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Do you think of Jamaica as a vacation paradise or as a country where gays and lesbians are hunted down in the streets?
Do you think of Jamaica as a vacation paradise or as a country where gays and lesbians are hunted down in the streets?
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Upcoming PBS Broadcast and Awards!

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 Dear Friends,

It’s been an amazing year for The Abominable Crime!

The film has traveled around the world, won a number of awards, and contributed to a growing discussion about LGBT human rights at a time of increasing reaction around the world.

Since its premiere, The Abominable Crime has screened in 21 film festivals around the world and collected a growing number of awards, including the first Amnesty International Human Rights Award, given at the Trinidad+Tobago Film Festival in September 2014.

“The issues dealt with by The Abominable Crime are not just relevant to Jamaica, in which the film is set, but also internationally where laws are being enacted in many countries to inflict the most inhumane and violent penalties on same sex relationships. The jury is pleased to award the first Amnesty International Human Rights Prize at the Trinidad & Tobago Film festival 2014 to a well crafted, focused and loving film which should be seen widely in the region and the world: The Abominable Crime.” -- Citation, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS PRIZE.

Awards to Date:

  • Best Documentary, 8th Annual Belize International Film Festival (July 2013)
  • Best Documentary, Audience Award, Rose Filmdagen LGBT Film Festival of Amsterdam (March, 2014)
  • The Audience's Favorite Film Award, Mix Copenhagen (September 2014)
  • The Amnesty International Human Rights Prize, Trinidad+Tobago Film Festival (September 2014).

Next year we’re looking forward to taking the film even further!

We are delighted to announce that The Abominable Crime will be broadcast in the United States on Monday, February 16th, 2015 on PBS World. It will appear as part of the sixth season of Afropop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange. Afropop is the only series on PBS that solely features independent documentaries and short films about life, art, and culture from the contemporary African Diaspora.

We’ll be posting more details about the broadcast on our website, Facebook and Twitter in the coming months.

In the spring of 2015, The Abominable Crime will also have its digital release on Hulu, iTunes, and other digital venues, and will be coming to computer screens and other devices near you!

We are also looking forward to taking part in amnesty International’s Movies That Matter Festival in March of 2015. The Abominable Crime will be competition for the Matter of Act Awards, and screenings will take place in the Hague in the Netherlands.

If you would like to share The Abominable Crime with someone this holiday season, DVDs are available through our website or through retailers like Amazon. If you would like to organize a screening of the film for your group, classroom, or church, please let us know!

Thank you again for your support of the film.

Best regards and a happy new year,
Micah Fink

Spring 2014 Update

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Dear Friends,

We wanted to share some exciting recent news about "The Abominable Crime," and let you know about a few upcoming chances to see the film.

We just finished up a two week tour of Europe, sponsored by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. Micah attended two film festivals and also screened the film for hundreds of students in Paris, Brighton, and London! While screening in Amsterdam, we won the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Roze Filmdagen LGBT Film Festival.

In London, we also had the privilege of three screening at the BFI Flare Film Festival -- as well as a special panel discussion organized around the topic of "The Abominable Laws" that encompassed updates on anti-gay laws in Jamaica, Nigeria, India and Russia. Micah and Maurice were both in attendance and took part in a Q&A after the screening, which you can watch here.

The film has been getting some great press. Please see the reviews in Indiewire, Thompson Reuters Foundation, and a UK radio interview on FRED Film Radio.

We also wanted to let you know about chances to see the film in a variety of locations across the US and the world! In the US there are several opportunity to see the film:

Chicago, IL- On Thursday, April 17th at 7pm the film will be screening at University of Chicago as part of a presentation by the Center for International Studies and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. The event is free and open to the public! Director Micah Fink will be in attendance. You can RSVP and find more details here.

Montclair, NJ - On Saturday, May 3rd at 4pm, we will be taking part in the Montclair Film Festival in Montclair, NJ. Director Micah Fink and composer Amanda Harberg will be in attendance. You can purchase tickets and find more information here.

Portland, OR - On Friday, May 16th at 7pm we will be at the QDoc Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival. Human rights activist Maurice Tomlinson will be in attendance. You can purchase tickets and find more information here.

For those of you outside of the US, keep an eye on our Facebook, twitter, and screenings pages for updates about soon-to-be-announced dates in Montreal, Toronto, Guyana, Buenos Aires, and Melbourne!

