Elysian Shadows Next-Gen 2D RPG for Dreamcast & Steam & OUYA

by Elysian Shadows Team

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    1. Vryl

      Nice invalid path name. Good to know you aren't BSing this project.

    2. Elysian Shadows Team Creator on

      I have been working my ass off every day on that multitrack animation editor, haven't taken a day off in weeks, and yesterday was my wedding day, which I spent the majority of writing code for ES. This game is my life, my hobby, and my passion. That multitrack animation editor was an unfortunate side-track that had to be done due to sub-par animation support from existing tools, and it solved an engineering problem that I have not seen anyone else in this industry address with sprite-based skeletal animations. Do you truly believe that me trying to have a sense of humor while demonstrating file path validation warrants your accusations of us "bullshitting" a project that we are pouring our hearts and souls into?

    3. Vryl

      ...that was meant to be a joke about how 'bullshit.png' was not a valid path. Not an accusation of it.

    4. Elysian Shadows Team Creator on

      OH! Well shit. My bad. The internet backlash and hate over the last year has made me overly defensive, because I'm so used to being accused of things like that. SO sorry to have jumped up your ass like that, man! Now I look like a dick... :)


    5. Akule

      I love reading some of the background details about what goes into making a game. It's easy to lose sight of all of the hard work that goes into a game, so these little glimpses give us a nice look into the hard work that you do.

      Keep up the good work! :D