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An interactive journey taking you deep into one of Australia's most ancient slot canyons. Viewable on computers, and the Oculus Rift.
An interactive journey taking you deep into one of Australia's most ancient slot canyons. Viewable on computers, and the Oculus Rift.
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Pre-rendered color videos of the final Claustral Experience


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Claustral Canyon experience completed!


I'm glad to say that we have finally completed the Claustral Canyon experience. 

We could probably have spent the rest of our lives tweaking this experience to make it better and better. However we reached the point where we know it was time to say "done is done" and distribute the final version. 

Michael and I want to thank all of you again for your support in this project. It has taken a little over two years to complete. Out of the 1 mile of slot canyon that we scanned, we got to photograph what we considered the most beautiful areas, including the three abseils, Ranon junction and waterfall, and a beautiful area featured in a National Geographic article in 2008. Those areas comprised only about 15% of the entire canyon. Ideally we would have photographed the entire canyon, but our budget simply did not allow for that. When you view the final experience you will see areas of color and areas of black and white. The black and white areas are grayscale information captured from the laser scanner, and the colored areas are photographs taken by Michael. We have tried to transition between these areas as cleanly as possible; however, you do see the canyon in its entirety from start to finish. 

The point behind this project was to open people's eyes to a completely novel way to experience and explore inaccessible and beautiful parts of the Earth. For us, this means the user can move around and go anywhere he or she wants without any restrictions whatsoever (except flying through rock). 

A lot of today's virtual reality technologies allow people to look around in a bubble from a single point of view; however, the viewer cannot move where he or she chooses. They cannot look behind rocks, or fly up and look down. They cannot potter around and explore the way a child would explore, looking into all the nooks and crannies. For us, this is an absolutely essential part of the experience. 

Since then we have hugely improved our techniques for photographing outdoor areas. Our company's website, Specterras, can be seen at: We are moving from strength to strength. 

Our latest project is an interactive experience allowing you to fly down and into one of the most beautiful parts of Zion Narrows in Zion National Park, Utah. Thank you again for helping us literally kickstart this company into motion. Please see the gallery section of our website for a first draft of this experience. 

Downloads and distributions 

There is a Windows download and a Mac download, as well as an Oculus download. For those without powerful computers, there are video downloads as well. 

There have been some issues with backers not getting these updates due to Kickstarter messages being caught by spam filters. For this reason, I will be emailing the download links separately to each backer. Let me know if you backed the project for $100 or more but did not receive a download link.

 A) Oculus Rift download 

Please check your email for your direct download link.

The Oculus version was created using the latest Oculus Rift that was released a month ago. The advantage is a superior performance and resolution not experienced on the previous DK2 prototype. It will only work on the latest Oculus Rift, not the DK2. The minimum PC specifications are very precise and are as follows. Please note that the Mac is no longer supported. 

Minimum Oculus Specifications: 

NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater 

Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater 


Compatible HDMI 1.3 video output 

2x USB 3.0 ports 

Windows 7 SP1 or newer 

 B) PC and Mac downloads 

Please check your email for your direct download link.

These downloads are very data heavy and require very up-to-date 64-bit computers with good video cards (e.g. Nvidia Geforce) to perform smoothly. 

 C) Video Downloads 

For those of you without those computers, we have created two flythough videos going down and up the canyon. These will not allow you to explore but contain all the moving videos and sound. You should download the videos in full before playing them (clink on the "Download" button in Dropbox) to get the best quality. These videos are fairly long and I suggest you sit back, relax, use a good set of headphones or speakers, and give yourself plenty of time to view them. 

Please check your email for the download links.


 If any of you are having trouble with performance or other issues please let us know and we can distribute a version with lower texture resolutions. Without your help we could never have got this project off the ground and we want you to get the best experience possible. 

 Visiting Boston 

 If any of you are in the Boston area and wish to experience what it's like to move around and explore Claustral Canyon, please let me know: We will also have an Oculus Rift on hand that you are always welcome to try out.

Thanks once again!

Again, many thanks for supporting this campaign and for your patience throughout, especially considering the very late delivery of the final experience.

Luke Farrer

Michael Breer

Claustral Canyon - progress report and screenshots


Hi there

I realize an update is long overdue.

The entire experience has almost been completed now. We are doing a lot of last minute tweaking to ensure you all get the best experience possible. 

Here are some screenshots of the current work in progress.

I'll be in touch very shortly with the final release.


Claustral Canyon: almost there!


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Corrected link for dropbox download


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