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Support one of the most ambitious gamebooks ever created! Become a dragon master in the dark fantasy adventure: Rider of the Black Sun!
Support one of the most ambitious gamebooks ever created! Become a dragon master in the dark fantasy adventure: Rider of the Black Sun!
Support one of the most ambitious gamebooks ever created! Become a dragon master in the dark fantasy adventure: Rider of the Black Sun!
956 backers pledged €41,228 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Fiikragg on February 12

      News or updates?

    2. James M.
      on January 20

      Yes, Kickstarters are commonly late in my experience, but I think it's reasonable to expect an estimated delivery date that's close to accurate. In this case, December was moved to February before the campaign ended due to the unexpectedly high number of backers. A printing in early spring means ~March to me, which I would hope leads to delivery 1-2 months later (by May). We'll see. I have no problem waiting out delays as long as there's good communication, which has been the case here. Keep us informed, and things will work out fine. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Tristan Melchiori on January 19

      It’s absolutely the norm for a project to be delayed; I thinks anything else is naive
      Stuff just happens, a lot of the time unexpected or in this case in order to make the final product better. Main thing is to just keep good communication which this project has been great at doing :)
      Honestly when it arrives in the post it’ll be awesome, I can’t wait!

    4. Missing avatar

      Kingsley Lintz
      on January 17

      When I do Kickstarters as presents, I just plan to give the person a card telling them what I got for them... but yeah, from everything I've seen, the expected release date is the least reliable thing about any Kickstarter. I don't think I have yet backed anything that we actually had when it was expected. On the other hand, I have yet to back anything that just disappeared without a trace, so I count myself pretty lucky.

      I can't say I'm not disappointed - I've been really looking forward to this one! But I know how irritating even little errors can be, and how difficult a good translation really is, and I will throw my hat in with those who appreciate this being done right over quickly.

      Also, thank you for the update! I've got to say, it is much, much better to get an update ahead of time that says, "We see this delay coming" than to get one when I was already supposed to have The Thing with an apology that it's going to be even later. You've been great about communicating with us, and that's much appreciated!

    5. mike on January 17

      It's becoming more common for projects to get delayed in Kickstarter. sigh. It seems like it's the norm now.

      Lesson learned: "If you're planning to get a great gift for a March 16 birthday present, don't contribute to something that's supposed to ship three months earlier."

    6. Mordru on January 17

      Thank you for paying special attention to the translation and playtesting. Well worth the wait.

    7. Ravynlocke
      on January 17

      Well worth the delay for you guys to get this done right. Glad you are taking the time. I can wait. Thanks!

    8. Missing avatar

      Christopher W Ganshaw
      on January 16

      Any word on the project?

    9. Jordan Joestar on January 11

      Now I can't wait to see the Moon Medal. :P

    10. Swen Harder Creator on January 8

      Hi Fikgragg, Paul and all other Dragons Riders out there!
      Happy New Year to all of you!
      @ Fiikragg: A new(s) update will follow in a few days by Fufu.
      @ Paul: Fufu will get in touch with all HoG Inductees which haven't been sent us a portrait photo yet in the next days as well. So no worries. :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Dimitris Mazarakiotis on January 3

      Happy new year 2018!!

    12. Jordan Joestar on January 1

      Happy New Year!

    13. Paul Jedward Dymond on December 21

      Any news on when we get the e-mail requesting photos for the portraits - still not had one yet

    14. Missing avatar

      Zaphkiel on December 19

      I think many people missed update #17. I knew I did when I backed. Book is only shipping in Feb 2018.

    15. Ravynlocke
      on December 16

      I figure this is the quiet before the storm that is shipping announcements and such, but any update?

    16. Tom van der Spek
      on December 1

      Just downloaded the desktop wallpapers. They are beautiful!
      Thank you!

    17. Missing avatar

      Zaphkiel on November 29

      Update #17 stated the book won't be out till next Feb, due to the add on chapter

    18. Jonathan Green on November 29

      Fans of 'Rider of the Black Sun', another gamebook is funding on Kickstarter right now and has only a couple of days to go. Please pledge your support and spread word of NEVERLAND - Here Be Monsters!

    19. Hoze on November 28

      When the delivery will start? Planner for Christmas ?

    20. Lin Liren on November 27

      Danker Sher Goot Herr (Thank You Good Gentleman)

    21. Swen Harder Creator on November 27

      @Lin: Please wait just a few more days. In the first week of December a mail about the portraits will be sent to all raiders who are part of the Hall of Gradtitude (PATRON and above).

    22. Lin Liren on November 25

      Hi I’ve been checking my email and I can’t find the one where we send you a photo for the portrait in the books; have you Fellas sent said email yet?
      Danker Sher/ Thank You! :)

    23. Chester
      on November 19

      @ Todd and James M. - Thanks :)

    24. Swen Harder Creator on November 15

      For Latecomers: Please check Update "No Diary Entry #3"...

