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Redefining the oldschool 16-bit RPG by fusing pixel art with 3D environments, dynamic lighting, shadows, physics and positional audio.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Gregg on

      I forgot this existed. This is what happens when you give artists money

    2. Panou on

      How can I get a full refund, please? I just don't want anything from you anymore, so give me my money back, kthxbye.
      (I'm not joking)

    3. Benjamin M. on

      Hello darkness my old friend..........

    4. Missing avatar

      Sam Bushman on

      Haven't heard much about this in a while. How's things going? Best wishes.

    5. Missing avatar

      Tim Sheehy on

      well, thanks for trying to make a dreamcast game anyway. r.i.p.

    6. Jay Reid on

      Excellent update guys... I commented on the new Youtue vid, but edited it last minute because I only watched half of it before commenting. In hindsight, my thoughts were justified. I really like the narrative feel of the former half of the vid. Not that I dislike the AiGD format (luv the raw, "in your face" approach) but the Lore vid was an awesome change of pace from the norm, and very much welcomed. That said, really looking forward to seeing more of ES asap. Great experiences take time to come to full fruition, and this one is no different. Keep doing what you guys do best, and congratz on the tremendous effort put forth so far.

    7. Elysian Shadows Team Creator on

      Just a quick note for anybody wondering: Yeah, the levels are insanely bland looking. We have a very strict workflow in place for delivering the game quickly and optimizing productivity. Our artist, Patrick, is only doing the bare minimal tiles initially required for level design and scripting, so that we can come up behind him and begin working. Then as we're using the tiles, we are creating a more detailed list of tiles for more variety, more colors and contrast, and more content within the levels. The reason we do this is so that level design and gameplay scripting are not held up by Patrick having to tile out 3 different versions of a single tree, for example. Also he can't know for sure which tiles will be required functionally or even for aesthetic purposes until we begin intimately working with a sheet to make levels with them.

      So most of what you are seeing is that rough first pass of just the basic geometry and terrain required for tiles. You are also not seeing it with proper dynamic lighting... The tiles look even blander without that, since we cannot bake shadows and shading into the tiles with a dynamic lighting engine. That would destroy the effect, as you would then have shadows being cast statically in a certain direction then shadows being dynamically cast in another direction.

      So yeah, I just wanted to make you guys aware of this, in case you are wondering what the deal is. Part of being better about updating is swallowing my own insecurities and not being afraid to let the world just unfinished work. So yeah, it does look very bland right now. Every lush, dynamically lit environment you've seen from ES has started off like this. A new environment doesn't get that "wow" factor until the very end. :)