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Surprise! There's a stranger dressed as an Elf in our kitchen!

Surprise! There's a stranger dressed as an Elf in our kitchen!

Surprise! There's a stranger dressed as an Elf in our kitchen! Read More
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Elf is a doll from the children's book Elf on the Shelf. During December, he is sent to children's homes to watch over them. When the kids wake up in the morning, their Elf is on a different shelf. At our house…Elf is playing pranks and getting into trouble. His first night at our house, he toilet papered our Christmas tree! 

For more examples of pranks from our Elf in the House project, check out our website: 



Human Elf will be a real, live stranger. When the kids so their house sweep in the morning to see where Elf is hiding, they are going to find a person in an Elf suit. I suspect he won't fit on a shelf, so he will sit on our table. He is unable to move, and the kids cannot touch him, or he will lose his magic. 

Don't worry - the kids have survived more traumatizing situations - who takes a 7 year old to the Hunger Games?!


$50  - Hire an Elf for a morning

Elf will be there in the morning before school. By slightly bending the laws of Christmas magic, he will return to return to doll form while the kids are at school. 

$50 - Buy supplies to make an Elf costume

Following the Elf on the Self costume guide (linked), I will design his costume. Purchases include: 

- Santa hat (I should be able to find one at home)

- White gloves

- Red shirt

- Red pants

- Red socks

- White felt

- Glue


I am the luckiest big sister in the world. In a busy household with 4 kids and two workaholic parents, Elf in the House is a really fun way to come together at the end of the day and have a good laugh together, inspired by Elf. 

Risks and challenges

Where to find an Elf?

I grew up in Kelowna, and we have a wide circle of friends and family who can hopefully recommend someone. If not… Craigslist and Kijiji! This could get interesting :)

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    Receive a copy of the thank you letters written to Elf by the children (further description in $50 pledge).

    Photo and video coverage of the kids reactions will also be available on our Elf in the House blog:


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    Pledge $50 or more About $47 USD

    When Elf (the doll) leaves our home after Christmas, my spirited siblings, ages 7, 9 and 12 will each write a letter to Elf. The letters will thank him for watching over them in our home and probably poke fun at him for some of the mischievous pranks he has pulled during his visit.

    The original letters will be mailed to you! You can even choose to write back if you want to.

    Find out more about our Elf in the House project at:


    Video coverage of the kids reactions will be available through our website!

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