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Support one of the most ambitious gamebooks ever created! Become a dragon master in the dark fantasy adventure: Rider of the Black Sun!
Support one of the most ambitious gamebooks ever created! Become a dragon master in the dark fantasy adventure: Rider of the Black Sun!
Support one of the most ambitious gamebooks ever created! Become a dragon master in the dark fantasy adventure: Rider of the Black Sun!
956 backers pledged €41,228 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Chester
      2 days ago

      @ Todd and James M. - Thanks :)

    2. Swen Harder Creator 6 days ago

      For Latecomers: Please check Update "No Diary Entry #3"...

      You can now get a DRAGON COMPANION book and all 3 add-ons via the Manti-Shop!

      Make sure the shop language is set to English (see top right).

      What can you do there?
      a) If you haven't pledged at all while the campaign:
      - Buy the book (signed, equivalent to DRAGON COMPANION pledge)
      - add some add-ons if desired.
      b) If you have pledged for one book or more (at least as DRAGON RIDER) while the campaign:
      - add some of the add-ons to your pledge

      All transactions in the Manti-Shop are handled by PAYPAL.

    3. Missing avatar

      Todd 6 days ago

      @Chester. Per update 25, you can't add to your pledge now that the campaign is over. You can get the goodies though from their online store:

      Make sure to set the language to English, if need be.

    4. James M.
      6 days ago

      @Chester: Scroll back a bit to the November 6 comments by Swen, but basically they're working on it. I'm guessing a solution isn't in place yet or it would have been announced, but hopefully there will be a way to get add-ons that you couldn't during the campaign. However, I don't know late add-ons would affect the survey, which was already sent. Hopefully Swen can provide more information and details.

    5. Chester
      7 days ago

      @Creator- I completed my survey and decided to add the Moon die even though I didn’t actually add the funds for it during the campaign. Will there be a way for me to pay the additional amount I owe? Will I need to redo my survey?

    6. Tom van der Spek
      7 days ago

      Me too! So exited about this!

    7. Dabiglulu 7 days ago

      Survey filled out!

    8. Lin Liren on November 13

      When do We submit Our Faces for Our Portraits, Mein Goot Herr?
      Danker Sher! :)

    9. Mordru on November 12

      @swen thank you for clearing that up! I won the side bet, a bowl of pasta!

    10. James M.
      on November 12

      @SteveO: I think we did, but the graphic wasn't updated. See the Day 30 Midnight update:

      € 41,228 - The Master’s Honor
      956 Riders will receive a Moon Medal and become a Hall of Gratitude Inductee!

    11. Missing avatar

      SteveO on November 12

      I guess we didn't reach the "???" SG?

    12. James M.
      on November 12

      It looks like you did get an answer while I was typing my comment. :) Thanks for the info; that's good to know.

    13. James M.
      on November 12

      AFAIK, in general, yes, the stretch goals are per book. Things like added illustrations, chapters, ribbons, etc. kind of have to be, because they're book content. I would expect that things like the making-of booklet, soundtrack, and maps are also per book. The main exception I see would be the add-ons -- you'll only get as many of them as you paid for to add on. As for the medal though, I don't know; it could go either way. I was expecting them to be one per backer, but I could be wrong. (Similarly for "Your name in the inlay dedication"; that sounds to me like it's one per backer, but I don't know for sure.) Hopefully Swen can give you an official answer soon.

    14. Swen Harder Creator on November 12

      @Frank: Yes, every book will have those extras.

    15. Mordru on November 12

      Actually, my friend pointed out that the FAQ might be misinterpreted, so I'm going to ask the question again (even after saying nevermind, lol): Are the rewards per book? I got dragon couple, does this mean two maps, two medals etc...?

    16. Mordru on November 8

      Nevermind, I read this thing called the FAQ and it answered my question.

    17. Mordru on November 8

      Are the rewards per book? I got dragon couple, does this mean two maps, two medals etc...?

