Elysian Shadows Next-Gen 2D RPG for Dreamcast & Steam & OUYA

by Elysian Shadows Team

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    1. Andrew Hsieh on

      Good to hear from you guys. Looking forward to seeing what you guys have been up to :)

    2. AKASlaphappy

      thanks for the update.

    3. Lena LeRay on

      I would prefer a massive amount of text to a video. :/

    4. Vryl

      Glad to hear there are some new people and the project didn't die a horrible death. I admit that I prefer text to video, though.

    5. Josh Houston on

      I'm with Lena. Please post current rundown on what you've accomplished versus what needs to still be done. What systems are finished vs what are incomplete. Show us what you have working. At this point, I feel this project will go the way of Midora(KS look it up). Too little information. Huge amount of time without updates. No actually stuff on progress(pictures or videos).

      Time Spinner has 1 guy coding everything and he live streams every Tuesday while making something for the game.

      Soon you'll be saying you're out of money and making a different game to find this one.

    6. Christian Escobar on

      Been an AiGD fan for years now, and what seems to be happening is that the breadth of the project is too large. Yes, you can support a large amount of platforms, but shits happens, team members leave, etc. At this point, narrow the scope of the game so that a final product can be delivered. Even a 4-hour game released just on PC and Dreamcast would be enough at this point.

    7. Elysian Shadows Team Creator on

      You're getting both a video update and a wall of text. A significant portion of the update has already been written, and it's a gigantic, massive wall of text detailing everything that has happened and all the progress we've made. The video is supplementary to the KS update.

      @Christian - You're not wrong, but the problem has nothing to do with the number of platforms we're supporting. There's a common misconception that the engine or technology has been a limiting factor, when all it has ever done is enable us to create the game we want to create it. Once the initial code is written for one platform, it's done. I haven't written a Dreamcast-specific line of code this year, and it all builds and works fine on every platform and is tested with a suite of automated tests after every code update. The bottleneck has always been in the areas of level design and scenario scripting. Patrick and I were just two guys whose respective jobs were neither of these, attempting to pick up the slack and do our own jobs, knowing full-well that neither of us are necessarily qualified to be all-star level designers or anywhere near the level of expertise as we are at our own individual tasks. It's been a rough, slow road for us on that front, We are actively seeking to eliminate the problem on this front. We're recruiting new team mates (with a much higher level of standards than before), and we still have a massive contract in the works that will be game-changing for us in terms of bringing the project more creative resources on that front.

      @Josh - Look back at every one of our updates. If there's one thing we have never been guilty of, it's definitely that we have never posted "too little information." We understand that the nature of this update left you guys feeling unfulfilled, but we desperately wanted to break the silence early when the big update is still a little ways off. We wanted to reconnect with you and let you know that we're actively working our butts off (and always had been). This entire KS update hiatus we have still done occasional Twitch streams doing exactly that and we have an active Skype chat with 90+ backers where we lurk 24/7 and update people in real-time, sharing our source code and helping backers with their own projects as a way of saying thanks. I'm not at all insinuating that this is adequate coverage for not providing Kickstarter updates, because it's not at all, but I do want to let you know that we have done our best with a project this scale and what was just a team of 2 people to do right by you guys.


    8. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi! Nice to see! :)

    9. Jay Reid on

      New band members and the project is still on? Pardon the pun but that's "music to my ears"... Hope to play ES asap... Never doubted you guys for a second.

    10. Tobias Krumholz on

      I really like this project. I supported this project and followed "Adventures in game development" for a long time. I gave 15$ or some really little amount of money and i had no expectation of any kind of return on that money. I actually like the unbreakable optimism of you guys.
      But i have to agree with some of the comments that communication from the team is not as good as it could be.
      For me it's in the little not well thought out phrases like "to save a MASSIVE amount of text". There is no shortage of text. I would have no problem with just telling us the video took a huge amount of time to produce and you didn't want to duplicate all the effort by putting it all in writing.
      Also it would be nice to know what is being worked on.
      I tried to find an actual update about progress on elysian shadows and the most recent thing i could find is a facebook post from 02.02.16 about adding bloom lighting. Feel free to point me to something more recent. For me it just would be interesting to know what is being worked on. No matter how fast it goes or how long it takes.
      You guys have fun. Best of luck to you all.