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A cross-platform all-in-one video desktop app for consumers. An easy way to play, organize, and edit your videos.

A cross-platform all-in-one video desktop app for consumers. An easy way to play, organize, and edit your videos. Read More
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About this project

MoviePile is a cross-platform, all-in-one video app that combines the best of VLC, iTunes, and iMovie for your typical consumer. Imagine being able to play, share, organize and edit ALL of your videos from one place!

What really differentiates MoviePile from everyone else is a feature we like to call "tagmarks." These tagmarks allow you to "tag" a specific section of a video -- kind of like a video clip! Once you've created a tagmark, you can play it directly, add it to a playlist, export it as a standalone video, or even create an animated GIF! The possibilities are endless!

Creating a tagmark
Creating a tagmark

Why MoviePile?

Over the years we've realized that there is a lot to be desired in the realm of desktop apps, especially those that relate to video viewing and editing. Here are just a few things we think make that experience awkward:
  • There is no good cross-platform "home base" video app that provides core functionality no matter which computer or device you are on.
  • Browsing/searching is often left to the OS (Mac OSX Finder, Windows Explorer, etc) and the apps don't automatically keep track of new videos.
  • Most non-core functionality is cordoned off into specialty or professional apps, and they usually just do one thing really well and neglect the rest.
  • Most of the current offerings have very complicated interfaces that make it difficult for a beginner to get started.
  • Video editing software tends to be reeeeally expensive.
From an organizational standpoint, iTunes does a fine job of providing a self-contained experience for music. Once you've imported your MP3s into iTunes, you rarely need to find them again. In the same vein, MoviePile hopes to be your one-stop shop for movies and videos.

You might be thinking that other apps support movies as well as MP3s. While this is true, their main focus is on the music side of things, which means the movie aspect is sorely lacking in critical functionality. That sucks for us movie fans, right? Right!

Finally, the user experience in many of these apps is often poor and unhelpful. Ever seen a completely black movie thumbnail? Useless!

Current Features

We already have a pretty good foundation for the app started. Download our preview and check it out. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Create tagmarks
  • Download movies
  • Watch movies (up to 4 screens)
  • Create playlists
  • Export tagmarks (as MPG or GIF)

Planned Features

Smart playlists
While normal playlists are already implemented we want to add "Smart" playlists (like iTunes, where you can add rules and they would stay updated). For instance, a smart playlist could be all "funny" tagmarks that are less than a minute...or all videos that do not have a tagmark.

Exportable playlists
There is an extremely early version of playlist exporting in the preview but it is no where close to being even beta ready. There are a lot of different movie formats and creating experience that we are happy with is probably going to be the most challenging part of the project.

Improved Tagmark Selection Precision
We want to have tagmarks support partial second precision (at least 1/10 of a second). So you could have a tagmark start at 01:23.5 and end at 1:45.7. Additionally we want to improve our tagmark selector to the point where X pixels wide always represent Y seconds (think iMovie). Currently when you make a tagmark the size of the tagmark selector is based on the full length of the movie instead. This gets problematic when you want to create a very short tagmark for a very long movie. This improvement is probably the most important one for improving the editing possibilities.

Editing Additions
Overlay music and text on your video.

Downloading Improvements
We want to make it so you can enter ANY public URL (direct or with an embedded movie) and MoviePile will download it. While every site is unrealistic we want to support at least the top 25+ sites that our users suggest. Right now you can download movies with a direct URL or a Youtube URL.

We want to add the option to make anything on MoviePile sharable within the app. This would include being able to upload a tagmark to Youtube, an animated GIF to imgur, or a movie screenshot to Facebook.

Record Video (connected camera), Screencasts, and screenshots
Since we want to be a true all-in-one app we’d like to support simple screen recording functionality. These are extremely helpful when you want to show someone how to do something on their computer but you can’t be there. Additionally we want you to be able to take screenshots of your movies while they play.

There are a lot of options and settings we want to add to the app. While our priority will be those our users’ request we definitely want to add more GIF export options (dimension, fps, etc).

And more...

Notes on Editing

If you've never edited a video in your life, then MoviePile should ease you into the possibilities of editing through its intuitive tagmark and playlist/export system.

If you hate most video editing software, because it's hard to do even the simplest things, then MoviePile should have you covered.

If you frequently use dedicated video editing software (iMovie, Camtasia, Adobe After Effects, etc.), then MoviePile will probably never fully replace that use for you. While there's certainly a world where we'd like that to happen, that is not what we are planning/offering now.

What goes into making MoviePile?

MoviePile is a Java application, which means that it's cross-platform. You can use it on Macs or Windows or Linux. The sky's the limit! That said, a significant amount of effort will be put into making it seem like a native app. Do you use a Mac? It will feel like a Mac app! Got Windows? It'll feel like a Windows app! Don't believe us? Check out our preview.

MoviePile also uses a number of open source technologies such as: libvlc (via vlcj), ffmpeg, and carbanado. Upon official release portions of MoviePile will be open sourced.

Who are you people?

Jack Angers (Creator/Developer) is a 27 year-old programmer in San Francisco. He was most recently a Senior Software Engineer at Zillow. Prior to that, he was an early engineer at the startup RentJuice, which was acquired by Zillow. 

Shawn Borsky (UI/UX) is a 26 year-old UI guy and graphic designer in San Francisco. Currently a Senior Designer for the hot startup HotelTonight, he is a powerhouse of design and an expert on user experience (UX). Shawn's blood is almost pure coffee, which allows him to put forth maximum effort into building intuitive designs that make your mind explode.

Brian Seitel (Consultant/PR) is a 30 year-old programmer in San Francisco. Originally a high school English teacher, Brian now builds amazing applications for the real estate industry. On the side, he provides expert consultation and demonstrates a mastery of the English language. People with poor grammar beware!

Risks and challenges

MoviePile has the same challenges of any large software project. One of the many reasons we created the downloadable preview before putting this on Kickstarter was to identify any challenges as soon as possible. It seemed foolish to put it on Kickstarter without having a good idea of how we would move forward in implementing all the planned features above.

The biggest risk we see is the final release date being pushed. While I feel like our conservative release date of January 2014 should be more than enough time to handle any unknown's possible it won't be. Honestly the only way we see this happening is some big unseen change in an OS or the JVM where our dependencies start having issues. That said, if anything, we expect to release earlier (not later) than our stated final release date.

Everyone on the team has been part of successful start-ups and understand first-hand exactly what it takes to succeed under time and/or financial crunches.

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