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Me & Ewe's video poster

Boy meets girl; Ram meets Ewe; It's all the same Read more

Waconia, MN Animation
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This project was successfully funded on May 7, 2013.

Boy meets girl; Ram meets Ewe; It's all the same

Waconia, MN Animation
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Me and Ewe is a stop-motion short that was created by an 11 year old director, Trinity Andersson. Trinity has had a passion for filmmaking before she could even say the word “Action”. She started putting her Playmobil figures and toys into movies as a toddler. She advanced to creating dozens of stop-motion films and has been committed to learning the process of moviemaking in earnest for years, She spends countless hours working with stop-motion software, working out motion shots, shooting movies with her friends. She has even attended a week long Steadicam training class.

This short film is the culmination of her efforts in filmmaking and a testament to her persuasive skills in putting together a story and the team to tell it. She wanted to tell a physical action sheep love story and recruited her father, a director, to co-direct and her mother, a writer, to fashion the story. After the story was formed and an initial team assembled, the search for the sheep actors began. The look of the sheep was very important to us and we looked at what seemed like endless websites and figures looking for the right sheep.  We found the perfect "actors" that are created by Colin Richmond out of South Carolina.  After speaking to him on the phone, he mailed us two trial sheep with the legs and head loosely attached.  A local artist was able to dissect the sheep and add an advanced articulation system for the legs and head.

The process of testing sheep movement began.   We worked out several custom changes with Colin and ordered a small herd and requested he send us the whole herd unassembled.   He crafted a special order to our crazy specifications for appearance and form. After a few weeks of tweaking and time with our articulation master, the sheep were ready for their close-up. 

We built a pasture and hill in our garage. In our quest for realism, we decided to use all real living grass, trees and plants. Several prop pieces were hand assembled from genuine barnwood, glass blowing. Countless horticulturists were hounded as we worked to keep the plants alive and our sheep's pasture green. We crafted a lighting grid and lighting through our local hardware store. Soon the garage was overly cramped and we were literally knocking into lighting or plants every time we turned around or adjusted the camera. 

Trinity's uncle offered us a portion of his studio as a temporary work space so we packed up and moved the production.  The entire pasture and hill was reconstructed, a tiny forest was added and the sheep looked happy with their new super huge worklight sunshine.  Shooting began in earnest. In an effort to keep the plants alive for the duration of the shoot, we moved ourselves into the studio space and found an animation assistant to help get the shot list completed. After a whirlwind several weeks of shooting we shot our last frame. The short film is in the can! We are now at the point where we need some extra assistance for the remaining expenses to finish the film.  

We are in need of a musical score to be written, the foley sound effects to be created and some Photoshop work to be done to clean up a few of the scenes. All of the experts to do the work have been found and are excited to start the moment we say go!  If you like what we are doing and want to support Trinity on her obsession to create films, please donate something to help her finish.  Thanks again and we appreciate your support.  Please feel free to share this campaign if you are willing or if you don't have the money to donate.  Every little bit helps.  Cheers. We can't wait to share Me and Ewe with you in it's final form!

Risks and challenges

At this point this is a fairly risk-free venture. The project is within days of completion and we have enough footage (backed-up!) to complete a final edit of the film. We have relationships with our sound post-processing team and have budgeted out their hourly fees. We have a variety of music to pick from within our budget. Our color correctionists are waiting for a start date. We really are excited to get on to post! Of course we could run into a natural disaster that takes out all of Minnesota, but we are hoping that our hard drive storage will keep our files protected in most events.

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