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Support one of the most ambitious gamebooks ever created! Become a dragon master in the dark fantasy adventure: Rider of the Black Sun!
Support one of the most ambitious gamebooks ever created! Become a dragon master in the dark fantasy adventure: Rider of the Black Sun!
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Dragon Rider's Diary - Day 24

Posted by Swen Harder (Creator)

Good afternoon, Dragon Riders!

Here's the update about the shipping date…

After this incredible success with over 500 supporters and one stretchgoal after another fallen, we have to admit, we cannot hold the December delivery date.

We tried our best to deliver in time, but to be honest, with all extras unlocked, it's getting more and more unlikely (especially after unlocking the extra chapter). So we decided to push back the delivery date a few weeks to February 2018, even if many of you will be very disappointed now.

Really, we haven't expect this incredible demand for an old-school gamebook project! But we believe in the honesty of a dragon rider even when it gets tough and we hope, you will stay with us even if it takes a bit longer.

All we can do is to say sorry for the delay!
Swen and FuFu

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    1. Swen Harder Creator on

      @Anthony: The shipping date was pushed back, not the end of the campaign. I'm afraid your credit card will be debited after that.

    2. Missing avatar

      Anthony Christopher Hackett on

      Does this mean that the planned date of the 5th of November 2017 for debiting credit cards has changed?

      If so do you have a revised date for that?

    3. Missing avatar

      Morgan O'Brien on

      I'd rather see it done right than rushed - I'll be happy to get this whenever.

    4. James M.

      No problem about the delay. Delays are never fun, but as you said, adding another chapter to the book has got to be time-consuming, so it's quite understandable here. Just keep us in the loop on how things are progressing -- good communication goes a long way towards keeping backers from getting upset at delays.

      @Olman: I wonder if you happen to have particularly bad luck with Kickstarters. Most of mine that were late have delivered within 3 months of the estimate, with a much smaller number in the 4-6 month late range. I've only had one be delayed for longer than that.

    5. Missing avatar

      Olman on

      Many Kickstarters late several (meaning 5-6) years... so don't worry about 2 months!

    6. Missing avatar

      Andreas Rocha on

      Don't worry about the delivery date. A fine product takes time...we, oldies, know that by now!

    7. Missing avatar

      Imran Khan on

      :( ...however I agree with the previous comment (having also been born in 1989)! Really can't wait for this (and secretly hope you are working on more books).

    8. Jordan Joestar on

      A delivery before Christmas would have been awesome, but I can understand. You have to do lot of works and, in my opinion, quality is the most important thing then take your time and good work.
      Thanks to you for the chance to read an old school gamebook. Honestly, I grew up in the videogames era (I was born in 1989) and gamebooks are to me something of magic from another times.