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A double album tour of the scariest haunted house in the world. 2 hours of spine-chilling music. WARNING: DON'T LISTEN ALONE!
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    1. funktoast 5-time creator on

      Thanks a ton for the advice. I will follow your suggestions.
      ---craig nybo

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      Timothy H

      Hi Craig,

      I'm sorry that this project is having a slow start because I'm pretty excited about it! Happy to hear you would still like to have fun with it. Thank you for sharing those audio tracks. Looking forward to listening to them before bed.

      To be honest, the only reason I found this project is because it happened to be at the top of the list of new projects before I filtered by category. I clicked on it on a whim (and glad I did!). I only ever browse the Art, Games, Comics and Publishing categories. I understand why you put it in Music > Classical Music, but I'm not sure this is the best way to gain exposure for the project. I did a quick browse of the other categories. Maybe Art > Mixed Media, Publishing > Radio & Podcasts, or Theatre > Immersive? I don't know if those will be much better, but I imagine people browsing Classical Music aren't looking for a horror experience. I could be wrong. :)

      A couple other ideas:

      - Maybe reach out to other horror projects and see if you can cross-promote with them in your updates. I've seen this done with many of the projects I've backed and have even backed some of the projects promoted.

      - And speaking of updates, maybe write a bit about the project on a regular basis. People love seeing projects with lots of creator involvement. Perhaps even promote the free tracks you are giving away in a regular update that is viewable by anyone.

      - Maybe share one of the tracks from both CDs so that potential backers have a better idea of what they are pledging for.

      Hope some of this helps! Would love to see this project succeed!