Elysian Shadows Next-Gen 2D RPG for Dreamcast & Steam & OUYA

by Elysian Shadows Team

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      Theye on

      Oh !!!! Yeahhhhhh !!!!

    2. Jay Reid on

      Congratulations fellas... All the hard labor put in; job well done!!! Never doubted it for a minute.

    3. Ross Tunney on

      Awesome! You guys are an inspiration!

    4. Joseph Jegede on

      Congratulations Guys, Keep up the good work.

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      Roby Provost on

      Damn I'm proud of you boys. I've been checking your youtube stuff for so long voer the year and i seems the dream is finally alive.

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      Nick Anton on

      So at the 45 minute mark of the latest stream you answered my question about the mini-games. I would like to attend the kickstarter party however I live in IL. I have enough funds to travel to Alabama but I can't pay for a hotel. So I was wondering if I could crash for a night or two at your house. Please get back to me if this is an option. Otherwise I either can't attend or I have to pay a hefty hotel fee. Please reply via email at LatchGameDev@yahoo.com

    7. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      When will the surveys be sent?