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Support one of the most ambitious gamebooks ever created! Become a dragon master in the dark fantasy adventure: Rider of the Black Sun!
Support one of the most ambitious gamebooks ever created! Become a dragon master in the dark fantasy adventure: Rider of the Black Sun!
Support one of the most ambitious gamebooks ever created! Become a dragon master in the dark fantasy adventure: Rider of the Black Sun!
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    1. Swen Harder Creator 5 days ago

      @Lakatos István: Please edit your address in your personal KS profile. This change should be send to us automatically.
      Right now, we've no shipping update, sorry. Our planning for late summer/fall is still valid.

    2. Lakatos István 5 days ago

      How can I change my shipping adress? And a shipping update would be great.

    3. Missing avatar

      Anders Bloch on

      Hows it looking, are we getting any update regarding estimate and so on :) ?

    4. FuFu Frauenwahl Collaborator on

      Hi guys,
      the editing and re-layouting is progressing as planned and nothing has changed about our last projection. We're only being cautious with putting forth a definite ETA because this time we really want to keep anything we promise. But be assured, as soon as we know when the book finally goes to the printer we will inform you about it and give you an estimated shipping date.

    5. Netobvious

      Yes, it has been some time since we heard the good news of a shipping date for this much anticipated story book.

    6. James M.

      AFAIK, nothing new regarding the timeline since the late April update (a day after my last comment here), that said "we are still aiming for late summer/early fall for the publication". We've still got a while to go for this one, folks.

    7. Missing avatar

      Anders Bloch on

      I was just about to ask the same thing :)

    8. Fiikragg

      Is there a current ETA?

    9. James M.

      In the March 20 update, they said: "The timeline he actually offered was that the current rate of progress makes it look like we will be able to ship in the Fall. It's hard to make it more precise than that at the moment, but there is a good chance you will get your book in September or October, with X-Mas just being a worst-case scenario." I don't imagine much has changed since then, and when there is news, they'll let us know. However, I do agree that a progress update once a month would be good, so hopefully another one will be coming soon.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kees Jan Koster on

      Guys, how about a shipping update, please? I know you must be busy, but we'd like to follow along.

    11. Missing avatar


      An update with a shipping timeline would be great

    12. Missing avatar

      Anders Bloch on

      Looking forward to receiving the books, but any update on when to expect shipping approximately :) ?

    13. Swen Harder Creator on

      Riders, please write me a PN, not a comment if you're interested reading the Prologue.
      This will help me keeping track. Thank you!

    14. Swen Harder Creator on

      @Questor: Yes, the Prologue will be part of the book itself.

    15. Missing avatar

      Colin Lim on

      Please send me a prologue in PDF. Thanks.

    16. Questor Thorn on

      Will the prologue also be part of the physical book on release?

    17. Missing avatar

      Dimitris Mazarakiotis on

      Hello friends!
      The rider of the black sun have fan page at facebook please join us !!

    18. Missing avatar

      David Standley on

      I am interested in the prologue as well

    19. I'M A NINJA on

      Very interested in the Prologue! Keep up the great work!

    20. Missing avatar

      David Gotteri on

      Yes please for The Prologue. :-)

    21. Missing avatar

      Debouvry Gino on

      I'm interested in the prologue. Thank you

    22. Missing avatar

      Raphael Vermeil de Conchard on

      I'm interested in the prologue too. Thank you.

    23. Thomas

      I would like to see the prologue. Thank you.

    24. Missing avatar

      Athos Polti on

      I’m also interested in the prologue PDF file. Thanks

    25. Missing avatar

      Chris Duemmling on

      I would be interested in the prologue as an ebook.

    26. Zane the Snarfvivor

      I intend to move in September. Please let us know before shipping addresses are locked down so I can figure out an address that will work.

    27. Swen Harder Creator on

      @Michael kay

      Latecomers may take this opportunity the get their hands on a copy of Rider of the Black Sun:

      For more informations please read the update "No Diary Entry #3 - Getting started and News for Latecomers".

      Please note that we've decided to extend the expiring date for this offer to July 31, 2018.

    28. Swen Harder Creator on

      @Ai Lin Chia: Just change your address using your KS account. The change should be send to us automatically.

    29. Thomas

      A delay in the delivery is no real issue. What you described happens to a lot f companies. I expect in the Kickstarters I back that there is a learning curve that will cause most to be delayed from projected delivery. Things happen especially to a new manufacturer or one going into a new direction. My point: take your time, do it right is always the correct answer. So keep the lines of communication open with periodic updates and I am sure we will be thrilled when it all arrives. Best of luck and thanks!

    30. Ai Lin Chia on

      Would it be possible to change the delivery address? Same country, just different address. I was expecting the delivery to be early this year when I set the delivery address.

    31. Missing avatar

      Francesco P.