    18. James M.
      on November 8

      Glad to hear that! I was hoping that the Moon Medal would be a physical item. I'll watch for a future update to reveal its design. ;)

    19. Swen Harder Creator on November 8

      @Jordan: It's a real reward! Actually we're working on the final design. Stay tuned.

    20. Jordan Joestar on November 8


      Hi Sir. The "Moon Medal" is an in-game item or a physical reward?

    21. Swen Harder Creator on November 8

      *** DRAGON SACRIFICE News ***
      Sorry, Riders, this small extra is kept secret until the book was shipped.

    22. Ravynlocke
      on November 8

      @Swen any news on the Dragon Sacrifice award?

    23. Alex
      on November 6

      That is good news. I game late and saw the dove top late to react and add them

    24. Swen Harder Creator on November 6

      For everyone who came to late to pledge for the book or couldn't raise the pledge anymore to get one of the add-ons - we're working on this issue.
      It's most likely that we'll provide a shop solution for latecomers. I'll get back to you, if we're have further informations.
      In the meanwhile, please fulfill all payments for your pledges as usal.

    25. Swen Harder Creator on November 6

      @Tom: Yes, Rider of the Black Sun is a solo adventure like you've described it.
      @Ian: Rider of the Black Sun is a standalone gamebook. No further parts or spin-offs are planned so far.

    26. Missing avatar

      Imran Khan on November 6

      Do we know when the secret sacrifice stretch goal will be revealed?

    27. Ian Goodwin on November 6

      Congratulations on a great campaign & I can't wait to read the book. Now here is the BIG question. Was there enough interest that the other books in the series will now get the English upgrade?? I truly hope so :)

    28. Tom van der Spek
      on November 6

      @ Swen Harder : Hi!
      Perhaps a stupid question, but I am not familiar with this genre and had hardy time to make the decision to jump in... (the campaign lasted only for 2 more hours when I saw it the first time), but I find it impressive what I saw and for a bargain, so I backed immediately.
      And now my question: You can call this a solo RPG? For example, you start to read section 1 and in the end it said: if you go right, read section 24; if you go left, read section 71, and so on? You can read a whole adventure, but it depends on your own decisions in which direction the story will develop?
      Thanks in advance for the answer!

    29. Simon Painter on November 6

      Is it too late to upgrade my pledge?

    30. Missing avatar

      Colm Doyle
      on November 6

      Congrats! Looking forward to getting stuck into this monster of a book in the spring time.

    31. Missing avatar

      Todd on November 5

      So, I'm sure this has no bearing at all on the final rewards, but my dream would be a good quality character sheet (maybe even a small pad, for if/when you replay it), a pad of paper (with the logo) for notes and journaling while you play. The upgraded "flipbook" should have space to hold these items, plus pockets for the dice (a d8 and 3d6, correct), plus a slot for a pen or pencil. Basically, everything you need to play the game in easy to carry and store package.

    32. James M.
      on November 5

      I hope the Moon Medal is a physical reward. Something like a coin-sized medallion with a design relevant to the book and its universe would be a nice bonus item.

      As for the Hall of Gratitude, I'm guessing that will be a list of backers added to the book, and maybe a web site?, as recognition of our contribution to the project. We'll probably get clarification later on. Either that or it's a fancy, in-character way of saying thank you to everyone. :)

      Also, I think John is right that the sacrifice bonus hasn't been revealed yet. So we should have one more surprise to go!

    33. John of Arc on November 5

      @Ravynlocke I don’t think they told about the sacrifice.

      Really nice campaign, and pretty cool additions for the 2 last SG :)
      Can’t wait to get my dragon couple signed/stamped with my 2 moon dices :D

    34. Jordan Joestar on November 5

      I'm looking forward to see the sturdy slipcase and the Moon Medal (it's a physical reward?). What do you mean with Hall Of Gratitude Inductee?

      Amazing campaign. Congrats! :)

    35. Ravynlocke
      on November 5

      Cool update! Love the Dragon's Hoard and Masters additions! Any update on the Dragon Sacrifice addition or did I miss it?

