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The Omni is the leading platform for multiplayer
VR at entertainment centers around the globe. Note: The consumer Omni listed on
this page is no longer available. Pricing on this page is not applicable to the
current commercial Omni.
The Omni is the leading platform for multiplayer VR at entertainment centers around the globe. Note: The consumer Omni listed on this page is no longer available. Pricing on this page is not applicable to the current commercial Omni.
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Production and Shipping, Tracking and SDK, Events


Hello Backers!

Prototype Shipments

We are happy to announce that all Omni “Priority Prototypes” have been shipped to our prototype Kickstarter backers. Seven prototypes were delivered to locations across the world, including South Korea, Europe, South America, and locally in the US. Backers range from individual VR enthusiasts to companies like BAE Systems that want to use the Omni for fascinating VR applications.

Production and Delivery Update  

Jan and our COO David have been on a roadshow in China to set up the manufacturing of the Omni and its accessories. We have lined up top-notch manufacturing partners, some of the biggest in the world, who are excited to join the Omni revolution and build a top quality product.

Unfortunately, estimated manufacturing timelines often change, and sometimes more time is needed to ensure the best possible product is shipped to our backers. Together with our manufacturing partners we are making continual improvements to the Omni and are rigorously validating its performance. Our manufacturing partners have given us an estimated March/April target for the shipment of your Omnis. We know this is never the news that backers want to hear, and we apologize for this delay. Rest assured that the extra time will be used to provide you with the best possible Omni experience. We will keep you up to date with regular production news as we complete each step in the process.  

We will ask you for your shipping address, shoe and belt sizes once we get closer to the production date. For those that ordered a DIY Omni, you will receive a schematic of the support structure early next year.

Tracking and SDK

In our social media updates, we announced that the Omni will use capacitive sensors in the base to track the movement of your feet. Let us explain how this will work in more detail.

The capacitive sensors are comparable to the sensors in the touch screen of your mobile phone or tablet. They are installed beneath the surface of the Omni (not subject to wear and tear), and accurately track the position of both your feet at any given time. Our firmware processes the sensor signals and sends the coordinates of your feet to the computer via a USB connection. Even height (“z”) coordinates of both feet can be detected. Our API will provide developers with new motion input functions that have never existed before: analog walking speed of the user, absolute walking orientation (independent of the looking orientation), position of both feet, jump and strafe detection, and more. Capacitive sensing is a low-cost, low-latency and highly accurate tracking solution that enables an optimal Omni “Full VR” experience. Our system does not interfere with the Sixense STEM.

Below is a picture of our prototype equipped with our capacitive sensors. Look out for a full demo video in our next update!

Virtuix Around The World  

Jan and the Virtuix team have been traveling around the world demonstrating the Omni and working with the VR community. Jan was a guest speaker at Digital Taipei in Taiwan, where he addressed an enthusiastic audience and showed the Omni for the first time in Asia. 

Jan was also invited to speak at TEDx in Houston, where he talked about how virtual reality will disrupt our daily lives.

Colton participated in a panel on the future of storytelling at StoryDrive in Frankfurt. A wonderful experience to interact with some of the visionaries in augmented / virtual reality and digital media production.  

With the help of SCAN Computers, the Omni had its first public appearance outside of the US. The Earls Court Exhibition Center in London was sold out for EuroGamer, where we attracted large crowds of visitors excited to see the Omni in action. We were delighted to meet some of our European backers. One of the many interviews from Eurogamer can be found below:

Two weeks later we teamed up with Microsoft for Apps World, again in London. Apps World provided a great opportunity to meet with game developers and strengthen our relationship with Microsoft.

While in the UK, we made a stop at the Gadget Show, the number-one UK source for the latest in gaming tech and news. Jason and Rachel were able to test out the Omni and loved the experience (Jason refused to stop playing). The episode is scheduled to air on November 11th.

Finally, we were at GamesBeat in Redwood City from October 29-30, where we partnered again with our friends at Sixense. Jan participated in a panel about “Emerging Technologies.”

Our next event is Engadget Expand from November 9-10 in New York City. This is our first event on the East Coast, so we look forward to meeting some of our East Coast backers!

Ready Player One 

For backers that selected the Ready Player One tier: your books are ready to ship! You should have received a survey asking for your shipping information (if not, please email us asap). All Omni shirts and posters have been delivered as well.

Keep an eye out for a new VR Kickstarter to be launched soon: Tactical Haptics ( brings haptic feedback one step closer to reality. 

Thank you all for your overwhelming and continuing support! We are moving forward as fast as we can, and we can’t wait to show you our tracking technology in action and unveil screenshots of TRAVR (which is looking awesome). Stay tuned! 

Jan and the Virtuix Team


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    1. Yang Liang on

      @Ben Drakes, thank you for the reply. I have to figure out where exactly they are going to send my Omni's not only about shipping fee, it also would be a trouble on the import. Some countries have problem for import and export because the Custom & Revenue Offices sometimes confiscate your goods. My Leap Motion had been confiscated for one month in an Asian country, and they kept asking me to provide offical User Manual even if this is not provided by Leap Motion.

    2. sutekiB on

      @Kristan Good question, will have to wait and see but crouch and sit most likely will be activated by button press or detected by positional tracking in the Rift/STEM module.
      @Carl @Yang They are going out to distribution hubs around the world from China, so your proximity to the manufacturing center should hopefully be reflected in the delivery cost.
      @Skylead The SDK is currently being built for Windows, but we're looking into expanding it for Mac, Linux & other OSs.
      @Phillip Sorry Phillip that was just for the Ready Player One tier. It's available on Kindle for about £5. I recommend it - it's a great book!
      @Nadim Thanks for coming to see us, and being such an ardent supporter of VR!
      Thank you everyone for your continued patience and enthusiasm!

    3. Nadim Alam on

      Great meeting you guys at earls court at the Apps World Expo!

      I think we all anticipated the delay as no information was given still on tracking, even all the demos still use kinect sensor.
      Hence, the delay is fine. We would rather have a better product then a rushed one. As long as it appears before the Stem system all should be fine :D

    4. Yang Liang on

      Cool update, Thanks. I have one question. Are you going to send out all Omnis to us from China?...or You are going to ship all Omnis to USA, and then send them to us all around world? I am asking this because I have an address in Asia...If you finish the production in China, it is very easy to send my Omni directly to me from China. So please let me know how it is going. Thank you.

    5. Phillip Thorst Jensen on

      Hey Jan, us that selected the "Pledge $539 Omni All-in", will we also get a copy of Ready Player One?

    6. Kilian Steenman on

      Thanks for the update, really looking forward to see the new tracking system in action! Can't wait to implement it into my project.

    7. Skylead on

      Thanks for the update on the new ETAs (we don't mind delays as long as you explain them in advance). One question though, I see you are working with Microsoft, but are there plans for a crossplatform SDK so that we have support on SteamOS/Linux and Mac?

    8. Missing avatar

      Carl on

      Thanks for the update, I live in China (Tianjin) possibly quite close to where you're manufacturing the Omni. I hope my Omni can be shipped directly from the factory straight to my door without having to do any unnecessary travel!

    9. Andreas Woetzold

      I agree. Take the time to get a high quality product to us and ouit there, for the complete experience we have to wait for the Rift anyways :)

    10. Kristan van den Brink on

      I dont mind to wait at this product/kickstarter you can launch it for me the same time when the Oculus Rift comsumer version comes out. take all that time to make the best OMNI! one question? you can duck/sit with the new sensors instead of using a kinnect?

    11. Keith "Virrgo" Goken on

      Thank You for the update , and a little wait to have it perfect Not a problem Can't wait for it :)