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The Omni is the leading platform for multiplayer
VR at entertainment centers around the globe. Note: The consumer Omni listed on
this page is no longer available. Pricing on this page is not applicable to the
current commercial Omni.
The Omni is the leading platform for multiplayer VR at entertainment centers around the globe. Note: The consumer Omni listed on this page is no longer available. Pricing on this page is not applicable to the current commercial Omni.
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    1. Ben "w_lf" Reichstein on

      Take all the time you need but please, please, PLEASE don't let Facebook buy you!

    2. Matthew van Andel on

      If the Rift DK2 weren't just announced for July as well (with the Sixense STEM System also due around that same time), I'd be very unhappy right now.

      That said, anyone that releases an input device without Bluetooth support is Doing It Wrong™ - so adding Bluetooth is absolutely the right call. Still, I'm slightly miffed by the additional delay.

    3. Morbeious on

      Thanks for the update.. should be in time for my new Oculus Rift Kit 2...

    4. frederic tarabout on

      Woooo! In july, for my birthday!
      Thanks for the free bluetooth update, appreciate! See you at GDC :)

    5. Adam H on

      Apparently the new Oculus Rift devkit is shipping in July now as well.

      Now I really have no problems with the delay, because everything I ordered for VR is planned to ship within a month of each other now!

    6. Shatners Bassoon on

      Six months late is nothing for a kickstarter project. Every single project I've backed bar one has come in at least six months late and a fair few of them have been a lot longer or I am even still waiting.

      I'm just glad it's being made in a timely fashion and I will actually receive it.

      Keep up the good work Virtuix!

    7. Adam H on

      Will a chargable battery be added so we can use the bluetooth to connect to the PC if we wish?

    8. Luis Zapata on

      That is really good to know. Bluetooth is a really nice feature to have.

    9. Virtuix Creator on

      Thanks all for your understanding. We won't rest until all backers have received their Omni, and we will ensure that the Omni meets or exceeds your expectations.

      @Rob: you will receive instructions regarding how to insert your delivery address, so stay tuned.
      @Luis: we will be able to produce all Kickstarter units in one batch, and that will be the first batch to come off the production line. Kickstarter backers have our absolute priority.

      Best regards,

    10. Luis Zapata on

      Could you at least tell us how many Omnis are going to be shipped in the first batch, and howany per batch afterwards?

      It would be a disaster if shipments get extended along a wide range of time. I would really like to know, based on my place as a KS backer, when after the first shipment to expect my omni.


    11. Richard Fleming on

      What I really want is a shelf which swings around the Omni as I turn so what I put in front or to my left or right remains on that relative position no matter where I face.

    12. Richard Fleming on

      Personally I don't ins too much as I mainly intend to use it with my Stems and consumer Oculus - which will still lag the Omni somewhat.

    13. Daniel Ervik on

      Great update!

      Loving the TRAVR demo, although I'm going to get a heart attack from those horror girls in VR! :p

    14. Missing avatar

      Rob Bonner on

      Thanks for the update. I now find myself in the same position of other projects I've backed where I will be moving prior to shipping. How can I update my delivery address?

    15. Missing avatar

      Alexander Palfi on

      This update really got my hopes up as I was expecting the next regarding a date for shipping, having to wait another 3 months for a feature I know I am not going to use hurts me, can only see problems with using mobile devices for VR. Hope in these 3 months you can really make the Omni the best it can be, lucky I have a nice lineup to keep me entertained until July.

    16. Avinash Changa on

      It's good to hear that you're doing well in terms of developing the company. But I have to be honest in that I am really disappointed in the ongoing delays in shipping. I do understand the challenges involved, and the desire to improve the product prior to shipping. But a shift from January to July is a very long time. Don't get me wrong, I am really, really looking forward to start developing applications that utilize the Omni. But that same enthusiasm that motivated me to back the project is also the source of frustration and disappointment every time I read an update in which I hear about how great the company is doing (which is good, of course) and then reading that the Omni is yet again delayed. So, very conflicting feelings, but holding on to my enthusiasm as much as I can. Here's a question: will there be any sort of compensation or bonus for us backers, to make up for the delays a little bit?

    17. Nadim Alam on

      Great update! Thanks for bluetooth, will be very useful. Especially, since im getting vrse too! And who knows what future uses it could bring!

      A bit dissapointed by the delay, but as said earlier i want a single best product without the need to worry of upgrading in the future. Hopefully you guys get it spot on with the release and fingers crossed of no further delay!

    18. Kenny Nierwienski on

      Pretty glad to see some footage of TRAVR but pretty sickened by the July date for the "first units". Luckily I was one of the earliest backers but the prospect of some getting theirs even after July is pretty bad. Even the first of the delays was not that bad.

      I think I'm especially burnt that it's to add bluetooth, which I would easily prefer an attatchable adapter instead of delaying my Omni for a feature I will not use. A considerable delay at that.

    19. Missing avatar

      lee perring on

      Slightly disappointed in this update, the Omni was meant to be shipping in January and it was delayed (no problem) and it was then meant to ship between march and early april.. adding on almost 3 months to the shipping state isnt a 'slight' delay, please be weary of scope creep as personally for me I only wanted the PC side of it, I dont care for the mobile space with bluetooth so would have been happy with the original spec.

      Oh well, as always delays happen I just hope this one is the last one and if it is not I would greatly appreciate you guys giving us an actual heads up before waiting till the next shipment date to delay!.

      Only 3 months to wait till I can enjoy exercising again, yay.