      You can now get a DRAGON COMPANION book and all 3 add-ons via the Manti-Shop!

      Make sure the shop language is set to English (see top right).

      What can you do there?
      a) If you haven't pledged at all while the campaign:
      - Buy the book (signed, equivalent to DRAGON COMPANION pledge)
      - add some add-ons if desired.
      b) If you have pledged for one book or more (at least as DRAGON RIDER) while the campaign:
      - add some of the add-ons to your pledge

      All transactions in the Manti-Shop are handled by PAYPAL.

    25. Missing avatar

      Todd on November 14

      @Chester. Per update 25, you can't add to your pledge now that the campaign is over. You can get the goodies though from their online store:

      Make sure to set the language to English, if need be.

    26. James M.
      on November 14

      @Chester: Scroll back a bit to the November 6 comments by Swen, but basically they're working on it. I'm guessing a solution isn't in place yet or it would have been announced, but hopefully there will be a way to get add-ons that you couldn't during the campaign. However, I don't know late add-ons would affect the survey, which was already sent. Hopefully Swen can provide more information and details.

    27. Chester
      on November 14

      @Creator- I completed my survey and decided to add the Moon die even though I didn’t actually add the funds for it during the campaign. Will there be a way for me to pay the additional amount I owe? Will I need to redo my survey?

    28. Tom van der Spek
      on November 14

      Me too! So exited about this!

    29. Dabiglulu on November 14

      Survey filled out!

    30. Lin Liren on November 13

      When do We submit Our Faces for Our Portraits, Mein Goot Herr?
      Danker Sher! :)

    31. Mordru on November 12

      @swen thank you for clearing that up! I won the side bet, a bowl of pasta!

    32. James M.
      on November 12

      @SteveO: I think we did, but the graphic wasn't updated. See the Day 30 Midnight update:

      € 41,228 - The Master’s Honor
      956 Riders will receive a Moon Medal and become a Hall of Gratitude Inductee!

    33. Missing avatar

      SteveO on November 12

      I guess we didn't reach the "???" SG?

    34. James M.
      on November 12

      It looks like you did get an answer while I was typing my comment. :) Thanks for the info; that's good to know.

    35. James M.
      on November 12

      AFAIK, in general, yes, the stretch goals are per book. Things like added illustrations, chapters, ribbons, etc. kind of have to be, because they're book content. I would expect that things like the making-of booklet, soundtrack, and maps are also per book. The main exception I see would be the add-ons -- you'll only get as many of them as you paid for to add on. As for the medal though, I don't know; it could go either way. I was expecting them to be one per backer, but I could be wrong. (Similarly for "Your name in the inlay dedication"; that sounds to me like it's one per backer, but I don't know for sure.) Hopefully Swen can give you an official answer soon.

    36. Swen Harder Creator on November 12

      @Frank: Yes, every book will have those extras.

    37. Mordru on November 12

      Actually, my friend pointed out that the FAQ might be misinterpreted, so I'm going to ask the question again (even after saying nevermind, lol): Are the rewards per book? I got dragon couple, does this mean two maps, two medals etc...?

    38. Mordru on November 8

      Nevermind, I read this thing called the FAQ and it answered my question.

    39. Mordru on November 8

      Are the rewards per book? I got dragon couple, does this mean two maps, two medals etc...?

    40. James M.
      on November 8

      Glad to hear that! I was hoping that the Moon Medal would be a physical item. I'll watch for a future update to reveal its design. ;)

    41. Swen Harder Creator on November 8

      @Jordan: It's a real reward! Actually we're working on the final design. Stay tuned.

    42. Jordan Joestar on November 8


      Hi Sir. The "Moon Medal" is an in-game item or a physical reward?

    43. Swen Harder Creator on November 8

      *** DRAGON SACRIFICE News ***
      Sorry, Riders, this small extra is kept secret until the book was shipped.

    44. Ravynlocke
      on November 8

      @Swen any news on the Dragon Sacrifice award?

    45. Alex
      on November 6

      That is good news. I game late and saw the dove top late to react and add them

    46. Swen Harder Creator on November 6

      For everyone who came to late to pledge for the book or couldn't raise the pledge anymore to get one of the add-ons - we're working on this issue.
      It's most likely that we'll provide a shop solution for latecomers. I'll get back to you, if we're have further informations.
      In the meanwhile, please fulfill all payments for your pledges as usal.

    47. Swen Harder Creator on November 6

      @Tom: Yes, Rider of the Black Sun is a solo adventure like you've described it.
      @Ian: Rider of the Black Sun is a standalone gamebook. No further parts or spin-offs are planned so far.

    48. Missing avatar

      Imran Khan on November 6

      Do we know when the secret sacrifice stretch goal will be revealed?

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