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Always have your sketchbook with you with Sketch Wallet! It's a canvas wallet with a replaceable sketchbook inside.
Always have your sketchbook with you with Sketch Wallet! It's a canvas wallet with a replaceable sketchbook inside.
570 backers pledged $30,216 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Erik Booker on

      Deep red version looks awesome!

    2. Scott Rachesky

      Orange please!

    3. Armando Contreras Hermida

      The orange one is dopest.

    4. Missing avatar

      John Alvarez-Wallesverd on

      That deep red is so so good.

    5. Anthony LaVerghetta on

      I'll hop on board and say red! Great work man!

    6. Sara on

      Orange <3

    7. Chris Whittington on

      Orange all day long.

    8. Missing avatar

      Henry H on

      Deeeeep Red!!

      Now I need another and not just one.

    9. William Beckwith on

      Definity the deep red!!

    10. Becca Neubauer on


      (orange second)

    11. Tareica Boufball

      Deep red.

    12. Missing avatar

      Raul Reveles on

      BLUEEEEEEE !!!!!

    13. Emily Kines on

      Deep red for sure

    14. Missing avatar

      Carrie on


    15. Steve Marshall on

      Blue! Don't listen to all those red voters. Blue!

    16. Mavis Clow on

      Very hard to choose but I'm thinking the red is my favorite.

    17. valandelle

      red! oh its so pretty!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Carlos Archaga on

      Deep Red for sure.
      The others look nice, but I feel those (and the white) will be show dirt easily and begin to discolor too soon for something that is meant to be in a pocket and carried around.

    19. Jeff Manley on

      Deep Red...

      but, if you have another stretch goal after this, Orange.

    20. Christina Paine

      Thank you � I'm really happy with the grey on offer or maybe Brown ?

    21. Missing avatar

      Estefania on

      Love them all but orange gets my vote!

    22. Persnickety Rabbit on

      Orange! For that special someone just below. =D

    23. Missing avatar

      Santi Rowe on

      ORANGE!!! I would loooove the orange!

    24. Missing avatar

      Karen Drastal on

      ORANGE ORANGE ORANGE! :D I got a sketch wallet for me and one for my husband and his favorite color is orange!! Woohoo!!

    25. FanimationMik on

      Out of the three, only the red one looks good as a wallet. The others look a little unnaturally bright for a wallet.

    26. Missing avatar

      LeslieRiley on

      orange gets my vote

    27. Brandon Johnston on

      I'm super torn between the red and the blue...



    28. david palieri on

      I like the orange one brings out the color of my monsters.....:)

    29. Jordan Fong on

      Deep Red, all the way!! :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Rafael Quiroz on

      I'm liking the blue!

    31. Missing avatar

      Jose Angel Luciano on

      Hi Sketch Wallet Canvas Edition,

      I just likes to pick one up is electric blue with sketch wallet canvas this please let me know if you are glad any comments and questions then. Keep me post that I am surprised � thank you for remind of me positively vibes,


    32. Ralph Thomas 3-time creator on

      @Christina Hello! What would you like to see? We just tried to narrow it down from the top requests we got when we sent out our newsletter before the Kickstarter. We're happy to go a different direction if we get enough requests ;-)

    33. Corben Marroquin on

      Big fan of the Deep Red!

    34. Eric G. on

      Nice update! Love the red one!

    35. Christina Paine

      Hmmm not really a fan of any of these

    36. Missing avatar

      Emily Giovannucci on

      The red is the nicest! Unless you made the other two in neon shades.

    37. James A. Castillo Murphy on

      The Deep red version is great guys. It feels also a bit more elegant than the other two.