    36. FuFu Frauenwahl Collaborator on November 5

      Over 41K... WOW!!!
      This is incredible!
      Thank you so much everybody for your amazing support! Swen, Nic (the publisher) and myself will work as hard as we can to deliver the books and add-on material as soon as possible. Thanks to your help we will be able to produce a fantastic edition, with many more features than the current German one!
      I'll keep you posted about the status of the new illustrations and the Hall of Gratitude portraits, and I myself am super curious to read what Swen comes up with for the bonus chapter! Rider of the Black Sun already is a very great and unique gamebook, but this KS campaign and YOUR pledges will make it an absolute masterpiece!
      Thank you all!

    37. Missing avatar

      Dimitris Mazarakiotis on November 5

      Congratulations to Swen and FuFu and all of us who supported this fantastic Gamebook!!!!!!

    38. Missing avatar

      Olman on November 5

      WOW! Congratulations!
      What a well fed dragon is born :D

    39. Netobvious
      on November 5

      Woohoo! Congratulations to Swen and Fufu and all the backers who supported this wonderful game book.

    40. Ravynlocke
      on November 5


    41. Stephen Smith on November 5

      I forgot how I even found out about this, but I'm glad I did :)

    42. Netobvious
      on November 5

      40K Euro. This is one incredible game book. So happy to be on board.

    43. James M.
      on November 5

      And it looks like we've passed 40k now -- way to go, everyone!

    44. Swen Harder Creator on November 5

      @Shaun: Yep, it isn't gone in a hole... yet ;)

    45. Missing avatar

      Daniel Maxson on November 5

      @Swen Ah, great. I wondered if it might have been from an earlier stage, but that's good to hear officially. Looking forward to seeing it in print!

      And to Shaun's remark, the only hole my book is going near is the hole in my heart left by a lack of new gamebooks. :P

    46. Missing avatar

      Shaun on November 5

      And in response to Swen's remark, that would be the *whole book. My book will be going nowhere near any holes.

      (Speaking as someone who admires anyone who is multilingual)

    47. James M.
      on November 5

      FWIW, in response to Daniel's remarks: while you're probably right about the tense change with "is flaiing" vs. "flails", I don't think I would have noticed it otherwise because it sounded OK to me in reading the sample page. I agree on the missing "the" in your second point; that's probably just a typo. As for the smoke, I think you could argue either way. As I see it, using "smoke gathers" is stating a fact, while using "smoke seems to gather" is relating a perception and not necessarily fact. So the choice would depend on what impression the author wants to give the reader. I'd say that to someone hiding under the bed, any increase of smoke there could make it seem like the smoke is gathering there when in reality it's spreading all around the room. So I think the "seems" here is fine, if they're talking about a perception rather than reality.

      Anyway... about 39.5k and 2 hours to go. Passing 40k certainly looks like it's in reach now. :) The last update makes me hopeful that we have already, or will soon, pass the unspecified amount to unlock the Master's Honor stretch goal, but there's a little time left -- let's keep pushing!

    48. Zeon
      on November 5

      Hello all just backed and wanted to say Hi

    49. Swen Harder Creator on November 5

      @Daniel: Thank you for the suggestions. Right now, the hole book is undergone a final proof-reading by a native speaker. The example page is from an earlier stage of the project.

    50. Missing avatar

      Daniel Maxson on November 5

      I feel like some of the example entries read a little strangely in English. For example, "He's flailing wildly..." would probably read more naturally as "He flails wildly...". Otherwise you're switching from the present tense to the present progressive and back for no reason that I can determine.

      Also, "...sealing the seams for first time in centuries." should probably be "...sealing the seams for the first time in centuries." It looks like there's a missing "the" there.

      If I was being super pedantic, I'd even suggest the smoke probably doesn't "seem" to gather under the bed, but simply gathers under the bed.

      Editing impulses aside, I'm backing either way because I'm excited about the game, the mechanics, and the puzzles even if I think the translation could flow a little better. At the end of the day, I'm sure I'll enjoy it either way.

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