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Support one of the most ambitious gamebooks ever created! Become a dragon master in the dark fantasy adventure: Rider of the Black Sun!
Support one of the most ambitious gamebooks ever created! Become a dragon master in the dark fantasy adventure: Rider of the Black Sun!
956 backers pledged €41,228 to help bring this project to life.

No Diary Entry #1

Posted by Swen Harder (Creator)

Add-on Update

If you pledge for DRAGON COMPANION (30 Euro, a signed single copy) or DRAGON COUPLE (45 Euro, two signed copies) and you want your book(s) stamped (like DRAGON PATRON and higher) please take one of the 3 available add-ons (Moon Die, original gamebook, T-shirt – see add-on section of campaign page) and your copy will be stamped automatically. But don’t forget to overpledge accordingly!

NEW: Men's T-shirts are also available in 3XL now!


Some words to MantiCon 2018 (the all inclusive tickets are part of the remaining high pledges DRAGON SEARCHER and DRAGON EXPLORER):
First of all, Mantikore’s convention has nothing to do with the MantiCon in the US – the tickets of both pledges are for MantiCon 2018 in Heppenheim, Germany.

What’s MantiCon about?

MantiCon is a convention about Roleplaying and Board Games in general and old-schoolish ones in particular and Gamebooks are taking a big part of the agenda.
So many fans enjoy the special, familial atmosphere of the castle and its quiet surroundings on top of the Bergstraße (one of Germany’s warmth regions and known for its good wines).
Legendary authors and illustrators like Joe Dever and Gary Chalk (Lone Wolf), Joe Haldeman (The Forever War), Michal J. Ward (Destiny Quest), or Alberto Dal Lago, just to name a few, show up every year.

In 2018 Dave Morris & Jamie Thomson (Fabled Lands gamebook series) are expected as special guests!

An All Inclusive Ticket includes nights stay, food (3 meals a day), unlimited drinking supply (water, soft-drinks, beer) and sweets/snacks for the playing tables.

What do I need to have a comfortable stay?

Castle Starkenburg was built in 1065 A.D. and it’s nowadays used as a hostel. The level of comfort is low, but everyone who came here once, will come back later fur sure.
Everything you need for personal hygiene (soap, shampoo, toothpaste/brush, towels, hair dryer, etc.) should be part of your luggage.

How’s traveling to MantiCon?

Heppenheim is not far away from the airport / main station Frankfurt (around 60 kilometers / 40 miles). It can easily traveled by train (direct route) and a car will fetch you up from the station Heppenheim to bring you all the way up to the castle on Schlossberg hill.
Or you travel by car and use the A5 autobahn, which has it’s own exit to Heppenheim.

Note: All MantiCon ticket aren't personalized, so they could be resold or given away as a gift easily.

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    1. Javier Fernandez-Sanguino on

      Great offer! I overpledged to add the moon dice.