands, burrowing countless independent communities and eking out an existence in the wilderness. Large Gnoll warrens may attract small enclaves of other Troglodytes to live nearby and to cooperate with them in military misadventures. Leading these communities with tyrannical zeal and primal paranoia are the backstabbing oppressors called Grondagh Filthlings.

 Filthlings must of necessity be both domineering and devious despots to command a horde of frenetic Gnolls, and they often possess an ego far larger than their actual size warrants. A cohort of bullies is also vital for enforcing their mandates, usually composed of close relatives. When a Filthling leads his mobs into battle, he will often drag his closest rival with him to prevent a revolution back home in the warren; then if the Filthling dies on the battlefield, this relative will immediately seize the crown of scrap and proclaim himself the new Filthling.

Because of the cowardly and disorganized nature of Gnolls, Filthlings are compelled to take part in minor battles in order to organize and motivate their troops. In such cases, they will grab the most enchanted sword in their hoard as well as a bow and any potions or artifacts they can lay their hands on, and then skulk around the battlefield overseeing ambushes. Like a malevolent rat the Filthling scampers from cover to cover using his troops as decoys and shields, but when he is finally cornered he shows his teeth, lunging and leaping in a vicious onslaught of sneaky moves and dirty tricks.

Advanced Deployment – Their natural cunning allows them to creep forward before battle begins.  

Filthrunner – So powerful are the legs of a Filthling compared to the rest of its puny body and so erratic is his hopping movement that when running, he is all but impossible to hit.  

Lurker – While hidden, the Filthling can better concentrate on targeting enemies with his bow. 

Sidekick – If the Filthling dies, one of his close relatives may seize control of the warren. 

Wildwalker – The Filthling is a devious expert in moving through rough ground. 

Concealment – Hiding is a necessary talent for any creature as frail as a Gnoll. 

Insidious – The Filthling is a master of misdirection, also in directing his troops who are moving about in seemingly random or confused manner while in fact they are performing feints and other ploys. 

Sneaky Charge – The sneaky charge of the Filthling takes enemies by surprise.    


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