      I'm not impatient, but IF the delay is solely due to the translation (and not other causes), as stated in the update, I'm with Jordan regarding project management, and with Gabor regarding the professional translator (after all the campaign got €41,228 out of €6,000 for the "base" goal).
      However I believe there are probably other elements involved, like stretch goals delaying the new translation or the whole production itself. So I think it could just be a communication problem that could be better addressed in future updates...

    32. Colm Doyle

      @Gabor. Your last KS just because this one will be way past the promised delivery date? Don’t be illogical.

      I have been on KS since 2015 and have backed over 40 projects. I am very happy with the vast majority of them. I have never had a terrible experience. Sure, some have been late, but I have always gotten what I backed for and the quality has always been top notch.

      So what if it’s late? Don’t back a project if you are impatient to get the rewards. Wait until it hits retail instead.

      Being part of the KS community is all about supporting the little guys, riding the hype train, getting excited about stretch goals, being part of the “behind the scenes” and the development process, maybe picking up some exclusives or deluxe editions...

      I owe my love of tabletop role playing to Kickstarter as the platform is what got me into that area of the hobby and in the process make me friends.

      Stick around. KS is a great place with lots to offer, even if projects generally deliver late.

    33. Missing avatar

      Gabor "Rex" Hegedus on

      It was my first & the last KS funding. Honestly, im seriously disappointed. I funded with nostalgic reason, coz' i like the good, old adventuring book series and because i check the "trailer" of this project (and i thinks, the germans never late). Im not saying "this is unacceptable" because we dont have any choice besides accept this HUGE delay and waiting. I hope, it will be worth it.
      PS: dear Swen & FuFu, pls hire a full-time translator, not a part-time worker...

    34. Missing avatar

      Adrian Matthews on

      @Netobvious I agree with your comment completely. I would much prefer a polished, professionally produced book than a rushed, error filled translation. The main problem with a rush job is that the linguistic mistakes ruin the atmosphere of the adventure.

      I backed this Kickstarter for nostalgic reasons. I remember collecting the Fighting Fantasy books as a child when they were first released and it kickstarted (pun!) my interest in fantasy gaming at the time. I'm fascinated with this book and the artwork intrigues me as much as the illustrations of those FF books did all those years ago. I'm happy to wait for a truly great translation.

    35. Netobvious

      @SwenHarder, a book becomes a timeless classic if done right, and I rather you delay and produce a high caliber collectible storybook than a rushed one. Just keep us informed of progress.

      But maybe, this is just my vote and others may be too impatient, sadly. :-(

    36. Mordru on

      A year late? More like 9 months late. Do it right. But there better not be any typos or wrong phrases in the final product lol

    37. Missing avatar

      SteveO on

      I'll take a prologue

    38. Missing avatar

      Sami Saarela on

      I'd rather have a quality product a year late, than hastily put together delivered in time.
      Instead of a prologue (I'd rather savour the whole thing when it's all done), I would be interested to see snippets of less than satisfactory translation compared to new and improved version.
      And as always, steady stream of updates keeps moods content.

    39. Michael kay on

      Any chance of being able to order the dice like a late late pledge manager during the re-translation prosess?

    40. Missing avatar

      Craig Bunce on

      To be honest a year delay is not the longest delay I have experienced on Kickstarter. The update is appreciated but can I ask that where possible you keep us updated moving on

    41. Missing avatar

      Daan on

      Too bad to hear guys, I'd rather have this game yesterday than today. But thank you for your honesty!

      At least we can read the book during our xmas Holiday :D

      Hang in there guys

    42. Missing avatar


      Wow, going to be a year late. Project management leaves a lot to be desired unfortunately. Hopefully the book will be worth the wait.

    43. Missing avatar

      Tamás Jármai on

      It's a shame that the book will not be printed and sent to the backers 'till next winter. Agree if I have to. I hope I can read the book as soon as possible.

    44. Missing avatar

      David Gotteri on

      Prologue? Yes, please.

    45. Missing avatar

      David Gotteri on

      Agree better to wait and get a better product.
      Please do keep on with regular updates of progression, though.
      D x

    46. Gorbag The Ancient on

      So next Xmas then. Is it still possible to add the dice onto my order?

    47. Missing avatar

      Zaphkiel on

      I think we haven't heard back on translation update and the upgraded slipcase as well. It might be holding back the project?

    48. Hoze on

      @creator écho of James and redmick

    49. Redmick

      Can I echo @James' request below for an updated timeline on the book's completion and delivery please?

    50. James M.

      Well, if the books aren't shipping out soon, March delivery is looking unlikely (at least internationally). I think the last mention of a timeline was close to 2 months ago in the January 17th update that said "the book will realistically not get printed before early Spring". I'd consider that period open now, so could we possibly get another update on the timeline? I agree with Olman that you should take the time necessary to get everything done right, but it would be nice to get an updated estimate on the delivery date, if possible. Thanks!

      P.S. -- @Olman: It sounds like you had some really bad luck with projects. The longest delay I've personally experienced with a Kickstarter project was ~19 months.

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