In just under a year since its premiere, we have had more than fifty public screenings, and appeared in ten festivals around the world, with another six to come on the horizon! We are so honored that the film has gotten this far, and want to thank you all for your support!

Best regards, 
Micah and The Abominable Crime Team

Micah and Simone accepting the audience award for Best Documentary at the Roze Filmdagen festival in Amsterdam!
Micah and Simone accepting the audience award for Best Documentary at the Roze Filmdagen festival in Amsterdam!

First TV Broadcast and European Screenings!

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Dear Friends, 

We hope this email finds you well in this new year! It has been an exciting few months for "The Abominable Crime" and we wanted to share some news and let you know about upcoming screenings in the US, and our European and UK premieres! 

On February 11th, "The Abominable Crime" was broadcast on national television in Belize! The film was brought to Channel 5 by local activist Caleb Orozco, who is leading the legal challenge to end the criminalization of homosexuality in Belize.

We are thrilled to be part of the national conversation about LGBT rights in Belize! 

We are also pleased to announce that "The Abominable Crime" is now being distributed in North America by Passion River Films. Passion River is making the film available to libraries and educational institutions across the country. If you’re interested to bringing the film to your school or library, you can find more information here

 We also wanted to let you know about upcoming screenings of "The Abominable Crime" on both sides of the Atlantic!

  • Philadelphia, PA – February 27th
    The Caribbean Alliance for Equality is bringing the film to the Metropolitan Community Church of Philadelphia on Thursday, Feb 27th at 7pm. Micah Fink and Maurice Tomlinson to be in attendance. 
  • Davis, CA - February 27th
    The UC Davis School of Law on will show the film on February 27, 2014 at 3:15 PM. Check the screenings page for more details about the location of the screening.
  • Queens World Film Festival – March 6th
    We are pleased to be taking part in the 2014 Queens World Film Festival! The film will be showing on Thursday, March 6th at 8:30 pm at the Secret Theatre. For more details and to purchase tickets, visit here.
  • Queer Spirits! Film Festival, Toronto – March 14th
    The Queer Sprits Film Festival at the University of Toronto will be screening the film on Friday, March 14th at 5 p.m., at the Innis Town Hall. A panel discussion and a Q&A with Maurice Tomlinson will follow.
  • Roze Filmdagen Film Festival, Amsterdam, March 15th and 22nd.
    We are incredibly excited to be making our European premiere at Roze Filmdagen, Amsterdam’s LGBT Film Festival.

    The film will be screened twice. For ticket information and screening locations, keep an eye on the screenings page.
    Saturday March 15, 15.45h
    Saturday March 22, 13.30h - Micah Fink, Maurice Tomlinson, and Simone Edwards will be in attendance! 
  • BFI London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, March 29th and 30th.
    We are honored to announce our UK premiere at the BFI London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival! The film will be screened three times:

    Saturday March 29th, 14:00 at the National Film Theatre at BFI Southbank, Studio screen Saturday March 29th, 20:45 at the National Film Theatre at BFI Southbank, screen NFT2 Sunday March 30th, 13:10 at the National Film Theatre at BFI Southbank, Studio screen NFT1

    Micah Fink and Maurice Tomlinson will be at all three screenings! 

Of course, we want to extend an enormous thank you to all our Kickstarter supporters, who enabled us to complete the film. And also many, many thanks to the folks at the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, whose ongoing support has been crucial since the very beginning of this project.

We will also be announcing dates and times for screenings in Portland and Washington, DC, soon, so please keep an eye on our screenings page or our Facebook page for more details! We hope to see you at a screening soon!

Also if you have thoughts or suggestions for screenings -- or would like to organize one on your own, please contact Tara, our outreach coordinator, at

Best Regards, 

The Abominable Crime Team

Censored in Jamaica and Upcoming Screenings

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Dear Friends, 

I hope this email finds you very well. This autumn has been shaping up to be a very busy time for “The Abominable Crime” – and LGBT issues in Jamaica – and we wanted to give you an update. 

First, the film will be screening in NYC, Chicago and St. Louis in the next few weeks – see details below for locations and tickets.

The film has also been getting some press (or not getting press, in one notable instance) back in Jamaica…

A few months back, I was interviewed by a Caribbean program called "18° North,” which is a new Caribbean-based investigative TV show. 

