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We want to convert a vacant lot into an urban farm that produces free veggies and eggs and provides free services to the community.

Even though we've reached our goal, each additional contribution means we can do that much more. Our farm projects are ever expanding with a new location in the housing projects on Stagg St., all funds collected over our goal will go towards getting soil and fruit trees for our next farm on Stagg St. Thanks to everyone for getting us this far and please keep supporting!

There is a vacant lot on the corner of Stockton Street and Lewis Avenue. For thirty years it has harbored violence, illegal dumping, and other illicit behavior climaxing last August with a gruesome homicide by way of a rusty shovel. In mid April Bushwick City Farms’ volunteers put an end to the negligence by clearing the garbage, spreading wood chips and planting flowers. The idea is to convert a negative space into one that creates tangible benefit for the community. We want to grow organic fruits and vegetables in clean soil and care for free-range chickens that will lay eggs, all of which will be given away for free to the community. We want to host school field trips and community groups and provide hands-on workshops that teach about responsible food production, carpentry, energy-saving systems, ecological cycles, and community self-sufficiency. Basically we want it to be an open space that provides food, education, and recreation all of which is free and accessible. We have a strong group of neighborhood volunteers, from young little munchkins to grandmothers and grandfathers. We have the lot to build the farm. All we need is some materials. Though we go along way with recycled building materials (even the wood to build everything with- from coop to veggie beds) the one thing we can't recover from the dumpster is clean soil. Help us fill our raised veggie beds and build this urban farm!

We need $4000 for 72 yards of clean topsoil, $500 for supplies and transportation of soil, and $500 for 10 organic fruit trees. 

We believe in the importance of community self-sufficiency, food justice, responsible food production, and land rehabilitation. As part of our emphasis on organic, responsible and humane food production, all our chickens, many of which are rescued from factory farms and slaughter houses, are provided with the chance to live free-range organic lives. To support our neighbors and our environment, we create community networks of mutual aid and environmental education programs, including composting and varieties of urban organic farming workshops. This is especially important in our neighborhood due to a lack of access to affordable, fresh, organic food; for this reason all the food we produce will be free to the community. This project will provide crucial resources to an underprivileged urban community while also promoting environmentally sound farming practices and community empowerment. In addition, the farm will serve as a much-needed green space which will be open for all to enjoy. We consider the health of our block vital to the health of the greater world around us.

For more information visit our website at Feel free to contact us directly with any questions by emailing 


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