They did a segment on the film interweaving footage from the documentary with an interview with the director (me), which it was slated to be aired in primetime on TVJ, one of the main Jamaican TV broadcasters, on Sept 16. 

Zahra Burton, the program’s executive producer, emailed me the next day. While the program aired on TVJ, she wrote, the network had cut out the segment on the Abominable Crime!!! 

Burton was so outraged that the network had removed eight minutes (and a key segment) from her show – without asking her or informing the Jamaican public about the missing piece – that she asked us to let the world know… and she shared the missing segment with us. You can watch it here.  

Clearly, some stories are too sensitive to be told on TVJ. And censorship on LBGT issues is still alive and well in Jamaica!!! 

Despite TVJ’s refusal to even mention “The Abominable Crime”, Jamaicans are becoming more aware of the film. The Gleaner, one of Jamaica’s most important papers, ran a short piece about the film on their website in conjunction with our Washington DC screenings. 

If you have a strong stomach, you might explore some of the comments that appear in response to the story – many of which are quite revealing – and show that homophobia and hatred are still deeply rooted in the Jamaican psyche… 

On other fronts, we are proud to announce that "The Abominable Crime" has three upcoming screenings in November 2013: 

Chicago: TAC will be screened as part of the Reeling LGBT International Film Festival on Saturday, November 9th at 12:15 pm at the Logan Theatre. Tickets and more information here

New York City: On Friday, November 15th at 4:15 pm, TAC will be screened as part of DOC NYC at the IFC Center. Stick around after the screening for a Q&A! More details here

St Louis: On Sunday, November 17th at 4:30 pm, there will be a screening as part of the St. Louis International Film Festival. After the film there will be a Q&A with me and Maurice Tomlinson.

After this screening you are invited to join us for another Pulitzer Center supported documentary, “Seeds of Hope,” and a reception that will include Maurice Tomlinson and me! More details about the screenings and reception here. The reception is free to attend, but please RSVP here

We are also beginning to reach out to educational and community groups for non-festival screenings. If you know of a university or community group that would be interested in hosting a screening and discussion, please get in touch with us. You can order an educational or community screening package at our website

I hope to see some of you at the screenings in New York and St. Louis! More soon! 

Very best regards, 
Micah and the whole TAC team!

Call to Action From Maurice & New Screening Dates

Dear Friends, 

In the past month there have been eight reported anti-gay attacks across Jamaica, including at least one brutal murder. 

Maurice Tomlinson, one of Jamaica’s leading human rights activist and one of the main subjects of “The Abominable Crime” has asked us to pass along a call to action. 

On September 14th, the anti-gay fundamentalist religious group, the Love March Movement, intends to hold yet another public march through the streets of Kingston to “protect children” and “keep the buggery law.” 

Maurice is asking that in advance of this march, you let the Jamaican government where you stand regarding Jamaica’s sodomy law

You can contact Jamaica’s Prime Minister, The Most Honourable Portia Simpson-Miller, 

The Minister of Tourism, The Honorable Wykeham McNeill— 

The Minister of Justice, Senator The Honorable Mark Golding —

For more information about the latest attacks and about the work that Maurice and his fellow human rights activists have been doing, you can read more here

We also wanted to share some upcoming screening dates for The Abominable Crime:

Santa Clara Law, in Santa Clara, California, will be showing the film to a group of law students on September 9th at 10:30 AM, Bannan Hall 241. The film will screen at 10:30, and at 12:00 there will be a discussion with Micah and Maurice via Skype. More information here

Washington, DC. TAC will premiere on September 19th at 7 PM at the West End Cinema as part of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting’s first film festival! Maurice and Micah will be taking part in a panel discussion after the film. If you miss the opening night, the film will screen five more times over the following week. For more information and tickets, visit here

TAC will be screened in St. Louis, MO on November 17th as part of the St. Louis International Film Festival. More details to come! 

We are also planning screenings in New York and Chicago later in the fall. Check Facebook, Twitter, or our screening page for details! 

If you want to hold a screening in your community, city or University, please let us know – and you can learn about our screening packages here. We also have a study guide available for community groups and educators interested in showing the film. 

Individual copies also now available to order online at

Finally, all of the Kickstarter rewards have officially been sent out! If you are expecting a reward but still have not received anything within the next few weeks, please get in touch and let us know. 

Thank you for all of your support! 

Best regards,

Micah and The Abominable Crime team